Monday 18 December 2017

Belmont Club WW1 Roll of Honour, Hoyland

This memorial was discovered by Belmont Club member Terry Sidebottom. It has been transcribed and researched by Graham Noble and additional research has been done by Peter Marsden.

Many thanks to Graham Noble for sharing this with the Barnsley War Memorials Project.

The Roll of Honour is rectangular and framed. 79 men are named on the memorial, 14 of whom died during ww1 and 65 who served.  All 14 casualties are remembered on Hoyland War Memorial. 3 of the men Naylor, Patmore and Taylor are commemorated on the memorial tablet in Elsecar Church.

Roll of Honour
Hoyland Town              Belmont
Working Mens Club & Institute

Killed on Service

Andrews E
Marsden J Sgt
Butcher G
Naylor R
Dickens F
Patmore F
Doyle E
Powell J
Joynes H
Sidebottom J Cpl
Kirk J
Taylor G H Sgt
Marshall J
Webster H J

Members Who Joined His Majesty’s Forces
Allott J
Burgin J W
Bishop G
Ball T
Batty J
Batty R
Brack G T
Bourne L
Cox J
Charlton J
Crossland A
Dixon G A
Danforth A J
Dewhirst D
Drinkwater J
Danforth E
Fletcher H
Fozzard C
Grimes F
Guest H
Grimes T
Gregory C
Halpin G
Halpin E
Howells C
Hawkesworth L
Hall A
Higgs T
Hall G
Hague H
Hinton W H
Hirst G
Halpin J
Jackson W E
Johnson G
Kennedy T Sgt
Loftus W
Loftus B
Lowbridge W T
Marshall J Sgt
Marples F
Mellor H
Noble C
Newby J W
Newton G
Oakley G
Pinder H
Palmer W
Peel B
Robinson J
Radley J
Radford F
Shaw J
Spence G
Taylor E
Thorpe F
Lipscombe F
Thompson A
Vaines L
Weekley C Sgt
Wilson E
Walker C H
Wordsworth A

August 1914          November 1918


Bolton on Dearne, St Andrew the Apostle, WW1 Memorial Plaque

Brass dedication plaque listing 59 names

Photographed and transcribed by the members of the Barnsley War Memorials Project.

Many thanks to the vicar and congregation of Saint Andrew the Apostle for their help and allowing us access to the church.

Stocksbridge, Penistone and Hoyland Express 
27 April 1929 p.8
(from Find My Past)
A rectangular brass plaque measuring  61cm by 30cm. manufactured by F. Osborne Ltd. of London. 59 names are remembered in total. This includes 57 men and 2 women, who all died while serving their country during WW1.

To The Glory Of God and in the Memory Of The Men from this / Parish Who Gave Their Lives In The Great War This Shrine Was / Erected by Their Relatives, Friends And Members of this Congregation


E J Blenkinsop,
J D Blenkinsop,
G Blenkinsop,
F Bailey,
J W Bailey,
F R Beaumont,
J Bell,
G Cooke,
T Conville,
F Cave,
H Cave,
S Dickinson,
J Dickinson,
F G Dawson,
J W Earnshaw,
R Farrar,
J W Fox,
F Grey,
V Garbutt,
T Harris,
H Harris,
E F Harrison,
J Hopwood,
H Jacklin,
G Jenkinson,
H Jackson,
T Kay,
M A Law,
R Lyon,
E Lunness,
G Lunness,
H Markham,
J Monaghan,
C W Marshall,
F Owen,
W Pocklington,
J W Parkin,
J W Quigley,
A Swallow,
J T Swallow,
R Swallow,
A N Smith,
H Smith,
A V Smith,
G Simpson,
S Shaw,
G F Senior,
H Trickett,
W Trickett,
W Unthank,
T Westerman,
A Watson,
C Walton,
E White,
T H Wild,
P Wilkinson,
Clara Garbutt,
Ella Howitt.


Thursday 21 September 2017

Tankersley School Memorial Postcard

Postcard of the Tankersley school memorial
Theses names are transcribed from a photographic postcard of the Tankersley School Memorial. The memorial's location is currently unknown. The postcard is shared with kind permission of the owner. and has been transcribed by members of the BWMP.

The words carved on the wooden frame are 'For King & Country; and the rest of the memorial reads
The Tankersley School, To the, Glory of God, and in memory.

Oliver Anderson
Leslie Victor Brigstock
Horace Browes
Horace Bruck
Reuben Edward Burkinshaw
Harry Camplin
George Camps
Albert Chambers
Ellis Fenton
Roland Duncan Harris
Lawrence Hedges
Walter Hedges
George Alfred Howard
Vincent Jowett
William Lillie Mellor
Charles Mallinson
William Thomas Norman
Norman Skelton
Sidney George Schofield
Albert Edward Uttley
James Allen Walton


Hoyland Methodist Church WW2 Memorial, (formerly) Market Street, Hoyland.

Hoyland WW2  Methodist Church memorial.
Photographed by the BWMP
This WW2 memorial was originally displayed in the Methodist Church on Market Street at Hoyland. The memorial is now part of a private collection and is shared here with kind permission of the owner.

The memorial has been photographed and transcribed by members of the BWMP.

The white marble plaque matches the WW1 memorial plaque from the same church and  is inscribed with the following words:

To the Glory of God and the Abiding Memory of the Young Men of this Church and Sunday School who fell in the Second World War 1939-1945.
Albert Coakes
Jack Marsland
Fred Mellor
Eric Skorrow
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"


Hoyland Methodist Church WW1 Memorial, (formerly) Market Street, Hoyland.

Hoyland Methodist Church WW1 Memorial
Photographed by the Bwmp
This WW1 memorial was originally housed in the Market Street, Methodist Church at Hoyland. It is currently in a private collection and has been shared here with kind permission of the owner.

The memorial has been photographed and transcribed by members of the BWMP.

The white marble plaque matches the WW2 plaque from the same Church and is inscribed with the following words:

To the Glory of God and the Abiding Memory of the Young Men of this Church and Sunday School who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.
Edmund Gill
Alfred Utley
Frank Lockwood
Isaac Oakley Leach
Fritz Leach
Robert L Beaumont
Frank Standish

"And so they passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for them, on the other side."


Wortley, Roll of Honour for Oddfellows Lodge No. 4194, (formerly) Wortley Arms

Roll of Honour for Oddfellows Lodge No.4194, Wortley
Photograph by the BWMP
Lodge No. 4194 was established in 1843 and met at the Wortley Arms before transferring to Thurgoland in the 1970s. This memorial is currently part of a private collection and has been shared by kind permission of the owner.

Memorial researched and transcribed by members of the BWMP and information provided by the Oddfellows Society.

The Memorial is in a wooden frame and contains the words:

ROLL OF HONOUR OF MEMBERS OF THE LOYAL BLOSSOM OF FRIENDSHIP LODGE NO.4194 who served their King and Country in the GREAT WAR of 1914-1918

Burgan J C
Bidwell D
Beevor W
Bramhald D Jr
Barstow G
Barstow N
Barstow W
Breffit G A
* Copley F
Copley J A
Copley E Jr
Clarke D
* Casey J
Crapper H
Cockerham J C
Clarke A E
Goldring E
Goldring J
Green G
Gillespie W
Hellewell J E
Hicks B
Hines R
Haigh H
Jowitt H
* Laycock F
Laycock W
Laycock P
*Lockwood T 
Munday J W
McHale T P
Nithsdale B H
Neal F
Offord J P
Pickering E C
Robbins A
*Robbins J
Raisley B R
Rolfe H
Rolfe J W
Russell C A
*Schofield D
Schofield R B
Schofield A
Saxby E S
Saxby T H
Saxby E
Scholey J
Scholey C
Smith A
Taylor H
Tate G H
Weldon G V
Woodcock W
Yeardley W

*Men Killed in Action


Saturday 16 September 2017

Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club Memorial, (formerly) Market Street, Barnsley

Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club Memorial
This memorial was originally housed in the Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club on Market Street, but is now part of a private collection. It is a large memorial approximately 7 feet tall consisting of an ornate wooden frame with the words 'Roll of Honour' carved in the wood with decorative inner ceramic tiles that contain a scroll with names of men from the club who served in the Great War.

Our original post from March 2014 reporting the existence of this memorial, with map and contemporary newspaper cutting.

Photographed, researched and transcribed by members of the BWMP.

* - Killed
MM - Military Medal

At the base of the memorial is a brass plate that says:
This Roll of Honour was unveiled by W Bowring Esq (President) on December 22nd 1919 to commemorate the Honour, Glory and Patriotism of our brave fellow members who answered their Countrys call to arms during the Great War 1914-1920
T Pogmore (Chairman), G Bennett, W Copping, F Clarkson, W J Howden, J Law, T Woffenden, C Ibbotson, W J Barham (Treasurer), H Wainwright (Secretary)

There is a makers stamp on the brass plaque of Robertson and Russell, Sheffield

The names on the memorial are
Abbott H
Adams G
Armitage A
Armitage W
Austin T
Barham E
Barham W * (Wilfred Barham, also on St George's War Memorial)
Barker W C
Beaumont F
Bird J
Birkill W
Booth E
Bostwick Ed
Bostwick E
Boycott F
Boycott J H
Bradley G W
Bramwell C
Brown T
Charlton H
Chell C
Clark A
Clayton W
Clemitt A
Codd GA
Cooper C
Copley T
Copping C
Copping T
Cosford T N
Cusworth G
Dawson E
Dingle R * (Raymond Dingle, also on St Peter's War Memorial)
Dobbs F
Dyson R
Edwards W H
Exley G D
Farrand T
Fawley G
Fisher W
Foulstone J
France R
Garner E
Gilberthorpe A
Gill A
Gillott H
Green A
Green R
Gregory E O
Hadfield J A
Haley W
Harling G E
Hibberd C
Hindson J D
Hirst H
Holden A
Hollingsworth J
Hornby P
Horton W H
Jackson G
Jackson R
Joynes J H
Kay E
Kenworthy B
Kiddle C H
Kirk J
Lane J W
Law C H H
Law J W
Lockwood H
Lowe J
Maw H * (Herbert Maw)
Milne H
Milner A
Milner W H
Norton W
Ogden A
Ogden J
Ogley W
Padley T
Parker C
Parker H
Pearson J A
Perkins R
Pickering W
Pipe W G
Pleasant S *  (Stanley Pleasant, also on St Mary's War Memorial)
Poxen H MM *  (Henry Poxon)
Quinn T
Quinn T
Quinlisk J P
Race C
Raven G
Ravenscroft T
Rawlins P
Reece F
Rivers F
Robinson J W
Sanderson J
Scorah F
Shaw F
Shepherd B *
Shone W
Shuttleworth T T
Smith W H
Spencer H
Steir J
Stevenson C
Taylor W
Thompson G
Turner E
Vickers W
Waddington W
Wade H
Wadsworth B * (Bert Wadsworth, also on St Mary's War Memorial)
Wagstaff T
Wagstaff W * (William Wagstaff, also on St Mary's War Memorial)
Ward E
Watts W
White A
Williams W
Winrow T
Wood J
Woodhouse J
Woodward F
Wormald W
Wragg A


Saturday 2 September 2017

Lost Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club Memorial

The Barnsley War Memorials Project recently discovered via an online forum, that one of our missing war memorials was sold at auction twelve years ago and purchased by someone in the local area.

Originally the war memorial was housed within the Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club on Market Street. It is a very large piece, measuring 7 feet in height. It features ceramic tiles in an oak frame and has the names of 127 men who fought, 8 of whom were killed. We know from the forum that a local business man bought it at auction for safe keeping on 10th August 2005, but nothing beyond that. The project are very grateful to this gentleman for saving the memorial and would love to be able to see the memorial and obtain clearer photographs of the inscribed names to aid us in our research for the Roll of Honour, which will be published for the centenary of the end of the war, next year.

If you have any information please leave a comment below. Alternatively you can message us privately via our Facebook page.

Sunday 23 July 2017



If you have a photograph of an individual who died in the First World War, and they have a connection to Barnsley, we would be very grateful for a copy of the photograph.

We are aiming to have the first draft of the Roll of Honour available to view in the Barnsley Archives this November. We want the public to be able to check their relative is included and that we haven't missed anyone out before committing to a final edition. The final version will be published to coincide with the the armistice centenary in 2018.
Examples of photographs that have previously been shared with us
This will be a one-time opportunity to produce a book that properly honours the individuals from Barnsley, who died in the service of their Country. Once the book has been printed the opportunity to show your relative's photograph on the paper Roll of Honour will be lost forever.

If you have a photograph you should send it to: with your name as the source as this will also be included alongside the photograph. If you have difficulty copying the photo, please contact us and we will be able to help.
Image with thanks to the Barnsley Archives.
The BWMP will be doing our part to find photographs as well. The Barnsley Archives has generously given us permission to search the old newspapers for images to include.

Sunday 12 March 2017

Cawthorne All Saints Churchyard George Wilkinson

George Wilkinson memorial Headstone in All Saints Churchyard, Cawthorne.
Photo taken 12th March 2017

In loving memory of / Hannah / The beloved wife of / Walter Wilkinson / Who died Sept. 3rd 1916 / Aged 56 years. / Rest in Peace / Also of George, son of the above / Who fell in action near / Langemarck No. 6th 1917 / Age 28 years. / Also of Doris, Their daughter / Who died in infancy. / also of the above Walter Wilkinson,/ Who died sept. 27th 1928, / Aged 73 years. //

Service details:
Pte. George Wilkinson, 32423, South Lancashire Regiment 2nd/4th Bn. Died 06th November 1917, Age 28.

Memorials that remember George Wilkinson:
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 92 to 93 and 162A.

Links: - Service details

Cawthorne All Saints Churchyard Walter Sykes

Walter Sykes memorial headstone in All Saints churchyard, Cawthorne.
Photograph taken 12th March 2017
In / loving memory / of  / Pte / Walter Sykes / The beloved son of / Thomas & Sarah Sykes, / Killed in action May 5th 1915 / Aged 23 Years. //

Service details:
Pte. Walter Sykes, 15874, East Yorkshire Regiment 2nd Bn. Killed in Action 5th May 1915, Age 23.

Other memorials that remember Walter Sykes:
Cawthorne War Memorial, Cawthorne Museum, Taylor Hill, Cawthorne
Ypres Menin Gate Memorial, Panel 21 and 31.

Links: - Sevice details

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Unidentified Men

This is the current list of unidentfied names on Barnsley war memorials:

Ardsley, Christ Church, Christ Church Parishioners - WW1 Plaque
Norton H B
Thorpe G

Barnsley Regent Street Congregational Church Memorial Plaque
Jones Ernest
Stocks John R

Barnsley, British Co-Operative Society Memorial, Co-Op Funeralcare, Huddersfield Road
Hall A
Richardson R
Shearman Arthur

Barnsley, Buckley Street & Ebenezer Chapel, Roll of Honour
Clare John
Harrison John
Dobson Charles

Barnsley, Cordwainers Society, Memorial Scroll
Swift J

Barnsley, Pitt Street Wesleyan, Roll of Honour
Anderson ?
Ellison F
Flockton H

Barnsley, St John's Church, Barebones Memorial Tablet
Beecroft Ernest
Ogden Walter

Barnsley, St Mary's Church, Combined Memorial
Bedford W

Barnsley, St Peter's Church, Doncaster Road Memorial Tablet
Craig D
Fenton D
Herbert C H
Pratt E
Rood W
Thompson F
Tindall A Wt

Barnsley, Swimming Baths, Race Street, Barnsley
Westby F

Old Town, St Paul's, WW1 Memorial Board
Clegg J

Hoyle Mill War Memorial, Bethel Chapel, Pontefract Road, Hoyle Mill
Benson Frank
Williams Allen

Bolton on Dearne, Bolton On Dearne Board School, Furlong Road
Conville D

Bolton on Dearne, Dearne Townships Memorial, Bolton on Dearne Cemetery
Bailey J W
Chapman G
Clarke H
Collier C
Denton T W
Elliott J
Evans R
Haines C
Hall J
Haston H
Hodgeson H
Mitchell W
Morris S
Parkes G
Parkin J W
Smith F
Unwin H
Watson C
Wright E

Carlton War Memorial, St Johns Church, Church Street, Carlton
Browne Harold
Greenwood Frank
Hewitt George
Lindsay Francis
Murray Jack
Roberts Jack
Russell Frank
Williams George
Wood Walter

Cawthorne War Memorial, Cawthorne Museum, Taylor Hill, Cawthorne
Clarke A
Cole A C

Cortonwood Colliery WW1, Knollbeck Lane, Brampton
Blaydes A
Cocking A
Cutler C
Dunn E
Evans T
Foster W
Frost G R
Guest C
Hayes G
Metcalfe A
Rowbottom W
Smith T E
Spence H E
Watson T
Wilson W

Cudworth Village Club, WW1 Memorial Plaque
Boulter J
Emery W
Hough G
Mannion J
Richardson J

Cudworth War Memorial, St John's Church, Cudworth
Bowering J
Brookes J
Ellis C
Henton G
Horton A
Parks C F
Williams H
Williams T

Darfield Main WW1 Roll of Honour, Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage 
France J
Harrison W
Hill H

Darfield, All Saints Church, WW1 Memorial tablet
Chapman A

Darfield, Darfield Cenotaph, Welfare Park, Church Street
Walton A

Darfield, Middlewood Shrine, A635
Brown W R

Goldthorpe, St John And St Mary Magdalene, Lockwood Road
Blanchford H
Brammah E
Dolan W
Froggatt S
Lidgett E
May S
Morris J

Grimethorpe St Lukes, Book of Remembrance
Chiltern Albert
Burton J
Hemmingway Henry
Hill Thomas
Leonard George Bollanse
Quinn William

Grimethorpe Working Men's Club, WW1 Roll of Honour, Brierley Road
Jessop R T
Nutter John
Saunders Thomas

Hoyland Nether, Roll of Honour, Hoyland Library
Kay Frank
Lovatt Richard

Hoyland, War Memorial, West St & Kirk Balk, Hoyland
Sharpe Fred
Benson Thomas Henry
Kennedy Thomas
Lovatt Walter
Pye Harold
Turner Edwin

Jump And Hemingfield War Memorial, Cemetery Road, Jump
Bower J
Carr A
Haigh S
Helliwell L
Robinson C

Mapplewell and Staincross War Memorial, Blacker Road, Mapplewell
Atkins Willie
Johnson William Henry
Taylor William

Penistone Grammar School, Old Boys Memorial
Firth A
Schofield B

Royston War Memorial, St John the Baptist, Church Street, Royston
Parnell G
White H
Woodcock C

Thurgoland War Memorial, Smithy Hill, Thurgoland
Cole H
Giles Percy
Williams G

Thurnscoe, St Helens Church, Memorial Plaque WW1
Wilkes J

Wentworth War Memorial
Cave George Thomas
Clarke Robert
Cox Charles
Dean George
Jubb Edward
Sutton Herbert

Wombwell Conservative & Unionist Club, WW1 Roll of Honour, Park Rd
Dickenson Fred

Wombwell War Memorial, St Mary's Church, Wombwell
Booth A
Booth W M
Booth T
Burton Jl
Clegg H A
Doughty J
Flint E
George W
Hollings J A

Hydes E D
Jones J H
Lees H
Lowe J
Moore J
Naylor J
Robey R A
Robinson Alfred
Scott R
Steele E
Taylor A T

Wombwell, Nu Well Shopping Mall, Wombwell Reform Club Members - WW1
Marshall C

Wombwell, St Marys Church, Wombwell Book Of Remembrance
Ashton J Dennis
Blunt C
Booth J
Bootham W H
Burgin C
Fannan J
Littlewood H D
Robinson A L
Robinson G
Wright J W
Wroe Harry

Wombwell, St Marys Church, Wombwell Church Of England Mens Society - WW1
Johnson John
Sands William
Thorpe George Frederick
Thorpe William

Worsbrough Combined Memorial, St Thomas And St James Church, Worsborough Dale
Fletcher James Herbert
White William

Worsbrough Common, St Lukes Church, Highstone Road
Wood A

Wortley, Lychgate, St Leonards Church, Wortley
Harker Charles Wortley, Lychgate, St Leonards Church, Wortley