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Monk Bretton Working Men's Club WW2 Roll of Honour

WW2 Roll of Honour (photo taken 30 July 2014)

War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Photographed by Nigel Croft

Transcribed by Barnsley Historian

Roll of Honour / Monk Bretton / Working Men's Club / Institute / Dedicated to / Members of the above club who served in H.M. Forces during the Second World War 1939/1945


Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Arkwright N,
Atkinson C,
Barlow C,
Beachill E,
Blakey J,
Bland J,
Butterwood R,
Carlisle G,
Chitoriski A,
Clayton J,
Clemitt S,
Cooper K,
Daglish F,
Dickinson P,
Duerdrn E,
Ellis E,
Ellis L,
Exley E,
Fitzgerald J W,
Glover J,
Goulding W,
Housley C,
Hadfield A E,
Hadfield F,
Hadfield H,
Harper W,
Hampson H,
Harston J H sr
Harston J H jr
Harston K
Hinchliffe B,
Hodgson A,
Horne H,
Howe F,
Hunt G,
Hunt W,
Hutchinson T,
Jones H,

Johnson J T,
Jones H,
Kirk F C jnr,
Lawrence A,
Lindsay A,
Lloyd A,
Lloyd M,
Malkin R,
Marvin F,
Myers J M,
Outram R,
Powell J,
Rapson E,
Richardson C C,
Richardson S,
Royds K,
Taylor H,
Waddington H,
Wetton T,
Whyke G jnr,
Wilkinson H,
Winterbottom F.

These men paid the Supreme Sacrifice

Howe A,
Myers T,
Spencer J.


Darfield Main Colliery WW1 Roll of Honour, Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre

Roll of Honour from Darfield Main Colliery in WW1 (photo by JD)

War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by Jean Davies in difficult light conditions

Transcription by Jean Davies with technical assistance from her grandson.

Roll of Honour

The list of those who have joined H.M. Forces from
Darfield Main Colliery

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

* Killed

O. Brear
T. Beevers
H Carby
T. Cherry
E. Elliott
J. Elliott
D. Edwards
H. Finch
A. Fish
A. Frith
E. Fernahough
J. Flanagan
L. Fearn
C. Farrar

W. Flynton
G. Farmer
W. Fallas







Darfield, WW2 Roll of Honour, Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre

Darfield "Men of our Parish" Roll of Honour (photo taken by JD)


War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Photographed by Jean Davies in difficult light conditions

Transcription of 391 names by Jean Davies with technical assistance from her grandson

Description from War Memorials Archive:
Glazed, illuminated hand painted and written roll of honour in wooden frame. Symbols to men missing, killed, prisoners, wounded. Left hand picture depicts Christ blessing men in uniform of all races before him. Right hand picture shows airman, sailor and soldier. Names in centre panel.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Raymond Andrews,
Kenneth Andrews,
Thomas Atkins,
Eric Ashwood,
Frank Ashwood,
Richard Adams,
Jack Auty,
Irving Mccardle,
Roland Mccardle,
Stanley Mccardle,
Albert Adams,
Gerald Aston,
Elijah Auld,
Roy P Aldred,
Clifford Allat,
Tom E Allott,
Alfred Bladen,
Thomas W Bowden,
Jack Caswell ,
Ernest Dane,
Frank A Davis,
Jack Godfrey,
Eric Nicholls,
William Peel,
Fred Vizard,
Jim Stoyles,
Albert Royston,
Sidney Wilmott,
Frank R Webster,
Leslie Briggs,
Lionel Brown,
John Brown,
Roy Bentley,
George Bates,
Arthur Barnett,
Kenneth Barber,
George Barnes,
John Beck,
Arthur Beardshaw,
Harry Bielby,
Frank Beckett,
Thomas Bielby,
Allan Bennett,
William Beresford,
Eric Burkinshaw,
Frank Birch,
Walter Birch,
Joseph Blount,
Wilfred Boyce,
Leonard Burrows,
John Bushby,
Maurice Bushby,
Ronald Burnham,
Albert Boyes,
George Bissett,
Bernard Blackford,
Reginald Bedford,
Walter Brookes,
George Bradbury,
Thomas Bisby,
Jack Baxter,
Colin Briddock,
Bernard Bouskill,
Cyril Barnes,
Horace Beck,
Arthur D Barnes,
Peter Beck,
Norman Bailey,
Maurice Bardsley,
Gordon Brown,
Roland Birch,
George Candlin,
Harry Chadwick,
Felix Callaghan,
Charles Chambers,
Walter Cox ,
Charlie Cook,
John Clayton,
Frank Corbett,
Harry Casson,
Laurence Clarke,
Harry Creighton,
John Carr,
Fred Cartledge,
George Collier,
Alec Clarney,
Robert Campbell,
James Chambers,
Cyril Coe,
Wilfred Cleasby,
Henry Crossley,
Jack Caswell,
John Eric Carr,
John Crossley,
William A Clarke,
James Chase,
James Clarney,
Eric Carver,
Bernard G Carr,
Geoffrey Cartledge,
Jack Chance,
Arthur Carr,
Douglas Carr,
John Dallamore,
Raymond Dando,
Ernest Deardon,
Herbert Dobson,
Harry Dransfield,
Harold  Dronfield,
Sam Dunn,
Luke Duffield,
Albert O Dove,
William H Dixon ,
Francis Dove,
Arthur Dronfield,
Eric Dook,
Colin Dixon,
Joseph Davies,
Ernest Dane,
Tom Dobie,
Thomas Debney,
Harold Dennis,
Frank A Davis,
Jack Ellis,
Allan Emmott,
Arthur Frost,
Sam Frost,
George Foley,
Mathew Finlay,
Harry Fisher,
Ernest Fernyhough,
George Ferneyhough,
George Fisher,
George Furniss,
Maurice Field,
Albert Frudd,
Royal Fereday,
Sydney Freear,
Fred Firth,
James Fowler,
Warnford Fearons,
Eric Furness,
Gordon Griffiths,
Arthur Griffiths,
Fred Griffiths,
Fred Galloway,
Alfred Goodridge,
Arthur Goodridge,
Harry Grimshaw,
John Gillis,
George Goodall,
Jack Godfrey,
Bert Gomersall,
Maurice Grinoff,
Horace Gyte,
Charles Goodwin,
Maurice Guest,
Harold Gaskell,
Henry K Green,
Albert Guest,
Donald Gomersall,
Roy Griffiths,
Walter Halpine,
Percy Hargate,
Harold Horner,
Newton Hall,
Irving Hall,
Roland Hanson,
Tom Hatton,
Cedric Hepworth,
Albert Hodgson,
Harland Hodgson,
George Hill,
John Hill,
Raymond Higgins,
Frank Hibbert,
Thomas Howdle,
Jack Hurd,
Robert Hutchinson,
Alan Hopcroft,
Ronald Hibbert,
John Mchale,
Arthur Hall,
Percy Hargate,
Gilbert Heeley,
Herbert Heeley,
Thomas Hough,
Cornelius Hicks,
Horace Hall,
James Hall,
Albert Hepworth,
Desmond Hayes,
Fred Holbrook,
Bernard Horseman,
Thomas Ingman,
Alvin Illesley,
Joseph Jackson,

Arthur Jobling,
Ernest Jones,
Edward Jones,
Fred Johnson,
Harold Jones,
Richard Jukes,
Walter Jobling,
Arthur Kellett,
Sam Keanley,
Stephen Kearsley,
Jack Knight,
James Kay,
Brian Keen-Smith,
Edward Law,
Sam Lee,
Albert Lenton,
Stanley Shaw,
Irving Law,
George Lancaster,
Robert Lister,
Robert Lancaster,
Alfred Lister,
James Lawrence,
Frank Makings,
Arthur Massey,
George Marshall,
Robert Marley,
James Marsh,
Eric Matthewman,
Peter Morris,
George Morton,
Vincent Moore,
Thomas Molyneux,
Frank Millington,
Jack Marley,
John Markham,
Joseph Millsom,
William Millington,
Hedley Mitchell,
Arthur C Martin,
Colin Mynett,
Jock Murray,
Albert Millsom,
Stanley Naylor,
Arthur Nicholls,
Eric Nicholls,
Clifford Nicholls,
Alan Nicholls,
Benjamin Nicholls,
Laurence Newton,
Ernest Nowell,
Lewis Nicholson,
George Neville,
Rex Neville,
Richard Ogden,
James Ogden,
Horace Oldfield,
James Oldfield,
Thomas O Brien,
James Oliver,
Kenneth Oliver,
Harold Owen,
Jack Parkin,
Clifford Peel,
Frank A Purple,
Horace Pickering,
Charles Parker,
Leslie Perkins,
William Peel,
Harry Pitchford,
Ronald Platts,
John Prescott,
James Prescott,
Frank Perry,
John Pugsley,
William Pearson,
John Perry,
Geo T Platts,
Wyndham Park,
Lawrence Paradine,
Thomas Roberts,
Fred Richardson,
Wm Randerson,
Norman Roebuck,
George Roebuck,
Bernard Roebuck,
Fred Rowbottom,
John Rolling,
Edward Round,
Ernest Robinson,
Albert Royston,
John Rawlinson,
Fred Richards,
Roland Renshaw,
Ronald Rostance,
John Richards,
Frank Rowbottom,
Fred Randerson,
Harold Royston,
Douglas Sayles,
Dennis Scott,
Norman Shepherd,
Roydon Slater,
Charles Smith,
Angus Smith,
Gordon Smith,
Herbert Smith,
Richard J Strickland,
Harry Shaw,
Jim Stoyles,
Arthur Sutcliffe,
Thomas Singleton,
Brian Spencer,
Edward Sizer,
Christopher Staniforth,
Kenneth Smith,
Fred Smith,
Nat Shipman,
Gordon Scott,
Dan Sullavan,
Vincent Sheppard,
John Sykes,
Richard Sixsmith,
Norman Shepherd,
Owen Sheppard,
Noah Short,
Kenneth Sanders,
Guy Smith,
Jack Shaw,
Arthur Shaw,
Victor Stables,
Herbert Steer,
Frederick C Upton,
Fred Vizard,
Stanley Tinker,
George Twigger,
George Thompson,
Joseph Townsens,
Colin Thompson,
Harold C H Taylor,
William Titheridge,
Owen Thompson,
Leslie Thompson,
Eric Taylor,
Eric Claude Taylor,
William Willetts,
Arthur Ward,
Albert Ward,
George Walker,
Jack Warner,
Ernest Wake,
Fred Winder,
Kenneth Wilks,
Alfred Worral,
Harry Wilkinson,
John West,
T. Whitehouse,
Norman White,
James Wroe,
Roy Wilkinson,
Ross T Wildman,
John Wilks,
Tom Wilks,
Sydney Willmott,
Wm Woodward,
George Wright,
G. Wainwright,
Jack Whitehead,
John Wistow,
Arnold Worral,
Cyril Worral,
Frank Wardle,
Frank Ward,
Ernest Waller,
Eric Wilson,
Fred B Walker,
Harry Ware,
Kenneth Wilkinson,
Horace Webb,
Dewis Walker,
Ernest Wilkinson,
Theodore Wraith,
James Whitehead,
John C Whitehead,
Herbert West,
Frank R Webster,
Norman Welford,
T. Wilks,
Harry Young,



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Cudworth Village Club, WW1 Memorial Plaque

The 58 men from Cudworth Village Club who Fell (photos from JH)

War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by JH
Transcription by BarnsleyHistorian

There is a matching plaque which lists all the men from the Club who enlisted.

Cudworth Village Club & Institute Society Limited

European War
Members Killed

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Andrews H,
Barnes F,
Birchall T,
Bowering J,
Boulter J,
Brookes Jno,
Carr C,
Cotton J,
Chapman A,
Doughty F,
Dobson W,
Ebbage H (jnr),
Eder G,
Emery W,
Foulstone W,
Good C W,
Goldthorpe L,
Goulding B,
Goulding O,
Goulding W (jnr),
Green F,
Harlow T,
Hough G,
Hutchinson F,
Hunter J,
Handley W H,
Hudson F W,
Hoyes C,
Johnson W,
Kensington I,
Lister B,
Marsden W,
Maher P,
Mannion J,
Newbury J,
Parker R,
Parks C F,
Rickets W,
Richardson J,
Roberts R,
Reece J A,
Sayers C,
Smith B,
Snowden F,
Sudworth R,
Taylor W,
Thomas L,
Thompson J W,
Vickers J,
Ward Wm,
Watson G C,
Webster G E,
Wilde J,
Winter H,
Wright W H,
Waddington W,
West E,
Ward Walter.


Cudworth Village Club, WW1 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour listing 118 Members of Cudworth Village Club who Enlisted
(thanks to JH for the photos)


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by JH

Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian

There is also a matching WW1 Memorial Plaque which lists the men who fell.

Cudworth Village Club & Institute Society Ltd

European War
Members Enlisted

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Armstrong S,
Bailey D,
Bowering J,
Brown E,
Bentley J D,
Bland T,
Booty E (jnr),
Bowering H,
Burley A,
Brooks W,
Crowther J,
Clare H,
Casey J,
Cullen J,
Chapman A,
Driver A,
Dean H,
Davis J,
Dobson E,
Dobson W,
Deakin A,
Everitt H S,
Foulkes W (jnr),
Finan T,
Furguson W,
Goulding B,
Grocock O,
Gambles G H,
Goulding E,
Greaves L,
Garforth S,
Gallear W (jnr),
Haigh J,
Hawkins J,
Hawkins A E,
Harlow A,
Hutchinson F,
Holmes T,
Haigh W,
Hamer A,
Haigh H,
Hague J W,
Hoyes C,
Iveson H H,
Johnson Wm,
Jepps E,
Kensington I,
Lodge R,
Lodge W A,
Lodge Walter,
Leadbeater A,
Leadbeater C,
Lacey Harold,
Lodge A,
Lawton F,
Langham D,
Lister B,
Morby R A,
Meynell E,
Madder P,
Moore E,
Nixon G W,
Newton H,
Parton G,
Parkin W,
Pankhurst W,
Parkin J A,
Pritchard A,
Pritchard E,
Padgett J (jnr),
Pedrick D,
Rowe G A,
Race B,
Race S,
Roscoe J W,
Race Ethelbert,
Reeder J,
Smith B,
Simpson J,
Stanley G,
Surr J E,
Seston W,
Sewell J J,
Sargeson H (jnr),
Swann M,
Standish W,
Steel B L,
Stevenson A,
Snowden T (jnr),
Scatchard G,
Sedgewick F,
Shaw G H,
Taylor H,
Taylor W,
Tingle A,
Thompson A,
Taylor J W,
Underwood F,
Underwood J E,
Vickers J,
Ward Wm,
Watson G C,
Woodward G,
Wright W H,
Wales G,
Waterhouse J T,
West E,
Wakefield T,
Winter T A,
Wood W,
Waite G,
Wood S,
Ward G,
Wilson Hbt,
Walshaw G,
Williamson E,
Young J,
Youell G.


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Barnsley, St George's Church, Memorial Window

The window of the Chapel in St George's Church which was dedicated to
the Fallen of the Great War (photo from AE)

War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Photographed by Adrian Egglestone

This South window and other memorials in the building were photographed shortly before the original church was demolished in 1993.

To the Glory of God and in honour of / the men of this parish who gave their / lives for God and their Country in / the Great War this window is dedicated / by many loving hearts 1919 Make them / to be numbered with Thy Saints.

There are no individual names on this window, there does appear to have been a wooden plaque with names listed.  We currently only have a photograph of the central portion.


War Memorial Gravestones in Barnsley Cemetery

During both the First and Second World Wars re-repatriation of the bodies of fallen servicemen and women was not usual.  The Unknown Soldier, entombed in Westminster Abbey represents those buried and commemorated overseas who could not come home.  For many families, deprived of a graveside at which to mourn, one solution was to add the name of their lost son (or daughter) to the family gravestone in their local churchyard.    

The Imperial War Museum's War Memorials' Archive defines a War Memorial as "any tangible object which has been erected or dedicated to commemorate those killed as a result of war, conflict or peacekeeping; who served in war or conflict; or who died whilst engaged in military service."  This includes gravestones which commemorate a casualty buried elsewhere.  There must be a clear statement on the memorial (or in a printed document such as a newspaper report from the time) that defines the commemorative purpose of the feature and reports its erection. The full wording of their definition can be found here.

Thus gravestones which include wording such as: died of wounds received in action, killed in action, fell in France, died on active service, reported missing in action, or even killed accidentally while on active service all count as War Memorials.  The wording is a "clear statement" that the purpose of recording that person's name on the gravestone is as a memorial.

Graves which are situated on the site of the burial of a casualty, such as Commonwealth War Graves, are not War Memorials, however the Barnsley War Memorials Project is also collecting their details for inclusion in the Barnsley Roll of Honour.

Barnsley Cemetery contains  at least 65 War Memorial Gravestones and 131 Commonwealth War Graves (as at November 2017).

Friends of Barnsley Cemetery aim to promote the preservation, care and improvement of the Cemetery as a place of historic and ecological interest and as a burial ground.  They work with other agencies and interested parties to achieve those aims.  Via their web page you can request a search of their database and even order a photograph of a gravestone!

Barnsley Cemetery is very large, with over 80,000 people buried there.  It might take us a while to find all the War Memorial gravestones, especially as some of them are in a very poor state of repair.  Please be patient with us.  Thanks!

In the list below, where the name is blue click to follow the link to a page with a larger photograph and more information.
 Gravestone Location
Section Row No.
Soldier's Name & Regiment
Date of Death
E 272 David Maurice Rowlands

Notts & Derby Regt

12 March 1915

J 333 Harold Allemby

14th York & Lancaster Regt

1 July 1916
B 5 George William Heptinstall

Royal Scots Fusiliers

3 July 1916
X 1196 Herbert Kaye

York & Lancaster Regt

7 October 1917
P 11 Foster Lindley
East Yorks Regt
5 September 1918

Frank Marcus Lindley
Lancaster Fusiliers
23 July 1917

Claude Scott
East Yorks Regt
13 November 1916
H 239 Harry Scargill

13th York & Lancs Regt

1 July 1916
K 126 George Henry Simms

1st/5th York & Lancs Regt

7 July 1916
M 27 Crossland Barraclough

14th York & Lancs Regt

2 May 1918
L 14 William Kenworthy

9th York & Lancs Regt

1 July 1916
H 13 Gilbert Harry Edwards

2nd York & Lancs Regt

19 September 1918
Q 1018 Tom Gomersall

6th York & Lancs Regt

18 November 1915
E 599
George Smith


15 August 1918

E 175 Tom Jaques

2nd/5th York & Lancs Regt

3 May 1917
G 67 Ernest Calvert Blackburn

1/5 York & Lancs Rgt

24 May 1915
G 112 Francis Henry Laister
21 October 1917

Henry Wilkinson Brown
Royal Navy
5 November 1915
G 127 Harry Watson Robinson
Highland Light Infantry
25 August 1916

Benjamin Robinson
2nd York & Lancs Regt
4 March 1917
G 131 Joseph Walker

York & Lancs Regt

11 September 1916
G 225
John Betchetti

Black Watch

1 August 1916
G 245 Horace Ryder

Royal Engineers

 22 September 1917
G 310 Francis John Potter
14th York & Lancs Regt
1 July 1916

Edwin Dalton Potter
Notts & Derby Regt
17 July 1918
G 338 Arthur White

2/5 York & Lancs Regt

3 May 1917
G 341 Ernest Wainwright

Royal Scots Fusiliers

10 July 1918

G 371 Albert Bennett

13th York & Lancs Regt

22 December 1916
G 372 Eli Royston

14th York & Lancs Regt

 1 July 1916
G 373 Edwin Bower
 8th York & Lancs Regt
1 July 1916

Tom Bower
10th West Yorkshire Regt
10 September 1918
G 499 George Armitage

14th York & Lancs Regt

9 May 1917
 E 204 Herbert Milthorpe

14th York & Lancs Regt

1 July 1916
E 182 John Arthur Williamson

Northumberland Fusiliers

11 April 1918
(a) 605 William Ford
 13th York & Lancs Regt
2 July 1916

George Ryan
1/5 York & Lancs Regt
7 July 1916
T 835 Thomas William Halton

Lancashire Fusiliers

24 April 1918
E 458 Harold Raymond Oldham

York and Lancaster Regt

7 June 1917
E 547 John Kenny

York and Lancaster Regt

8 May 1917
E 621 Frank Leslie Bailey

York and Lancaster Regt

1 July 1916
E 662 Sidney Nicholson

King's Royal Rifle Corps

7 October 1916
E 671 Arthur Foster

York and Lancaster Regt

12 October 1917
E 681 Leonard Micklethwaite

Black Watch

31 July 1916
E 761 Joseph White


26 August 1916
G 1017 Robert Mark Richardson

West Riding Regt

29 October 1917
G 829 Edwin Fieldsend

South Wales Borderers

18 August 1918
G 711 Ronald Stanwix

Royal Navy

7 May 1941
F 11 Wilfred Leadbeater

Royal Field Artillery

28 July 1916
F 130 Uriah Tetlow
South African Infantry
23 July 1916

Harold Tetlow
Machine Gun Corps
12 October 1918
C 50 James Burford Clark

South Lancashire Regt

2 September 1918
 C 59 Harry Tock

West Riding Regiment

4 November 1918
C 69 Arthur Crossley

Royal Engineers

30 September 1918
C 137 William Wood


9 September 1943
C 235 George Wainwright


25 March 1945
C 286 James Kenneth Walton

Royal Navy

10 December 1941
C 288 Robert Hurd

Royal Engineers

31 March 1943
G 644 Arthur Edon
 York and Lancaster Regt
11 May 1917

James Willie Edon
York and Lancaster
21 July 1918
J 821 William Arthur Bird

West Yorkshire Regt

20 July 1918

M 41 Cyril George Bayford

York and Lancaster

28 June 1917
M 10 Harry Liddall Bambridge

East Yorkshire Regt

31 March 1918
(b) 573 Eric George Smith

Northumberland Fusiliers

5 June 1917
J 33 Frank Bakel
York and Lancaster Rgt
20 May 1917

Cecil Cuthbert Thompson

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
14 July 1916

Arthur Henry Thompson
York and Lancaster Rgt
1 July 1917
I 99 Brian Martin

Royal Armoured Corps

15 March 1945
(d) 576 Tom Barraclough Brown

York and Lancaster Rgt 

21 July 1918
B 72 George Alfred Guest Hewitt

York and Lancaster Rgt

27 November 1917
S 394 Keiron Terry

King's Own Yorkshire LI

25 April 1917
S 496 Willie Taylor

York and Lancaster

3 May 1917
(a) 566 Mark Ruckledge

West Riding Rgt

19 July 1917
(a) 401 William Crawford

Northumberland Fusiliers

29 May 1918
C 27 Henry (Harry) Atkinson

Army Service Corps

2 December 1918
Y 109 Frederick Parry

Army Service Corps

8 January 1918
* Lewis Whittaker

West Yorkshire Rgt

17 April 1918
* * *