Sunday 25 May 2014

War Memorials - D

Darfield, All Saints Church, 2nd Lt C M C Sorby - window & plaque
Darfield, All Saints Church, 2nd Lt C M C Sorby - battlefield cross
Darfield, All Saints Church, 2nd Lt E F H Taylor - plaque
Darfield, All Saints Church, All Saints Parishioners -Thanksgiving Window 
Darfield, All Saints Church, John Tom Tabor - plaque
Darfield, All Saints Church, Processional Cross 
Darfield, All Saints Church, WW1 Memorial tablet
Darfield, All Saints Church, WW2 Memorial tablet 
Darfield and District Conservative Club Roll of Honour (postcard image only)
Darfield, Darfield Cenotaph, Welfare Park, Church Street
Darfield, Darfield Village Club, Darfield & Low Valley British Legion - WW2
Darfield, Darfield Village Club, WW1 Roll of Honour
Darfield Church Hall, Albert Greenhow Memorial Table
Darfield, Middlewood Shrine, A635 Doncaster Road, Darfield
Darfield, WW2 Roll of Honour, Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre

Darfield Main WW1 Roll of Honour, Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre

Darfield Churchyard
Darfield Churchyard Percy Stuart Kitson
Darfield Churchyard George Hukin Woodyatt
Darfield Churchyard Walter Jobling
Darfield Churchyard Rowland Patterson
Darfield Churchyard Marsh & Marrow
Darfield Churchyard William Henry Watson
Darfield Churchyard Harry Siddall
Darfield Churchyard Ernest Needham
Darfield Churchyard William Ennis

Darfield Churchyard Frank Shaw
Darfield Churchyard Francis Michael Mullin 

Darfield Churchyard Albert Greenhow 
Darfield Churchyard Harold Horbury 

Darfield Saltersbrook Cemetery
Darfield Cemetery Samuel Boyce
Darfield Cemetery Albert Joseph Carr
Darfield Cemetery George Henry Davies
Darfield Cemetery Abraham Dobbins
Darfield Cemetery John William Corfield Fowler
Darfield Cemetery Arthur John Howe
Darfield Cemetery Thomas Murphy   
Darfield Cemetery Graham Marsden Jones
Darfield Cemetery Arthur Sutcliffe
Darfield Cemetery Herbert Holmes
Darfield Cemetery Harry Wilkinson 

Darton War Memorial, All Saint's Church, Darton 

(Darton Men who Fell - From A History of All Saints Church, Darton DTN02A)
Darton Working Men's Club, Roll of Honour (newspaper report & RoH found in 2019) 

Darton, Cyril Burton Dixon Plaque, All Saints Church
Darton, Cyril Burton Dixon Window, All Saints Church
Darton, John Taylor Mellor Plaque, All Saints Church
Darton, Yorkshire Regiment Association, Matthew Thornton Bench
Darton, Matthew Thornton Bench & Memorial

Darton All Saints Churchyard
Darton All Saints Churchyard, Alec R Braithwaite RGA
Darton All Saints Churchyard, Norman Shaw KOYLI 

Darton All Saints Churchyard George Urquhart
Darton All Saints Churchyard Henry Vivian Braithwaite
Darton All Saints Churchyard James General Dyson
Darton All Saints Churchyard George Ibberson
Darton All Saints Churchyard Ernest Ives
Darton All Saints Churchyard Cyril Maples
Darton All Saints Churchyard John Taylor Mellor
Darton All Saints Churchyard Horace Pickering
Darton All Saints Churchyard Samuel Lake Proctor
Darton All Saints Churchyard Wilfred Sanderson
Darton All Saints Churchyard Royce Thompson
Darton All Saints Churchyard Austin Turton
Darton All Saints Churchyard Benjamin Gerald Wagstaff
Darton All Saints Churchyard Charles Milton Ledger
Darton All Saints Churchyard John Arthur Williams
Darton All Saints Churchyard Gordon Gray
Darton All Saints Churchyard Cyril Burton Dixon
Darton All Saints Churchyard Claude Leatham
Darton All Saints Churchyard Bernard Outram
Darton All Saints Churchyard Herbert Milner
Darton All Saints Churchyard Joseph Leonard Challenger
Darton All Saints Churchyard William Heeley
Darton All Saints Churchyard Richard Allott
Darton All Saints Churchyard Ernest Robert Dore
Darton All Saints Churchyard Ernest Mark Simpson

Dearne UDC
Dearne UDC Roll of Honour, Goldthorpe Library, Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe

Dodworth, War Memorial, Dodworth Green Road and High Street, Dodworth

Dodworth Cemetery
Dodworth Cemetery William Alexander Thompson
Dodworth Cemetery Harry Cole
Dodworth Cemetery Frank Baines



Barnsley Cycle Forum said...

Cllr Howard has just told me there is a memorial to Matthew Thornton who died in the line of duty in Afghanistan in the Darton Centre.

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Thank you for this. We will try to get someone out to take a photo of it.

Pete Schofield said...

Many thanks for information. I will seek it out next time I'm in Darton. I photographed his headstone in All Saints Churchyard last year, which can be found on Findagrave website.


G tinker said...

Can anyone tell me if there were two h totty,s as my grandad Harry totty did not die in the first war but he was a private in the york s and lancs. He died at the age 86 .

Fay Polson said...

The only Totty in the Roll of Honour who died in WW1 is William Totty, 8th York & Lancs, Who died on 1st July 1916 aged 21.