Sunday 25 May 2014

War Memorials - S

Silkstone All Saints WW1 (originally in Stainborough St James)
Silkstone All Saints WW2 (originally in Stainborough St James)
Silkstone All Saints, British Legion Memorial Plaque WW1 & WW2 
Silkstone War Memorial, Martins Croft, Silkstone
Silkstone, Silverwood Scout Camp, Sandbag Memorial

Silkstone Churchyard
Silkstone Churchyard Edward & Arthur Batley
Silkstone Churchyard Joseph & George Bower
Silkstone Churchyard Frank Sturdy
Silkstone Churchyard George Brook
Silkstone Churchyard Richard Funnell
Silkstone Churchyard David Williams
Silkstone Churchyard Frank Basford 
Silkstone Churchyard George Bostwick (gravestone lost, but inscription recorded)

Smithies Working Men's Club Roll of Honour Scroll


Stainborough, Wentworth Castle, nr Barnsley

Staincross Churchyard
Staincross Churchyard Reginald Harper
Staincross Churchyard Ben Naylor
Staincross Churchyard Alec Street
Staincross Churchyard George Ledger
Staincross Churchyard Lionel Longbottom
Staincross Churchyard Norman Flower
Staincross Churchyard Richard Wilby
Staincross Churchyard, Yorkshire Regiment Association Bench

Stairfoot, Wesleyan Reform Church, WW1 Roll of Honour, Hunningley Lane  
Stairfoot, Wesleyan Reform Church, Memorial Window, Soldiers & Sailors
Stairfoot, Wesleyan Reform Church, WW2 Memorial plaque, Hunningley Lane 


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