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Woolley War Memorial, High St/Church St, Woolley

Pretty picture of Woolley War Memorial (photo by PS)

War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Lives of the First World War Community

Wakefield FHS listing
Contains biographical details of most of the men listed below

Transcribed and photographed by Pete Schofield

Men listed on this memorial may well be included in the Barnsley WW1 Roll of Honour, it depends if they were born in the current Barnsley MBC area or if they lived within the area at the time they enlisted.  It's complicated! 
Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.


1914 - 1918

R J Banks,
J Empsall,
R Harman,

C Longfield,
J M Nussey,
G Robinson,
C W Stennett,  (Charles W Stennett)
H Sutton,  (Herbert Sutton)

1939 - 1945

A Brown
N Coatesworth

Woolley Colliery and Brick Row
1914 - 1918

W Chalkley,  (Wilfred Chalkley)
B Croft,
J Joyner,
F W Loft,
A Mitchell,
W Mitchell,  (Wilson Mitchell)
W Wiles,
J Melson (aka John Melson Giggal)

1939 - 1945

H Bellin,
F W Lightowler,
J Margison,
H Osborne,
S Ward,
G Margison.


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