Monday 19 May 2014

Wombwell, Wombwell Reform Club Members WW1, Old Town Hall, High Street

Wombwell Reform Club Memorial Tablet (thanks to K G-W for the photo)

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Photographed by
Colin Massingham and K G-W.

Transcription by Pete Schofield

Previously located in the Nu-Well Shopping Centre.

19 May 2014: The little plaque at the bottom reads "Nu-Well Shopping Centre Opened 19th June 1992".  It appears to be the same building but under new use.  We are just grateful they saw fit to preserve this Memorial.  Thank you.

May 2021: The current location of this massive Roll of Honour, the old Nu-Well building, maybe under threat of demolition.  

May 2024: The memorial has been saved and will be placed on view in July 2024. Location to be confirmed. Somewhere near the old town hall in Wombwell.

21 July 2024: The memorial was officially 'unveiled' by Barnsley's Mayor, Cllr John Clarke JP. 

It has been cleaned and placed in a purpose built shelter at right angles to the Old Town Hall pub, adjacent to the Boer War war memorial.

The small plaque at the foot now reads:

'Wombwell Reform Club War Memorial 
Preserved and Relocated by
The Wombwell Ward Alliance, Hayes Property and Development & Cranswick Convenience Foods'.

Photo by Nigel Croft, 21 July 2024.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Killed in Action

Beck W 2nd Lt D.C.M YL, (William Beck)
Hirst W 2nd Lt YL,  (William Hirst)
Hoyle E Cpl YL, (Ernest Hoyle)
Oliver E LcCpl YL, (Ernest Oliver)
Count J Pte NHFus, (Jack Count)
Crawford J Pte KRR, (James Crawford)
Crawford A Pte YL, (Albert Crawford)
West A G Pte YL, (Alfred Goldsby West)
Pettit E Pt YL, (Frank Pettitt)
West T G Pte KOYLI, (Thomas Goldsby West)
Utley A Pte KOYLI, (Arthur Utley )
Bainbridge E W Pte YL, (Ernest William Bambridge)
Hatfield F Pte DLI, (Frederick Nelson Hatfield)
Masters W Pt YL, (William Harold Masters)
Taylor H Pte AIF, (Harry Taylor
Drabble F Pte WRDW, (Frank Drabble)
Hawcroft H Pte YL, (Herbert Hawcroft)
Moorhouse J Pte YL, (John Moorhouse)
Sokell S Pte YL, (Stanley Sokell)
Watkin A Pt NHFus, (Alfred Watkin)
Webster J Pte ClGds, (Joe Webster)
Lockwood E Pte YL, (Ernest Lockwood)
Marshall C Pte YL, (Christopher Marshall)

Men Who Served

 Askew W R.E. M.M.
Adams A Pte 10 Hus
Allen E
Brown H A 1st Lt A.I.F.
Banks G H 2nd Lt Tk Cps
Booth G QMS Y.L.
Booth H Bom R.H.A.
Betts F Drv R.G.A
Bishop T Drv R.F.A.
Britton A Drv R.H.A.
Beevers H Gunr R.C.A.
Beevers F Gunr R.C.A.
Bird E Gunr R.C.A.
Buxton W Gunr R.F.A.
Bristow C Gunr R.H.A.
Butterfield H LcCpl RlFs
Britton W Pte R.A.F.
Bates W Pte Y.L.
Barnes S Pte Ln Rct
Burden C Pte Wes Rd
Barnes F Pte D.F.Y.
Beevers R Pte KOYLI
Barnes E Pte Y.L.
Bullivant G H Y.L.
Byron T Pte Wes Yk
Cattell S B Lt M.G.C.
Cooper J H Sgt R.A.M.C.
Cole I Sap R.E.
Charlesworth E Drv R.G.A.
Clayton T Pte Cld Gds
Crossley G Pte Y.L.
Coulstone H Pte Y.L.
Crownshaw G Pte Y.L.
Dobson A Sap R.E.
Dyer L Gun R.G.A.
Dyer R Pte R.A.M.C.
Colman A E Lt Dk Wl
Davies L H Pte R.A.S.E.
Dawson G W Pte R.A.S.C
Dennett B C Pte Wes Yk
Dyson A Pte M.C.C.
Dyson W H Pte Y.L.
Dyer J W Pte Y.L.
Doughty O Pte Y.L.
Everatt W E Pte Y.L.
Evans S Pte Y.L.
Edge J Pte Y.L.
Ellis F Pte Y.L.
EllisT Pte KOYLI
Flynn J Pte Wes Yk
Green F A R.N.
Guest L Gun R.G.A.
Gascoyne S Pte Y.L.
Gascoyne S Pte Y.L.
Gawthorpe H Abs R.N.
Haigh J LcCpl W.R.R.
Handley H Cpl K.R.R.
Hambley H E Cpl A.T.C.
Hoyle A Cpl R.F.A.
Hudson R Drv R.H.A.
Handley F Rfm K.R.R.
Hartley E Abs R.N.
Hellard J T Sap R.E.
Hartley H Pte 5 Cav
Haigh J Pte KOYLI
Haigh J Pte Y.L.
Hawksworth L Pte B.E.Y.K.
Hartley N Pte Gr Gds
Hall W Pte Y.L.
Hinchcliffe H Pte Y.L.
Hill W LyN.Ln
Hazzard J R Cpl W.Y.
Parkin W Pt M.G.C.
Townend L Drv R.F.A.
Ivill J Pte WLH Rg
Ibberson S Pte Y.L.
Jones F Col Sgt Y.L.
Johnson S Cpl KOYLI
Kaye J Cpl Y.L.
Keen W Pte KOSB
Logan S Cpt Y.L>
Lant A R J Lt R.E.
Low H LcCpl DuL.I.
Lilley W Bdr R.F.A.
Longley S
Moss C.L. ACM R.A.F.
Massingham G Cpl KOSB
Massingham F Pte RAMC
Mastin H Pte RAMC
Mastin A Bdr R.F.A.
McAll J Sap R.E.
Noble L Abs R.N.
Ogden A Drv R.F.A.
Oldfield W Pte Y.L.
Patterson F W Pte W.R.R.
Platt H Pte R.G.A.
Pashley T Gun R.G.A.
Pepper F Gun R.H.A.
Parkin W Drv RASC
Peirson E Btm R.A.F.
Padgett J Abc R.N.
Pearce A Pte A.S.C.
Rowe W H Gun R.F.A.
Russell F Gun R.G.A.
Rich E W Drv Y.L.
Rich G A Sap R.E.
Spencer C LcCpl R.F.A.
Smith A E LcCpl R.E.
Saville J E Cpl RASC
Sykes N Cpl Y.L.
Thompson W LdSR.N.
Stuart I M.G.C.
Spencer W Gun R.G.A.
Shaw G A Pion R.E.
Sagar C Drv R.E.
Sykes N Pte KOYLI
Sidaway J Pte RAMC
Smith J Pte A.I.F.
Shist W Pte I.W.Co.
Scrivener E Pte Wes Y.
Small F Pte KOSB
Spencer S Pte NhF.
Senior T W Pte Yk Rgt
Tustun I Cpl Wilks.
Tapp A R Sap A.I.Co.
Thompson F Sap R.E.
Tabener W H Gu R.G.A.
Thornsby A T Pte RASC
Thompson A Pte Y.L.
Townend T Pte Y.L.
Thewlis W Pte Y.L.
Tate J
Utley C H Cpl KOYLI
Utley O Pte WesY.
Webb T Sgt Y.L.
Wilson A A LcCpl LpS
West G G Cp Y.L.
Wylde R Cp Y.L.
West W G Pte Y.L.
Wollen J E Pte RASC
Wright W Pte Y.L.
Wilson H Drv R.F.A.
Whittaker A Drv R.H.A.
Wroe H V Bomd R.G.A.
Wood H Sap R.E.
Wydell J W Sig R.E.
Wigglesworth G
Wilkinson I
Dyson R CoSgtMg.Y.L.


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