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Barnsley Cemetery Frank Armitage

Armitage Family Gravestone, Barnsley Cemetery
Photo taken 21 August 2020

Foot of the above Gravestone
Photo taken 21 August 2020


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Photographs above by Wayne Bywater (with our grateful thanks)

Frank Armitage is NOT buried in Barnsley Cemetery, but he is remembered by an inscription on the gravestone of his parents and other family members. His widow is remembered on the base of the gravestone. The stone has broken from its base and was partially buried (you can see the line indicating the burial level just under Joseph & Ellen's names). 

Family members supplied the photo on the right which we believe dates to shortly after Marion's death, so we knew there was an inscription to Frank. 

The stone was uncovered, recorded and returned to the position in which it was found. 

Grave Location and Inscription:
Section M  Grave No. 1114

Loving Memory
The beloved daughter of
Joseph & Ellen Armitage,
Who died December 16th 1904
Aged 8 years
Also Frank, son of the above
& husband of Marian Armitage
Who Fell in Action Sept 28th 1916,
Aged 28 years.
Also the above named,
Joseph Armitage,
Who died Nov. 15th 1931,
Aged 77 years.
Also the above named,
Ellen Armitage,
Who died January 21st 1933,
Aged 66 years.
_ _ Remember But Hard To Fo _ _
Also the above named
Marion Armitage
Who died June 25th 1967, aged 78 years

Frank is not remembered on any other war memorial in Barnsley that we are aware of so this inscription is a very special tribute to his memory.

Frank was buried in Connaught Cemetery, near Thiepval and commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.  

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(This post was written in 2013 and since then his gravestone has been discovered and recorded.)

B&DWM #BAR07/157

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