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Brampton Bierlow Parish Hall Roll of Honour

 First Published 3 February 2020

Photographed by AT in February 2020

War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Roll of Honour listing

Photographed by Andrew Taylor in February 2020

Transcribed and Researched by Linda Hutton

A pre-printed paper Roll of Honour (RoH) with 100 handwritten names added in the centre panel in three columns rough alphabetical order.  In a frame and covered with glass.
Photographed in artificial light, some reflections inevitable. Some water damage at bottom left and a split across the whole width about two thirds down. A small triangular flake is missing over one name in the L section. The edges are damaged, where pieces have flaked away and the whole is darkened with age. The final name in the third column is written in pencil rather than ink.

The document was discovered in the Parish papers by a previous Parish Clerk and has been recorded and conserved by Clifton Museum, Rotherham. 

It is a list of 100 men who served, including 22 men who fell.

See also the  Cortonwood Wesleyan Methodist Roll of Honour (external site) which lists 21 names of men who fell which are nearly all on this RoH. Three additional men are named on the Methodist RoH who are not on this RoH.  Four men on the Brampton RoH who fell are not on the Methodist RoH.

About 56 of the names on this RoH appear on the Cortonwood War Memorial, others are listed on various memorials in Wath upon Dearne and Wombwell.

*in scroll at top of the sheet* Honour Where Honour Is Due
*main title* Our Roll of Honour in the Great War

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.

Andrews, John
Atmore, Thomas
Beckett, Sydney

Beedan, Fred
Beedan, Thomas
Bell, George
Bell, Arthur
Beaumont, Charles E.
Burrows, Samuel
Barker, Mark
Booth, William
Booth, George W.
Booth, Albert
Booth, John
Booth, Leonard
Boldy, Thomas
Boldy, George
Brooks, Walter
Bristowe, Fred
Bristowe, Cecil
Casson, Reginald
Chapman, James E.
Chambers, Alfred
Clarke, William
Clarke, Joseph
Clarkson, Herbert
Crawford, James
Craven, Fred
Dodds, George
Edge, Robert
Eyre, Richard
Fallon, Ernest
Fallon, Lawrence
Farrimond, Fred
Farmery, William
Fenton, Joseph
Firth, Alonzo
Firth, Bernard
Frith, Albert E.
Guest, Horace
Gascoyne, Sydney
Gibson, A.
Halliday, David
Halliday, Thomas
Hartsorn, Jesse
Heatley, H.
Hewitt, J. W.
Hirst, John H.
Hirst, Larret
Holland, Frank
Hudson, Thomas
Hudson, Ray
Jenkinson, George
Kelham, Fred
Lead?, John
Lee, George
Lee, Richard
Linton, William
Moorhouse, William
Moorhouse, John
Moorhouse, Henry D.
Moorhouse, Sydney
O'Boyle, M
Orrel, James
Parsons, Harry
Pollard, Charles P.
Potter, Thomas
Pilling, Alfred
Preston, Arthur
Randerson, George W.
Randerson, Joseph
Riley, William
Riley, Horace
Riley, Albert
Riley, James
Ryman, Arthur
Ryman, Albert
Savage, Joseph
Savage, Walter
Scott, Edward
Sharps, Samuel
Simpson, Charles
Swales, Herbert
Sykes, Joshua
Tomlinson, Sydney
Totty, Edward
Turner, Alonzo
Turner, Reuben
Wall, Herbert
Wall, Thomas
Waugh, William
Webb, George H.
Wilks, George
Williamson, B.
Windle, Joseph
Whaling, Abraham
Wood, George Henry
Wright, James
Wilson, Fred
Godfrey, Fred


Felkirk St Peter's Ernest Litherland Memorial Plaque


Photo taken by WB in January 2020


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Roll of Honour listing

Lives of the First World War

Photographed by Wayne Bywater

To the Glory of God and in Loving / Memory of Ernest Wm Litherland / Who died February 21st 1919 upon his return / Home after service with the Royal Flying Corps

Ernest Wm Litherland is also remembered on:
Felkirk St Peter's Lychgate
Barnsley Holgate Grammar School - Old Boys WW1
Royston, St John the Baptist, Church Street, War Memorial
and by a stained glass window in Felkirk St Peter's Church

He is buried in the churchyard at St Peter's, Felkirk and is commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.


War Memorial Gravestones in Felkirk St Peter's Churchyard

Gravestones which include wording such as: died of wounds received in action, killed in action, fell in France, died on active service, reported missing in action, or even killed accidentally while on active service are by definition War Memorials.  The wording is a "clear statement" that the purpose of recording that person's name on the gravestone is as a memorial.

A definition of a war memorial is reproduced on the 'About' page of this site.

 Many families added the name of their lost son(s) or daughter(s) to their family gravestones in their local churchyard or cemetery. Over 500 of these inscriptions have been found and recorded in Barnsley. Remember, these are commemorations, the person named is NOT buried at this site.

Graves which are situated on the site of the burial of a casualty which are recorded by the  Commonwealth War Graves Commision, are not War Memorials.

There is a searchable online Roll of Honour here for members of the Armed Forces who died in military service on or after 1 January 1948 (and Palestine 1945-1947).

Felkirk Churchyard contains six War Memorial Gravestones which commemorate seven men.

There are four Commonwealth War Graves Commission burials.

Note: If the photos below are overlapping the table and covering text try turning your phone or tablet landscape.

 Gravestone Location
Section Row No.
Soldier's Name & Regiment
Date of Death
Gravestone Photograph

B&DWM FEL01/01&03
Frederick Pickets

Cameron Highlanders

23-28 April 1917
Benjamin Govier

York & Lancaster Regt

2 July 1917

B&DWM FEL01/02
Willoughby Rymer Hayton

Royal Engineers

1 April 1918

B&DWM FEL01/04
Edwin Kemp

Coldstream Guards

1 or 7 December 1917

B&DWM FEL01/05
Frank Teal
Scots Guards
13 September 1916

B&DWM FEL01/06
Alfred Torr
Royal Field Artillery
19 September 1916

Find A Grave
B&DWM FEL01/07
Claude Ernest Pickard
Cameron Highlanders
3 May 1917

Find A Grave




Felkirk (St Peter) Churchyard CWGC Burials

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) recognises the burials of men and women who fell in the First and Second World Wars.  Where a men or women has no known grave they are remembered on CWGC memorials around the world, usually close to the place that they fell.

The most common CWGC gravestone is made of Portland Stone. This is bright white when new and very conspicuous in a churchyard or cemetery even when a little darkened by age.  The size and style of the stones was designed to be the similar for everyone, no matter what rank, regiment, class, religion or nationality.  See this section on the CWGC website for background information.

Each stone has a rounded top, some have the crest or badge of a regiment and/or a religious symbol. There is an inscription giving rank, name, regiment and date of death, sometimes age is included.  At the foot of the stone is a space for a family dedication.

When the burial of a serviceman or women is within a family plot, their details are often recorded on a family gravestone.  This can be quite confusing as other family gravestones in the same churchyard bearing similar inscriptions are memorials to men or women NOT buried there.  It is only when the burial of the serviceman or woman has occurred in that place that it is recorded by the CWGC.

There are four CWGC burials in Felkirk Churchyard, only one is marked by a distinctive CWGC stone as described above. The others are marked by inscriptions on family gravestones.

Note: If the photos below are overlapping the table and covering text try turning your phone or tablet landscape.  Links on the names are to the CWGC website. The FindAGrave links will take you to a transcription and a photo.

 Gravestone Location
Section Row No.
Soldier's Name & Regiment
Date of Death
Gravestone Photograph
Grave 211

Harry Hopkinson

Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
Royal Armoured Corps

19 February 1943
Grave 190

Arthur Eric Oldroyd

Royal Army Service Corps

15 July 1940

(See also window)

Grave ?

Maurice Bradley Parker Boyd

Royal Garrison Artillery

16 February 1918

(See also plaque and window)

Grave ?

Ernest William Litherland

Royal Air Force

22 February 1919


Barnsley, Sheffield Road Baptist Roll of Honour (postcard)


Sepia Roll of Honour for Sheffield Road Baptist
Sepia Postcard Roll of Honour (seen on E-bay)

This postcard was spotted on E-bay in September 2018 (someone was bidding on it then and the link is now dead, May 2020). It consists of a frame of standard First World War images - at the top four men as a Stretcher Bearer, Soldier, Sailor and Airman posed in front of crossed flags (neither is the Union Flag) and in the background on either side a gun on a carriage and a battleship. The centre is surronted by a scroll effect and has the words 'The Roll of Honour' running through a laurel weath at the very top, then the title and names are displayed, and at the base a soldier in a kilt runs in from the left, whilst a cavalry man on horseback is shown on the right - between the two are the words EUROPEAN WAR 1914 - [blank].

The brass war memorial tablet for this church can be seen on the Barnsley War Memorials Project's site. It lists 19 names which are not all included in the Roll of Honour seen here. That suggests that the card above was produced during the war.  It might be possible to give a better date if all the names were researched and compared to the enlistment dates of the men on the war memorial.

Sheffield Rd Baptist Church Barnsley

Sergt. J.W.Alldred - Barnsley 2nd Batt.
Lce-Corpl. H Ashworth - K.O.Y.L.I.
Gunner Bailey - H.M.S. Colussus.
Pte. F. Bailey - Barnsley Batt.
Gunner C.S. Barham - Warwickshire R.H.A.
Pte. W. Barton - Sherwood Foresters.
Pte A. Betchetti - R.N. Barracks Devonport.
Pte. Bird - Leeds "Bantams".
Pte. W. Bygate - Barnsley 2nd Batt.
Driver Carew - A.S.C.

Pte. C. Cookson - Barnsley 2nd Batt.
Pte. G.E. Davie - Scottish Borderers.
Pte. E. Hardisty - Barnsley 2nd Batt.
Pte. H. Latchem - Barnsley 2nd Batt.
Pte. MacDevitt - Barnsley 1st Batt.
Lce.-Corpl. Makepeace - K.O.Y.L.I.
Lce.-Corpl. Mawson - Northumberland Fusiliers
Pte. T.R.Mindham - Army Vetry. Corps
Pte. F. Osborne - R.A.M.C.
Leading Stoker C. Osborne - H.M.S. Leven.

Pte. A. Parkin - Barnsley 1st Batt.
Pte. C. Porrill - Army Vetry Corps
Lce.-Corpl E. Senior - R.F.A.
Sergt Sowden - Y & L Regt.
Pte. Stanley - Barnsley 1st Batt.
Buglr. C. Taylor - K.O.Y.L.I.
Pte. J. Williams - Royal Engineers

The fact that men from the 2nd Barnsley Battalion, that is 14th York & Lancaster, are listed on the Roll of Honour indicates that it was drawn up after 9th December 1914 (See 'Barnsley Pals' by Jon Cooksey)

An initial analysis has shown that five of the men on this Roll of Honour appear on the church's war memorial.

Ernest Hardisty Private 14/235 14th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment Missing Presumed Dead 1 July 1916

Frank Leslie Bailey Private 13/143 13th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment Killed in Action 1 July 1916

John Betchetti Private 3666 6th Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) Missing Presumed Dead 1 August 1916

Robert Ernest Bird Lce Corp 115212  193rd Coy Labour Corps (previous Pte 1189 17th West Yorks) Missing Presumed Dead 25 September 1917

Milton McDevitt Private 13/612 13th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment Died of illness 1 October 1918

However some of the other men killed named on the war memorial would also have been enlisted by December 1914. There are another 1st Barnsley man, Charles Henry Hirst, and two more 2nd Barnsley men, James Lever and John William Scholey on the war memorial list.  Even using this very rough guide we have already found a problem with the analysis.  The earliest death on the war memorial is Horace Hobson Pte 2320 1st/5th York and Lancs (the Territorial Battalion) who was killed in action on 12 June 1915 - why is he not on the Roll of Honour? The Territorials had been in uniform long before the war began.

It must be remembered that the usual ways for names for rolls of honour and memorials to be collected was by the family submitting them on hearing of a project or by door to door enquiries by local volunteers. When the collection of names for the Roll of Honour pictured above was made maybe some of the families didn't hear about it or decided not to submit their son, husband, or father's name.

Despite being a Roll of Honour (RoH) connected to a church this does not necessarily mean that all the men listed worshipped there.  A name might have been put forward by a parent or wife (or a wife's family) who worshipped there - so it might yet be possible for men listed on RoH to be found to have been killed and NOT remembered on the Baptist Church war memorial.


Brampton Christ Church First World War plaque and bells

 This article was first published on 17 March 2020

Brampton Christ Church FWW plaque (photo taken 14 Mar 2020)

War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Researched / transcribed / photographed by BarnsleyHistorian



Brampton is also known as Brampton Bierlow.

From Stuart Nicholson (via Facebook War Memorials Register volunteer group): "The national chimes register says there are 8 bells, still in situ. Installed 1921, the tenor tube is 93.5 inches long. The register does not give a maker. Apparently they are in the tower with an older traditional church office bell."

From Tower houses one original bell 1855 C & G Mears and eight tubular bells Harrington Latham & Co., these were given as part of a First World War Memorial.

Where further information has been discovered for any of these men it will be linked (look for names underlined and in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.  In this way we try to avoid duplication and encroaching on the research of other groups and individuals.  There are 102 names.

Charles Henry Adams
George Ball
Edwin Beevers
Joseph Beevers
Ernest Blackburn
Ernest Bower
Herbert Bradbury
Ellis Briggs
Tom Briggs
Ellis Burland
Sam Burrows
Samuel Burrows
Clifford Carr
George Catling
Clifford Gordon Cheesman
George Clark
William Clark

Truelove Collier
James Cooke
Arthur Crossley
Charles Cusworth
Frank Dickinson
Tom Dickinson
George Dodds
George Edward Dryden
Ben Ellis
Reginald Ellis
Wilfred Foster
Benjamin Froggatt
William Fullwood
John William Gray
Walter Hargreaves
Harold Harrison
George Heppenstall

James Willie Hewitt
Robert Holmes
Tom Holmes
Joseph Hopwood
Oriel Horne
Harry Howson
Percy Holland
Harry Hudson
Frank Hulley
Frank Johnson
John Johnson
John Keefe
Ernest Kemp
George Kettlewell
Harry Kirby
William Knowles
Leonard Aladdin Law
James Lawton

Ernest Mangham
George Mangham
Charles Henry Marsden
Albert Metcalfe
Mark Moore
Henry Dean Moorhouse
Jack Moorhouse
William Moorhouse
Davis Morris
Simon Munroe
George Newton
Herbert Nicholls
William Nightingale
Ernest Norris
James Outram
John Barton Outram
Ernest Paskell
George Pearson

Herbert Pilley
William  Quinn
Henry Worrall Ramsden
Ernest Royle
Harry Ryalls
Albert Ryman
Arthur Saunders
Fred John Scott
Walter Scott
Ernest Severn
Arthur Percy Shaw
Alfred Simister
Albert Henry Simms
Henry Nixon Simms
Charles Smith

Sidney Smith
John William Speight
Thomas Stansfield
James Stone
George Henry Taylor
Thomas Arthur Taylor
Thomas William Thompson
Sidney Tomlinson
Alonzo Turner
Horace Venables
William Waddington
Walter Watson
Harry Willcock
Bert Williamson
Albert Wright
Harry Wright
Robert Wright