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War Memorials - B

Barnsley Town
Barnsley, Armed Forces Memorial Plaque, Cooper Memorial Garden
Barnsley, Barnsley Cemetery, Cemetery Road
Barnsley, Barnsley Town Hall, Barnsley
Barnsley, Barnsley Pals Centenary Square, Three Glass Panels
Barnsley, Barnsley and District Sportsmen, Shaw Lane

Barnsley, Blucher Street United Methodist Church, Memorial Window
Barnsley, Blucher Street United Methodist Church, Communion Chairs 
Barnsley, Buckley Street Chapel, WW1 Memorial Tablet

Barnsley, Buckley Street Chapel, WW2 Memorial Tablet
Barnsley, Buckley Street & Ebenezer Chapels, Roll of Honour
Barnsley, Burma Star Association Memorial Plaque, Cooper Memorial Garden
Barnsley Barnsley, Conservative Club, Pitt Street, Barnsley (newspaper report - lost) 
Barnsley County Borough Police, WW1 Roll of Honour, Churchfields
Barnsley County Borough Police, WW2 Roll of Honour, Churchfields
Barnsley British Co-Operative Society Memorial, Co-Op Funeralcare, Huddersfield Road
Barnsley British Co-Operative Society, WW1 Roll of Honour, Co-Op Funeralcare, Huddersfield Road

Barnsley, Cordwainers Society, Memorial Scroll (newspaper report - existence unknown)
Barnsley Drill Hall, Eastgate, Barnsley 
Barnsley, Farrar Street United Reformed Church, Memorial Plaque
Barnsley, Holgate Grammar School Old Boys -WW1
Barnsley, Holgate Grammar School Old Boys - WW2
Barnsley, Holy Rood Church, Harold Carrington
Barnsley, Holy Rood Church, WW2 plaque, Shrine and Book
Barnsley, Holy Rood Church, Holy Rood Church WW1

Barnsley, Honeywell Inn, WW2 Roll of Honour (old photo)
Barnsley, Longcar Working Men's Club (newspaper report - existence uncertain) 
Barnsley, Main Post Office, Barnsley Postal Staff Plaque
Barnsley, Measbro' Dyke Evangelical Church, Doncaster Road

Barnsley, Measbro' Dyke Wesleyan Reform Church, Roll of Honour (newspaper report) 
Barnsley, National Reserve Club, Memorial Cross, Cooper Memorial Garden
Barnsley, Needham & Brown Roll of Honour, Pontefract Road (newspaper report - existence uncertain) 

Barnsley, Newman & Bond Memorial Plaque, Church Street
Barnsley, Normandy Veterans Association Plaque, Cooper Memorial Garden 

Barnsley, NP&UPE plaque, Nat West Bank, Market Hill
Barnsley, Osborne Working men's Club Doncaster Road, Roll of Honour (newspaper report existence unkown) 
Barnsley, Pitt Street Wesleyan, Memorial Tablet
Barnsley, Pitt Street Wesleyan, Roll of Honour 

Barnsley, Plumbers Roll of Honour, Trades Club (newspaper report - existence uncertain)
Barnsley, Radical and Liberal Club, Market Street (newspaper report - existence uncertain)
Barnsley, Redfearn Brothers Glassworks & Aldham Works (saved by Barnsley Archives)
Barnsley, Redfearn Bros Ltd Roll of Honour WW1  (Half of list - M to W) 

Barnsley, Redfearn Bros Ltd Roll of Honour WW2 
Barnsley, Regent Street Congregational, Memorial Plaque (now in Farrar St Church)
Barnsley, St Mary's Church, Combined Memorial
Barnsley, St Mary's Church, York & Lancaster Memorial
Barnsley, St Mary's Church, Dorothy Fox Plaque & Window
Barnsley, St Mary's Church, Jack Normansell Plaque & Window
Barnsley, St Mary's Church, Memorial Chapel Plaques
Barnsley, St Mary's Church, Boer War Memorial
Barnsley, St Edward's Church, WW1 plaque, Kingstone
Barnsley, St Edward's Church, WW2 plaque, Kingstone
Barnsley, St Edward's Church, WW1 Memorial Window, Kingstone
Barnsley, St Edward's Church, Fred Johnson King Memorial Window, Kingstone
Barnsley, St George's Church, Memorial Plaque  (newspaper report - names read out at chapel & window dedication) 

Barnsley, St George's Church, Memorial Window (photograph taken before demolition) 
Barnsley, St George's Church, Reynolds Memorial Window (photo taken before demolition)
Barnsley, St George's Church, York Street
Barnsley, St John's Church, Barebones (building demolished - names from newspaper)
Barnsley, St Peter's Church, Doncaster Road
Barnsley, St Peter's Church, John Geoffrey Fallas Window  
Barnsley, Salvation Army Memorial Tablet, Wellington Street (memorial stored)
Barnsley, Sheffield Road Baptist Chapel Memorial

Barnsley, Silkstone to the Somme plaque, Cooper Memorial Gardens
Barnsley, Somme Centenary Art, Barnsley Town Hall
Barnsley, Spanish Civil War Memorial Plaque, Cooper Memorial Garden 
Barnsley Swimming Club, Race Street, Barnsley (newspaper report - existence uncertain) 
Barnsley, Westway, Memorial Garden (previously Normandy Veterans Association)

Barnsley, St George's Churchyard
St George's Churchyard George Donald Gray
St George's Churchyard Alfred Jaques
St George's Churchyard Percival Reynolds   

Barnsley Cemetery
Barnsley Cemetery Harold Allemby
Barnsley Cemetery David Maurice Rowlands
Barnsley Cemetery George William Heptinstall
Barnsley Cemetery William Kenworthy
Barnsley Cemetery Herbert Kaye
Barnsley Cemetery Foster Lindley & Frank Marcus Lindley & Claude Scott
Barnsley Cemetery George Henry Simms
Barnsley Cemetery Crossland Barraclough
Barnsley Cemetery Harry Scargill

Barnsley Cemetery Gilbert Harry Edwards 
Barnsley Cemetery Tom Gomersall
Barnsley Cemetery George Smith
Barnsley Cemetery Tom Jaques
Barnsley Cemetery Ernest Calvert Blackburn
Barnsley Cemetery Francis Henry Laister & Henry Wilkinson Brown
Barnsley Cemetery Harry Watson Robinson & Benjamin Robinson
Barnsley Cemetery Joseph Walker
Barnsley Cemetery John Betchetti
Barnsley Cemetery Horace Ryder
Barnsley Cemetery Francis John Potter& Edwin Dalton Potter
Barnsley Cemetery Arthur White
Barnsley Cemetery Ernest Wainwright
Barnsley Cemetery Albert Bennett
Barnsley Cemetery Eli Royston
Barnsley Cemetery Edwin Bower & Tom Bower
Barnsley Cemetery George Armitage 

Barnsley Cemetery Herbert Milthorpe
Barnsley Cemetery John Arthur Williamson
Barnsley Cemetery William Ford & George Ryan 

Barnsley Cemetery Thomas William Halton
Barnsley Cemetery Harold Raymond Oldham Hebdon

Barnsley Cemetery John Kenny
Barnsley Cemetery Frank Leslie Bailey
Barnsley Cemetery Sidney Nicholson
Barnsley Cemetery Arthur Foster
Barnsley Cemetery Leonard Micklethwaite
Barnsley Cemetery Joseph White M.M.
Barnsley Cemetery Robert Mark Richardson
Barnsley Cemetery Edwin Fieldsend
Barnsley Cemetery Ronald Stanwix WW2

Barnsley Cemetery Wilfred Leadbeater 
Barnsley Cemetery Arthur William Bird
Barnsley Cemetery Harold Tetlow
Barnsley Cemetery James Burford Clarke
Barnsley Cemetery Harry Tock
Barnsley Cemetery Arthur Crossley
Barnsley Cemetery William Wood WW2
Barnsley Cemetery George Wainwright WW2
Barnsley Cemetery James Kenneth Walton WW2
Barnsley Cemetery Robert Hurd WW2
Barnsley Cemetery Arthur & James William Edon
Barnsley Cemetery Cyril George Bayford
Barnsley Cemetery Harry Liddall Bambridge 

Barnsley Cemetery Eric George Smith 
Barnsley Cemetery Frank Bakel, Cecil Cuthbert & Arthur Henry Thompson
Barnsley Cemetery Brian Martin WW2
Barnsley Cemetery Tom Barraclough Brown
Barnsley Cemetery George Alfred Guest Hewitt
Barnsley Cemetery Keiron Terry
Barnsley Cemetery Willie Taylor 
Barnsley Cemetery Mark Ruckledge
Barnsley Cemetery William Crawford
Barnsley Cemetery Henry Atkinson
Barnsley Cemetery Frederick Parry
Barnsley Cemetery Lewis Whitaker

Barugh Mission Church, Dearne Hall Road, Low Barugh (mentioned in a history of All Saint's Church, Darton) 
Barugh Central Working Men's Club (newspaper report - lost)

Billingley War Memorial, High Street, Billingley
Billingley, Methodist Chapel Memorial, High Street, Billingley

Blacker Hill
Blacker Hill War Memorial, Small Park, Blacker Hill

Bolton on Dearne
Bolton on Dearne, Bolton On Dearne Board School, Furlong Road
Bolton on Dearne, St Andrew the Apostle, WW1 Parishioners Memorial Plaque

Bolton on Dearne, St Andrew the Apostle, WW2 Memorial Plaque and Rood
Bolton on Dearne, Dearne Townships Memorial, Bolton upon Dearne Cemetery 
Bolton on Dearne, WW2 Memorial plaque, Furlong Road Methodist Church

Brierley, St Paul's Church, Brierley
Brierley, St Paul's Church, Memorial Window Robert Barker Wilson RAF 

Brierley Cemetery
Brierley Cemetery Ronald Howson
Brierley Cemetery Robert Evison Butterwood
Brierley Cemetery Leslie Steele

Broomhill, Memorial Tablet, Primitive Methodist Church (newspaper report - lost) 


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