Friday 16 May 2014

Barnsley, Redfearn Bros Ltd Roll of Honour

Jemma Conway from Experience Barnsley with the Redfearn's WW1 Roll of Honour
(photo from Barnsley Council)
Close up of Name panels, click to enlarge


War Memorials Register listing

War Memorials Online listing

Transcribed and photographed by Peter West

Note that the red ink is very faded, we have provided a close up version of the names so you can make your own suggestions about the correct initials if you think we have got it wrong.  The E's and F's are particularly difficult to make out.  Contact us here.

This Roll of Honour was found during an office clear out.  There are 84 names on this section out of a total of 204.  The names of the Fallen are included on the list, but not indicated in any way that we can make out.  There are hopes the other half may also have survived.  
This Roll of Honour was recently donated to Experience Barnsley who are actively seeking the other half.

The Redfearn Brothers' Glassworks Memorial Tablet which names the Fallen men separately can be seen here.
Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

(A) = Aldham Works
* = Fallen

Musgrave, H,
Musgrave, R,
Morris, W,
Morris, J,
Mann, S, (A)
Mills, F,
Mallinder, ,
Newsome, W, (*Walter Newsome)
Nunn, , (A)
Noble, F, (A)
Oates, P,
Pilkington, J, (*James Pilkington)
Platts, F,
Potts, T,
Pinkney, R. J.,
Proctor, T, (A)
Pyne, E,
Pemberton, E,
Rushforth, C,
Ramsden, L,
Ramskill, E,
Richardson, J,

Rushforth, J,
Rushforth, F,
Roe, B,
Robinson, ,
Speight, M, (Matthias Speight)
Squires, J F,
Swaine, F, (*Fred Swaine)
Short, T,
Spencer, M,
Stimson, W,
Swift, F,
Stott, W,
Swann, F,
Smithson,  (A)
Sykes, H,
Smith, C,
Shaw, H,
Speight, C, (*Charles William Henry Speight)
Treece, Y,
Taylor, J W,
Taylor, J W,
Taylor, B,
Tate, T, (A)
Timlin, J, (A)
Thwaites, W, (A)
Vowles, J, (*John Thomas Vowles)
Walker, J W,
White, G, (*George White)
White, H, (*Harry White)
Wormald, W,
Walshaw, P,
Williams, J,
Williamson, W,
White, A, (*Arthur Percy White)
Waterworth, T,
Whitnum, C,
Walker, W,
Wray, A, (*Arthur Wray)
Walker, F, (*Fred Walker)
Wormald, E,
Wood, T,
Wright, F,
Wright, W,
Williams, W,
Wetherall, J,
Wilde, A, (A) (*Albert Edward Wilde)
White, H, (Harold White)
Wilson, H, (A)
Cavill, M,
Cherryholme, W,
Field, J,
Goodliffe, H,
Gregg, J,
Pemberton, L,
Powers, J,
Stanley, H,
Wainwright, P,


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