Tuesday 7 April 2015

Elsecar, Holy Trinity New Churchyard, Clifford Portman

The Portman Family gravestone has fallen face down (photo taken 6 April 2015)

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Photograph by Nigel Croft

Monumental Inscription by Elsecar Family History Society (also available at Holy Trinity Church, Elsecar on Mondays between 10.30am and 2.30pm).

Grave Location and Inscription:

321 A
In Loving Memory of / Thomas Solomon / The beloved husband of / Emily Portman / Who died May 16th 1018 / aged 64 years / Also of their son, / Lce Cpl Clifford Portman / who died from wounds received / in action in France / Sept 28th 1917 / aged 20 years / Also of the above named / Emily Portman / Who died March 6th 1938 / aged 83 years / "Re-united" / "At Rest".

Clifford is also remembered on the Hoyland War Memorial, West Street and Kirk Balk, Hoyland  and on the Elsecar, Holy Trinity Church, WW1 plaque

He is buried in Dozinghem Military Cemetery in Belgium and commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. 
BWMP #ELS04/08

Friday 3 April 2015

Elsecar, Holy Trinity New Churchyard, Ernest Frederick Whittlestone

Ernest Whittlestone remembered on his parents' gravestone

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Photograph by Brian Yarham

Grave Location and Inscription:

Plot no. 4A
In Loving Memory of / Frederick Carr / the beloved husband of /  Julia Whittlestone / who died Oct 25th 1930 / aged 64 years / also the above named / Julia Whittlestone / who died Feb 8th 1940 / aged 71 years / also Ernest Frederick / son of the above / killed in France May 15th 1918 / aged 26 years / "At Rest".

Ernest is also remembered on the Hoyland War Memorial, West Street and Kirk Balk

He is buried in Bienvillers Military Cemetery in France and commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.  

BWMP #ELS04/04

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Hemsworth, WW1 Memorial Tablets, St Helen's Church, Cross Hill

WW1 Memorial Tablets in St Helen's Church, Hemsworth (photo taken 1 April 2015)


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Church website with more pictures of the interior

A book is available with information about the men named on the memorial; Roll of Honour: Hemsworth by Gil Harrison.

Transcribed and photographed by BarnsleyHistorian

1914 To the Glory of God and in Undying Memory of the Men of This Parish who gave their Lives for King and Country 1918

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Adams, Nathaniel
Allen, Ernest
Allen, James E
Allen, Maurice
Arnold, Edward S
Atkins, William
Ball, John
Bamford, Jethrew
Banks, Joe
Barrett, Bernard
Baxter, James
Beddoes, Job
Beedham, Alfred E
Bennett, Walter
Bethnam, John
Bestwick, Fred
Billington, John A
Billington, Horace
Bingley, Edward
Blair, Walter
Blaymire, Sam
Boocock, Joseph
Brailsford, Thomas
Bridges, Harry
Burke, Bernard
Butt, William H
Campbell, Thomas
Carter, Alfred G
Challoner, Alfred
Chapman, Fred
Chennell, Allen
Chopping, Ernest
Clark, Thomas A
Clements, George W
Coleman, Cecil M
Colley, David
Comer, James
Creighton, Edward
Creighton, James R
Creighton, Percy
Cutts, Kelvin
Cupit, Wilfred
Dale, Charles H
Darbyshire, Robert
Davies, John
Diggins, George W
Donohoe, Albert
Downend, John M
Drake, Alfred
Duckworth, Albert
Evans, Joel
Evans, Sam
Eyre, Joseph M
Fenwick, Matthew
Finch, George
Freeman, Arthur
Gash, Ernest
Gee, Ernest A
Gibson, George H
Gibson, Tom
Glew, Arthur
Godfrey, Herbert
Guest, Herbert
Haigh, Ernest
Haigh, George
Haigh, Peter
Hales, Harry
Halton, George
Halton, Richard
Hanley, William P
Harper, Abraham
Harper, Joseph
Harratt, John
Harratt, John H
Harris, James
Hartley, Sydney S
Havenhand, Roger
Hellewell, George
Heppenstall, Fred
Hill, Robert F
Horsfall, John H
Hughes, Freddie
Hughes, Walter
Hulse, Joseph
Imms, Edward
Kramer, Alfred
Lawley, Lionel
Leatham, Bertram H
Lee, Matthew
Lees, Fred
Leornard, Charles
Lloyd, Thomas R
Lodge, James W
McDonald, Harry
Maher, Thomas
Matthewman, John H
Merritt, Joseph W
Middleton, Cecil
Miles, Joseph
Moody, Thomas
Morgan, George
Morris, Frederick
Moseley, Benjamin
Mountford, William
Murray, James W
Naylor, Edmund B
Newton, David E
Newton, Harold
Nobes, William H
Ogden, Ernest
Olley, Albert
Olley, Charles F
Outram, George A
Pagett, Albert
Parsonage, Walter
Pattison, Albert E
Peacock, John
Prendergast, Thomas
Radford, Arthur
Radford, George
Ramsden, Alfred
Randall, Hugh
Rhodes, Sadler
Richards, Ernest
Richards, Harry
Riding, Samuel D
Roberts, Charles H
Roberts, John
Robinson, Frederick G
Robinson, Leslie
Rodgers, Charles
Rodgers, George W
Sanderson, John W
Scott, Thomas
Searles, Ernest
Senior, Arthur
Senior, Fred
Sharman, Frank
Shaw, James
Sheldon, Jonathan
Shelley, Harry
Simpson, William W
Smedcar, William
Smith, George
Smith, Sydney
Steel, Arthur
Steel, Herbert
Stollard, Laurence H
Stones, Allison
Strutt, Frederick
Sydall, William
Taylor, George
Taylor, Joseph H
Taylor, Rodger
Thompson, Joshua
Tomlinson, John
Tordoff, Frank
Tordoff, Harry
Thornton, Harold
Varley, Harry
Watson, Frank
Watson, James
Watson, William
Webster, John T
Willman, Solomon
Wilson, James W
Wincer, George
Whitaker, Albert
Whitaker, Frederick
Wootton, Bert
Wright, Walter
Yates, James