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Barnsley, Masonic Lodge No.1513, Eastgate, FWW Roll of Honour


Photo by Adrian Eggleston 6 April 2018


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Transcribed by Pete Schofield


Friendly Lodge No. 1513
Roll of Honour
Members Serving in the Great War 1914-1918

Members Serving Overseas
Children of Members Serving Overseas
*Killed in action
M.I.D. Mentioned in Despatches

“Ever remembering that nature
Has implanted in your breast a sacred & indissoluble
Attachment towards that country whence you derived
Your birth and infant nurture”

W.Bro. G.H.Pearce. W.M.                    Bro. Benj. Harral Sec.   

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names underlined and in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.

Members serving overseas
 Brown J. Jopling            Lieut    R.A.M.C
 Moxon C.                Lieut    2nd Y&L Regt.
 Oxley H.                Lieut    13th Y&L Regt.
Children of members serving overseas
 Billington Roland            2nd Lieut    5th Y&L Regt.
 Billington Herbert            L/Corpl.        London Scottish
 Cotterill J.                Pte.        14 Y&L Regt.
 Cotterill H.                L/Corpl.        Royal Engineers
 Crawshaw T. Hbt.            Lieut.        1/5 Y&L Regt.
 Cretney H.                Lieut.        Y&L Regt.
 Cretney T.R.                2nd Lieut.    Royal Engineers
 Frankland Rev. Hy.            Capt.        Chaplain to the Forces
 Frankland A.                2nd Lieut.    74th Machine Gun Battalion
 Goodall W.                Sergt.        Machine Gun Corps.
 Jaeger J.C.                Cadet        R.A.F.
 Krakauer M.                Sergt.        R.A.M.C.
 Krakauer H.                Gunner        R.G.A.
 Lowrance W.A. (Croix de Guerre)    Driver        French Red Cross
 MacDonald R.                Lieut.        281 A.T.C. Royal Engineers
 MacDonald Malcolm            Cadet        19th London Regt.
 MacDonald Jessie            Signaller    Auxillary Corps.
 Massie A.J.                Pte.        Civil Service Rifles
*Massie S.E.                2nd Lieut.    1st Somerset Light Infantry
*Normansell J.                Capt.        13th Y&L Regt.
 Penlington H.N. (Bro)            Capt.        R.A.F.
 Penlington H.W.            Lieut.        A.S.C.
 Quest W                Lieut.        Durham Light Infantry
 Quest T.R.                Capt.        14th Y&L Regt.
*Quest H.                Capt. (M.C.)    14th Y&L Regt.
*Quest Clifford                Pte.        10th Lincolnshire Regt.
*Raley W.H.G.                Capt. (M.I.D.)    3rd Yorkshire Regt.
*Raley W.H.                Lieut.        5th Y&L Regt.
 Rideal J.G.E. (D.S.O.)            Major (M.I.D.)    1/5 Y&L Regt.
 Seward F.W.                Major (M.I.D.)    King’s Own Roal Lanc. Regt.
 Sharp H.                 Qr.Mtr.Sergt.    52nd Canadian Battalion.
 Soar J.                    2nd Lieut.    Indian Army Transport
 Sugden J.R.                2nd Lieut.    Kings Royal Rifles
 West J.A.                Pte.        7th Manchesters.
 Wilkins B.J. (M.C.)            Lieut.        (31st D.B.) East Yorks Regt.
 Williams R.E.                Lieut.        R.N.V.R. Minesweepers
 Williams C.J.                2nd Lieut.    5th Y&L Regt. (died April 1915)
 Hague J.V.                Corpl.        “W”. Riding R.E.
 Hague W.E.P.                L/Corpl.        “W”. Riding R.E.


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