Map of Barnsley

A Map of the Barnsley area and its Boundaries 
With thanks to Barnsley Council's Interactive Maps which can be found here.

The area included in the Barnsley War Memorials Project
lies within the black border (Click on the image to see it enlarged)

Barnsley has changed shape and size over the years, many areas lay in the Hemsworth Rural District Council from 1894 to 1974.  Cudworth and Royston were independent Councils up to 1974 and so on.

Even now for the purposes of historical research there are overlaps with Wakefield, Hemsworth, Rotherham, Sheffield, Pontefract and Doncaster.  The Family and Local History Societies covering the area around Barnsley sometimes follow the old boundaries leading to complications finding the right Society to approach for more information and even the right Archives to visit to find Parish Records.

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