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Brampton Bierlow Parish Hall Roll of Honour

 First Published 3 February 2020

Photographed by AT in February 2020

War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Roll of Honour listing

Photographed by Andrew Taylor in February 2020

Transcribed and Researched by Linda Hutton

A pre-printed paper Roll of Honour (RoH) with 100 handwritten names added in the centre panel in three columns rough alphabetical order.  In a frame and covered with glass.
Photographed in artificial light, some reflections inevitable. Some water damage at bottom left and a split across the whole width about two thirds down. A small triangular flake is missing over one name in the L section. The edges are damaged, where pieces have flaked away and the whole is darkened with age. The final name in the third column is written in pencil rather than ink.

The document was discovered in the Parish papers by a previous Parish Clerk and has been recorded and conserved by Clifton Museum, Rotherham. 

It is a list of 100 men who served, including 22 men who fell.

See also the  Cortonwood Wesleyan Methodist Roll of Honour (external site) which lists 21 names of men who fell which are nearly all on this RoH. Three additional men are named on the Methodist RoH who are not on this RoH.  Four men on the Brampton RoH who fell are not on the Methodist RoH.

About 56 of the names on this RoH appear on the Cortonwood War Memorial, others are listed on various memorials in Wath upon Dearne and Wombwell.

*in scroll at top of the sheet* Honour Where Honour Is Due
*main title* Our Roll of Honour in the Great War

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.

Andrews, John
Atmore, Thomas
Beckett, Sydney

Beedan, Fred
Beedan, Thomas
Bell, George
Bell, Arthur
Beaumont, Charles E.
Burrows, Samuel
Barker, Mark
Booth, William
Booth, George W.
Booth, Albert
Booth, John
Booth, Leonard
Boldy, Thomas
Boldy, George
Brooks, Walter
Bristowe, Fred
Bristowe, Cecil
Casson, Reginald
Chapman, James E.
Chambers, Alfred
Clarke, William
Clarke, Joseph
Clarkson, Herbert
Crawford, James
Craven, Fred
Dodds, George
Edge, Robert
Eyre, Richard
Fallon, Ernest
Fallon, Lawrence
Farrimond, Fred
Farmery, William
Fenton, Joseph
Firth, Alonzo
Firth, Bernard
Frith, Albert E.
Guest, Horace
Gascoyne, Sydney
Gibson, A.
Halliday, David
Halliday, Thomas
Hartsorn, Jesse
Heatley, H.
Hewitt, J. W.
Hirst, John H.
Hirst, Larret
Holland, Frank
Hudson, Thomas
Hudson, Ray
Jenkinson, George
Kelham, Fred
Lead?, John
Lee, George
Lee, Richard
Linton, William
Moorhouse, William
Moorhouse, John
Moorhouse, Henry D.
Moorhouse, Sydney
O'Boyle, M
Orrel, James
Parsons, Harry
Pollard, Charles P.
Potter, Thomas
Pilling, Alfred
Preston, Arthur
Randerson, George W.
Randerson, Joseph
Riley, William
Riley, Horace
Riley, Albert
Riley, James
Ryman, Arthur
Ryman, Albert
Savage, Joseph
Savage, Walter
Scott, Edward
Sharps, Samuel
Simpson, Charles
Swales, Herbert
Sykes, Joshua
Tomlinson, Sydney
Totty, Edward
Turner, Alonzo
Turner, Reuben
Wall, Herbert
Wall, Thomas
Waugh, William
Webb, George H.
Wilks, George
Williamson, B.
Windle, Joseph
Whaling, Abraham
Wood, George Henry
Wright, James
Wilson, Fred
Godfrey, Fred


Felkirk St Peter's Ernest Litherland Memorial Plaque


Photo taken by WB in January 2020


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Roll of Honour listing

Lives of the First World War

Photographed by Wayne Bywater

To the Glory of God and in Loving / Memory of Ernest Wm Litherland / Who died February 21st 1919 upon his return / Home after service with the Royal Flying Corps

Ernest Wm Litherland is also remembered on:
Felkirk St Peter's Lychgate
Barnsley Holgate Grammar School - Old Boys WW1
Royston, St John the Baptist, Church Street, War Memorial
and by a stained glass window in Felkirk St Peter's Church

He is buried in the churchyard at St Peter's, Felkirk and is commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.


War Memorial Gravestones in Felkirk St Peter's Churchyard

Gravestones which include wording such as: died of wounds received in action, killed in action, fell in France, died on active service, reported missing in action, or even killed accidentally while on active service are by definition War Memorials.  The wording is a "clear statement" that the purpose of recording that person's name on the gravestone is as a memorial.

A definition of a war memorial is reproduced on the 'About' page of this site.

 Many families added the name of their lost son(s) or daughter(s) to their family gravestones in their local churchyard or cemetery. Over 500 of these inscriptions have been found and recorded in Barnsley. Remember, these are commemorations, the person named is NOT buried at this site.

Graves which are situated on the site of the burial of a casualty which are recorded by the  Commonwealth War Graves Commision, are not War Memorials.

There is a searchable online Roll of Honour here for members of the Armed Forces who died in military service on or after 1 January 1948 (and Palestine 1945-1947).

Felkirk Churchyard contains three War Memorial Gravestones.

There are four Commonwealth War Graves Commission burials.

Note: If the photos below are overlapping the table and covering text try turning your phone or tablet landscape.

 Gravestone Location
Section Row No.
Soldier's Name & Regiment
Date of Death
Gravestone Photograph
Benjamin Govier

York & Lancaster Regt

2 July 1917
Willoughby Rymer Hayton

Royal Engineers

1 April 1918
Frederick Pickets

Cameron Highlanders

23-28 April 1917