Thursday 4 September 2014

Barnsley, Blucher Street UMC, Memorial Window

Extract from the Minutes of the Trustees of Blucher Street UMC (thanks to Barnsley Archives)
The building that was the Blucher Street United Methodist Church is now the Hope House Church and School.  There is a possibility that the Memorial window mentioned in extract from the Minute books of the Methodist Church might still exist.  We are making enquiries.

"Memorial Window: Mr J  W Steel made a formal application for permission to place a Stained Glass Window in the Church to the Memory of the Young Men of this Church who have fallen in the War and to those who have served their King and Country, when it was resolved on the motion of Mr G H Townend, seconded by Mr C S Lawton that the necessary permission be granted." 30 June 1919 Minute Book of Blucher Street UMC

Barnsley Chronicle 25 Oct 1919 (thanks to Barnsley Archives)
Beneath that is an entry referring to two memorial chairs - these were presented to the church later in 1919  in memory of Foster Lindley, Frank Marcus Lindley and Claude Scott, who are also remembered on a War Memorial gravestone in Barnsley Cemetery.  The window was unveiled at the same time.  

"The window represents the Christian soldier ... The victorious soldier, crowned in laurel, is depicted receiving the crown celestial, the angel laying the soldier's sword at the feet of the King of Kings, indicating the end of his earthly strife and its reward.  The upper portion is an ornamental canopy with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and Cherubim surrounded by Faith, Hope, Love and virtue." Barnsley Chronicle 25 Oct 1919


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Inscription on Window:
"To the Glory of God - Dedicated by this Church in loving memory of its fallen, and in grateful tribute to all who served in the Great War, 1914-1919"


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