Tuesday 23 September 2014

Barnsley, Barnsley Pals Centenary Square, Three Glass Panels

One of Three Glass Panels installed on 23 September 2014
The plaque about the glass panels which was added later


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Photographed by James Brunt (@RFJamesUK)

Three glass panels designed by Rachel Welford.
The artwork will be officially dedicated on Thursday 25 August at launch of the Road to War exhibition at Experience Barnsley.

An oval blue plaque on a white stone plinth appeared near to the panels some months later.

"As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust" / This artwork / of three glass panels was / commissioned in 2014 to commemorate all / those from Barnsley who fell during WW1 / Designed by artist Rachel Welford / using original material held in / Experience Barnsley Museum / and Discovery Centre

Further Information:

A news release about the panels can be found here.

"Rachel has created three columns made from layers of toughened, laminated glass.  The columns are person-sized which alludes to the human group of Pals and their families ... the progression from one artwork to the next is mainly chronological.  The first column relates to the recruitment of the Pals, the second focuses on the war itself, and includes stories from the front, diary entries, maps and battle-plan diagrams.  The third column relates to life at home, the end of the war and homecoming." Barnsley Council News


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Mary Lipscombe said...

I saw these glass panels for the first time, recently, Rachel has done a wonderful job and is to congratulated.