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Barnsley, Old Mill, Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Roll of Honour

Source: @CavalierStamps on Twitter, 2 November 2016

Amongst the Readers Letters in the Memories of Barnsley magazine, Issue 41 - Spring 2017 there appeared a interesting article about the above postcard image. The author was an online vintage postcard dealer and had written in providing a transcription of the names.
The original of the image used above (which has been reduced in size for this website), which is still available on Twitter, is very large and clear and the details of the mens' names are easily read.

Where possible the full name of the man listed has been included in brackets and further information is linked if their name is shown in blue.
The main source of information, in brackets, for the names of those who survived was the 1918 Absent Voters' List for Barnsley.


Roll of Honour
Old Mill
Wesleyan Reform Chapel
[photos and names]
Members of the Bible Class
Who Have Served, Three of
Whom Made the Supreme Sacrifice
For Their Country During the
Great War 1914-19


Three of the names and photos, those in the centre, are of men who were killed:
F. Horbury (Frank Horbury)
T. H. Horbury (Thomas Hilton Horbury)
H. Kaye (Herbert Kaye)

The remainder of the names, across the top and around the edges:
J. Washington (could be Joseph Washington, in Twibell Street in 1911)
A. Gill   (could be Arthur Gill of 3 Clyde Street, Barnsley. Labour Corps)
H. Field  
R. Nuttall  (probably Roy Nuttall of 58 Wakefield Road, Smithies. 4th (Reserve) Y & L)
S. Ferrington (Samuel Ferrington, 20 Park Street, Barnsley. Royal Field Artillery)
T. Wiseman (Thomas Wiseman, Old Mill Cottage, Smithies. Royal Defence Corps)
F. Copley (Frank Copley, 7 Field Lane, Hunningley. Army Service Corps)
H. Trueman (Harry Trueman, 8 Crookes Street, Monk Bretton. Labour Corps)
H. Brown (could be Harry Brown, 6 Prince Arthur Street, Barnsley. Royal Warwick Rgt)
H. Cope (Henry Cope, 53 Pogmoor Road, Barnsley. Royal Army Medical Corps)
J. W. Cook  (John William Cook, Homestead, Carlton Road, Smithies. Training Reserve)
L. U. Ward  (Lloyed Ulysses Ward, 29 Burton Bank Road, Smithies. Y & L)
R. Senior  (probably Reginald Senior, 27 Mottram Street, Barnsley. Royal Horse Artillery)
C. Smith  (could be Charles Smith, 4 Dearne Terrace, Labour Corps or Charles Simm Smith, Peel Place, Smithies. Y & L)
F. Lockwood
J. Horbury
J. W. Ferrington (John William Ferrington, 6 Dearne Terrace, Smithies. Royal Field Artillery)
J. N. Ward
T. E. Ferrington (Thomas Ernest Ferrington, 6 Dearne Terrace, Smithies. Royal Garrison Artillery)
W. Waumsley  (William Waumsley, 11 Marlborough Terrace, Barnsley. Durham Light Infantry)
J. Ferrington  (James Arthur Ferrington, 6 Deane Terrace, Smithies. Royal Field Artillery)


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