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Barnsley, Pitt Street Wesleyan, Roll of Honour

Pitt Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Roll of Honour
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)


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This Roll of Honour and further information about the Pitt Street Methodist Church can be found in Barnsley Archives
This document lists 15 men who were killed and 122 men who also served in the war, it is dated 6th January 1918, so it is almost certain that it was not a complete list.  There may have been other versions - was it published in a church magazine?

Transcribed by BarnsleyHistorian

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

‘Those who have made the supreme sacrifice’
Henry Hurst Anderson,
Cyril Bayford,
J Bramley,
T Bramley,
F Ellison,
H Flockton,
Cyril Goodyer,
Hbt Kay,
B T Moody (Benjamin Thomas Moody),
Robt Prosser,
Harry Raley,
Hugh Raley,
A Rose,
M Thomas,
H Willott,

[Served in the War]

L Addey,
F Allcock,
Fk Ambler,
F Atkinson,
H Atkinson,
R D Barker,
W Beeson,
L Beevers,
T W Beevers,
Fk Blackshaw,
Wilfd G Bradley,
F Bramley,
H B Bray,
John A Carr,
Ha S Cawthorne,
Fk Chappell,
H Clare,
R Clare,
A Cooper,
E Cooper,
H C Cooper,
W Cooper,
Cyril Cotton,
Clifford Daft,
Geo Dalby,
H Dalby,
H Egarr,
G Ellison,
H Ellison,
H C Ellison,
S Ellison,
W H Firth,
Bryce Fisher,
E France,
J H Freeman,
Wm Gill,
Wilmer Greaves,
L Grimstead,
Wm Gullick,
A P Haigh,
Ed Haigh,
Walter Haigh,
W E Haigh,
H Harris,
W Harrison,
Willie Harrison,
E Hepworth,
P Hindson,
F Hopton,
J Hopton,
T Hopton,
J Hough,
A W Jackson,
Arth Jagger,
D H Jagger,
H Jessop,
J E Kenyon,
J Kenneth Lee,
C Leaf,
S R Mackley,
Wm Marr,
H Masters,
N Masters,
H Merryweather,
H Milthorpe, (Herbert Milthorpe)
F Mindham,
Ellis Moore,
F Moore,
A G Moxon,
C F Moxon,
W Moxon,
A Neale,
M Neale,
E Norcliffe,
P Rayner,
B C Rigby,
W Riley,
A Rogerson,
A E Roginson,
S Roginson,
L Rotherham,
C Scase,
H Seeley,
E J Sharpley,
G Sharrock,
H Shepherd,
W Sherratt,
Fk Smith,
H Smith,
J W Smith,
P Smith,
C Spencer,
W Spencer,
L Sugden,
H S Swain,
S W Taylor,
Y Taylor,
H Tomlin,
S Tomlinson,
J W Townsend,
B Trimnell,
G Trimnell,
C H Turner,
Gordon Turner,
W T Turner,
T Twivey,
H Waites,
F Wakeling,
J Walton,
Ernest Watling,
E Watling,
R Warwick,
W Warwick,
A Wheeldon,
T Wheeldon,
G Wheelhouse,
G Whittle,
C Williamson,
M Williamson,
E S Willott,
F Willott,
G H Wilson.


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