Sunday 23 July 2017



If you have a photograph of an individual who died in the First World War, and they have a connection to Barnsley, we would be very grateful for a copy of the photograph.

We are aiming to have the first draft of the Roll of Honour available to view in the Barnsley Archives this November. We want the public to be able to check their relative is included and that we haven't missed anyone out before committing to a final edition. The final version will be published to coincide with the the armistice centenary in 2018.
Examples of photographs that have previously been shared with us
This will be a one-time opportunity to produce a book that properly honours the individuals from Barnsley, who died in the service of their Country. Once the book has been printed the opportunity to show your relative's photograph on the paper Roll of Honour will be lost forever.

If you have a photograph you should send it to: with your name as the source as this will also be included alongside the photograph. If you have difficulty copying the photo, please contact us and we will be able to help.
Image with thanks to the Barnsley Archives.
The BWMP will be doing our part to find photographs as well. The Barnsley Archives has generously given us permission to search the old newspapers for images to include.