Friday 23 May 2014

Darfield, Darfield Village Club, WW1 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour in the entrance hall of the club (photo taken 21 May 2014)


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Photographed by Nigel Croft

Transcription by BarnsleyHistorian

This Roll of Honour is very difficult to photograph clearly in one photo - it is about four feet high and three feet wide, from dado to ceiling height in a narrow part of the passage.  The photo above has been digitally enhanced to look straight, to the detriment of the detail.  However the individual portraits have also been photographed and two galleries appear here, A-M and P-W.  The portraits are named, with some ranks, regiments and ships mentioned.  Some are annotated 'Killed'.

A post has been written which explains what we know so far about this memorial and the building in which it can be found. Apparently the photo above shows the second version of the Roll of Honour. Both are shown in the post linked here.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Pte T Inskip,  (Thomas Guy Inskipp)

Pr W Heckinbottom RND,
Gnr W Venables RGA,
A Holmes HMS New Zealand,
Pte A J Howe,  (Arthur John Howe)
Pte H Thompson Y&L,
Pte J Wilford Y&L,
Sapper McManus, (Killed) (William McManus aka Townsend)
Pte A Statham,
Pte Foster, (Killed)
David Bradley,
Arthur Taylor,
Pte A Burnham Y&L,
Pte H W King RE,
Herbert Roebuck Y&L,
Cpl J Smith,
Pte T West KOYLI, (Thomas Goldsby West)
Pte C Allen RE,
Hs? Roebuck,
Pte H Smith Y&L,
Pte G Inskip,  (George Inskipp)
Pte G Woodyatt, (Killed)  (George Woodyatt)
Allen Taylor MT,
1st Class Stoker T Barraclough HMS Dreadnought,
Pte R Pugsley,
Pte A Dennett Y&L,
Pte S Lane Y&L,
Sgt T Pugsley L&Y,
Pte F K Inskipp L&Y,  (Frank Inskipp)
F W Roberts Y&L,
Pte M Bailey Y&L,
Fred Machin, (Killed)
Sig H Watts Canadian Reg,
Lieut W Watson MP,
Pte T Beach RE,
Pte Chas Bailey Y&L,
Cpl S Lane ACC,
I Vamplew,


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