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Unidentified Men on Barnsley War Memorials

"A Soldier of the Great War - Known unto God"
Many of the Barnsley War Memorials have been the subject of detailed research over the years - Hoyland, Penistone, Grimethorpe to name just a few - you can find a list of the ones we know have been researched or which are being actively researched on our Research in Progress tab.

But despite all the efforts of these dedicated researchers sometimes it seems impossible to identify some of the names inscribed upon the memorials.  This is particularly the case where a memorial only lists a surname and initials for a man or where the surname is fairly common, Wood, Johnson, or Bennett for example.

Of course many men are buried in unnamed graves abroad - see photo on right - but these are named men in our area, it seems such a shame that we can't identify them! 

The most recent list (February 2017) can be found here.

Can you Help us track them down?  Does the name and location ring a bell for you?


List of Unidentified Men as of December 2015
First World War

Ardsley - Christchurch  (ARD01)
F Johnson
H B Norton
G A Parkinson
E Tait
G Thorpe

St Mary's Church Barnsley, Combined Memorial (BAR24)
Private W Bedford KOYLI
Private J Birkes West Yorkshire Regt

Barnsley - St John's, Barebones (BAR32)
Earnest Beecroft - two men by this name found, but neither died in the war
James Barman - a family of this name lived in the area, but their James didn't die until 1962 - possibly James Brannan, reported missing in 1915
Walter Ogden - could be from Leeds, there is a Barnsley man but he dies after the war

Barnsley - St Peter's, Doncaster Road (BAR33)
D Craig
D Fenton
C H Herbert
E Pratt
W Rood
F Thompson
A W Tindall  

Barnsley - Co-operative (BAR05 & BAR06)
A Hall
R Richardson  

Barnsley - Pitt Street Wesleyan (BAR44)
? Anderson
F Ellison
H Flockton

Barnsley - Buckley Street & Ebenezer Chapel (BAR08 & BAR54)
John Clare
Charles Dobson 
John Harrison

Barnsley - Regent Street Congregational (BAR59) 
Ernest Jones
Alexander McLeish
John R Stocks  

Bolton upon Dearne - Board School (BLT01)
D Conville
George Scholey Senior - also on BLT04
Arthur Charles Unwin - also on BLT04

Bolton upon Dearne - Dearne Townships (BLT04)  
also on Goldthorpe -  St John & St Mary (GLT01) 
Bombardier  Abraham Askew
J W Bailey
Private J  Barber - also on GLT01
Private  Arthur Chapman
Private G Chapman - also on GLT01

G  Chippendale
Private  H  Clarke
Private  C  Collier
 - also on GLT01
Sapper J  Corbutt - also on GLT01
Private W  Day
Private  T W Denton - also on GLT01

J  Elliott - also on GLT01
Lance Corporal R Evans - also on GLT01

C Haines - also on GLT01
J  Hall - also on GLT01
Gunner  James  Harding

H  Haston
Private J T  Haynes/Hayes - also on GLT01

H  Hodgeson
Private  E  Lidster

T  May
W  Mitchell - also on GLT01 & Thurscoe
S  Morris
G  Parkes
J W  Parkin
George Scholey Senior - also on BLT01
Private  F Smith
Private  L Stott - also on GLT01
Arthur Charles Unwin - also on BLT02

Private  H  Unwin
C    Watson
Private  E Wright 

Carlton - St John's Church, Church Street (CRL01)
Harold Browne - a Harold Brown (no e) from the centre of Barnsley was killed in 1918
Frank Greenwood - could be the man on the Worsbrough, St Thomas' memorial, died 1915
George Hewitt - we know of two George Hewitts in Barnsley, one was Sir Joseph Hewitt's son George Alfred Guest Hewitt and one was a miner who lived in the centre of Barnsley
Francis Lindsay
Jack Murray - we have several other unidentified Murray men
Jack Roberts - could be John Roberts killed 1916, from Worsbrough Bridge
Frank Russell
George Williams - at least three George Williams have been identified across Barnsley
Walter Wood

Cawthorne - Taylor Hill (CWN01)
A Clarke
J A Shaw
A C Cole

Cudworth - St John's (CDW04) or Cudworth Village Club (CDW05)
also on Cudworth - West End Club (CDW06)
J Boulter
J Bowering
J Brookes
J Cotton
C Ellis
W Emery
G Henton
A Horton
G Hough
J Mannion
J Richardson
J Vickers
William Ward
H Williams
T Williams    

Darfield - All Saints (DRF05)
also on Darfield Conservative (DRF07), Darfield Cenotaph (DRF08), Darfield Middlewood (DRF10)
Pte T Brewer
R C Casson - also on DRF10
A Chapman - also on DRF08 & DRF10
John Coulthard - also on DRF07, DRF08 & DRF10
Lance Corporal Arthur Dibbs - also on DRF07, DRF08 & DRF10
Corporal Leonard Fisher - also on DRF08
W Fisher - also on DRF08 & DRF10
Corporal J T Fowler - also on DRF10
H Hawson
W Littlewood - also on DRF08
G Morris - also on DRF08

Darfield Cenotaph (DRF08)
S Brown
A Chapman - also on DRF05 & DRF10
Corporal Leonard Fisher - also on DRF05
W Fisher - also on DRF05 & DRF10
W Littlewood - also on DRF05 
W Mellor
G Morris - also on DRF05
A Naylor

Darfield Middlewood Shrine (DRF10)
R C Casson - also on DRF05
TW Conway
Corporal J T Fowler - also on DRF05
W Hurst
CM Ketner 
Darfield Main Colliery (DRF18) 
J France
W Harrison
H Hill 

Darton - Working Men's Club (DTN02)
George Gibson 
John James Robins

Elsecar - Holy Trinity   (ELS03)
H Read
E Turner

Goldthorpe -  St John & St Mary (GLT01)
also on Bolton upon Dearne - Dearne Townships (BLT 04)
Pte J Barber - also on BLT04
H Blanchford
E Brammah
Pte G Chapman - also on BLT04
Pte C Collier - also on BLT04
R W Cooper
Sapper J Corbutt - also on BLT04
Pte T W Denton  - also on BLT04
W Dolan
J Elliott - also on BLT04
Lance Corporal R Evans - also on BLT04
S Froggatt
C Haines - also on BLT04
Pte J T Haynes or Hayes - BLT04 
E Lidgett
S May
Pte Marshall - also on Wombwell Nu Well (WMB10)
W Mitchell - also on BLT04 & Thurnscoe
J Morris
Pte L Stott - also on BLT04

Great Houghton - St Michael's (GTH01), Wesleyan Chapel (GTH02), Miners Welfare (GTH05) 
J Norris
Samuel Sayers 

Grimethorpe - St Luke's  (GRM01)
J Burton - East Lancashire Regiment

Hoyland - War Memorial, Kirk Balk (HYL04)
T Benson
T Kennedy
R Lovatt
H Pye
- This man is also noted unidentified on Hoyland St Peter’s
E Sharpe
H Read - This man is also noted unidentified on Elsecar Holy Trinity
F Sharpe - This man is also noted unidentified on Hoyland St Peter’s
E Turner - This man is also noted unidentified on Elsecar Holy Trinity

Hoyland - St Peter's Memorial Panels (HYL03)
Harold Pye
Fred Sharpe

Hoyle Mill - Bethel Chapel & Scholars Memorials (HYM01 & HYM02)
Frank Benson
Arthur Bennett

Jump & Hemingfield Cemetery (JMP03) & Jump Working Men's Club (JMP05)
Willie Bell - also on Wombwell
J Bower - also on Wombwell
A Carr
C Evans
S Haigh - also on Wombwell
L Helliwell
C Robinson  

Mapplewell & Staincross (MAP01)
Herbert Bailey
Joshua Clegg
Thomas Evans
Harold Foster
Frank Hinchliffe
William Henry Johnson
William Taylor - also on Barugh Mission Church

Royston - St John's (ROY01) 
W Jones
J A Page
G Parnell
George Henry Turner
H White
C Woodcock  

Thurgoland - Smithy Hill (THG01) 
H Cole
Percy Giles
G Williams

Thurnscoe - St Helen's (THN01)
W Mitchell - also on Bolton upon Dearne & Goldthorpe
J Wilkes

Wortley - St Leonard's Lych Gate (WOR01)
Henry Ford - now identified (May 2017)
George King - two possibilities, both in the York and Lancaster Regt

Worsbro' Common - St Luke's Highstone Road (WSB01)
J Brannon - listed as killed in 1918, but we can only find a man killed in 1915
A Wood - name too common to pin down, could be one of several men

Second World War

Grimethorpe - St Luke's
E Allen
C J Lowe
L Shaw
R Thornton 

Hoyland - War Memorial, Kirk Balk
Thomas Walker - possibly KOYLI or Royal Navy 

Last updated 5 December 2015

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