Friday 13 February 2015

Barnsley, Honeywell Inn WW2 Roll of Honour

With thanks to Members of the Great Houghton History Group

War Memorials Archive listing

Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian

Discovered by members of the Great Houghton History Group in a box of old photographs.  Does this Roll of Honour still exist? 

The photo is not quite clear enough to make out all the details in the very bottom section headed, "Total Fund £500. Key to Success. The Committee & Artistes." - this suggests some fund raising by putting on entertainment.

The names to the bottom right in the section headed by the wreath may be those who lost their lives.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

L Ashley,
T Abby,
W Andrews,
J Atkinson,
H Bray,
J W Booth,
H Bone,
E Bickerton,
C Brown,
J Booth,
A Burton,
Wm Bashforth,
F Briggs,
G Braithwaite,
F Barlow,
F Bradley,
A Bedford,
W Barlow,
L Bailey,
G T Bickerton,
J Bailey,
S Bennett,
H Briggs,
J Callear,
J Crowe,
W Charlesworth,
S H Campbell,
T Cole,
J W Cawley,
Wm Cooper,
Jim Cooper,
C Carr,
Joe Cooper,
R Cawley,
T McCaffery,
 J McCaffery,
D McCaffery,
A Cooper,
G E Cooper,
A Duke,
J Duke,
W Dockerty,
H Dooley,
A Dunk,
E Dyson,
L Elsworth,
E Elsworth,
S Farrar,
H Fallas,
S Fiddle,
R Farrar,
A J Flintoft,
P T Falkingham,
L Featherstone,
L R Farrar,
R L Gosling,
J W Gosling,
W Gibson,
J Gardener,
D Giles,
J W Hepplestone,
H Higginbottom,
H Horbury,
E G Holmes,
A Hydes,
W Holmes,
T Houghton,
T H Howarth,
E Hill,
H Higgins
A Hirst,
I Holmes,
W J Jones,
P Jones,
H Kelk,
W Kemp,
A Lee,
T Littledyke,
G H Levers,
W Lowe,
W Lee,
J Lowe,
J Lewin,
F L Lockwood,
H Micklethwaite,
H Moseley,
C A Milnthorpe,
J J Maw,
J Marrion,
E J Morgan,
C Ouldfield,
Wm Pilling,
J W Perry,
C E Parkin,
H Plowman,
J Potter,
D Randerson,
F Randerson,
A Ramsden,
L Rushforth,
L Ramshaw,
K Ramskill,
A Shaw,
W Speight,
A Shaw,
F Smith,
J Short,
B Swift,
E Smith,
T Swift,
C S Sowter,
C Summers,
F Sanderson,
C F Thompson,
P Turton,
H Turton,
R B Thorpe,
F Tate,
J W Wildsmith,
H Ward,
G Walker,
A Wilkinson,
T H Walton,
F Wilson,
A Woods,
A Wingill,
E Wingill,
C Woffinden,
I White,
J W Walker.

E Gibson,
J Thornton,
E Kirk
L Gibson,
C Chilton,
D Reaney,
F Sedgwick


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