Tuesday 4 February 2014

Goldthorpe War Memorial, St John and St Mary Magdalene, Lockwood Road

The impressive memorial to both wars in the church at Goldthorpe
(photo taken 27 May 2014 by FP)
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War Memorials Archive listing

War Memorials Online listing

Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Also researched and transcribed by
Mexborough and District Heritage Society

Photographed by Fay P

With grateful thanks to the vicar and the other gentlemen who showed Fay around and who were very helpful and interested in our project.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.


Allen W, (William Allen)
Andrews J.S.,
Appleyard J.S,
Barber J,
Beardsley J,
Blackburn G.H,
Blanchard H,
Blunt L,
Brammah E,
Brooke T.R,
Bullock R,
Cartwright G,
Cave H,
Chapman A,
Chapman G,
Childs R,
Clarke F,
Collier C,
Collier J,
Collier J.T.,
Cooper F,
Cooper R.W,
Corbutt J,
Cotterall J H,
Coulson J.E,
Crawshaw L,
Griddle A,
Cutts J,
Dennis J.E.,
Denton T,
Dodd G,
Dolan W,
Duffield A,
Eagles G,
Earnshaw J.W,
Elliott J,
Else S,
Epton F,
Eton J,
Evans R,
Feast P.F,  (Percy Frank Feast)
Finney F,
Froggatt S,
Fudge J,
Glasswell H,
Gower T,
Grainger J,
Groves H,
Guest G.H,
Haines C,
Hall J,
Hardinge W,
Harris S,
Holliday F,
Hutchinson A,
Ince F,
Ingham E,
Jackson F,
Jefferies A,
Jeffrey W.T ,
Keeton J ,
Kyte J,
Lewis C.I,
Lidgett E,
Lloyd T,
Marshall C,
Marshall T.B,
May S,
Mcloughlin M,
Mitchell W.E,
Morris J,
Mountford G,
Naylor G,
Oliver H,
Parker T.W,
Parkes F,
Parkes J,
Patrick J,
Perry J,
Petch W,
Pounder J,
Probert A.E
Probert W,
Reynolds E,
Revill W,
Riley O,
Robinson H,
Smallcross W,
Smith H,
Stones G.H,
Stonehouse T,  (Thomas Stonehouse)
Stott L,
Swift J,
Turner H,
Wassell E.A,
Watts A.H.S.,
Whitney G.W,
Willetts T,
Waldron E,
Yates G.A
Hayes J,
Law M.A,
Unthank W


Armitage J.E,
Bailey A,
Bailey W,
Bellamy C.H.,
Bills C.L.,
Bowater J,
Bunting S,
Butler S,
Clarke D,
Claterworth J,
Cooper W,
Crossland E,
Cruise T,
Cullingworth S,
Dennis A,
Ellis G.H,
Fisher J,
Foster G,
Glaswell E,
Gratton J,
Griffiths D,
Grundy S,
Hallows G,
Hamilton D,
Handley A,
Chivers F,
Dunn A,
Sharman J,
Hayes J,
Hollingworth J,
Hayes F,
Hyde W,
Jackson L,
Jones A,
Kerry A,
Lenton G,
Longden G,
Margesson G,
Patrick W,
Pendlebury E,
Phillips J,
Roebuck R,
Rook G,
Sales L,
Sharman E,
Shaw B,
Shepherd W,
Swindells L.W.,
Tarmey A,
Wall G.E,
Warner H,
Webster H,
Whitfield J.J,




Lynn said...

Hello, I believe that the J Corbutt listed on the memorial may be my great grandfather Isaac Corbett who went by his father's name John. He was a miner who signed up in Thurnscoe, gave his residence as Highgate and died on 4th Jan 1916. He joined the 174th tunnelling co royal engineers. Info from cwg. I am wondering how to confirm my research?
Lynn White

Fay Polson said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for getting in touch. Your comment has been forwarded to the Thurnscoe History group. They should be able to help you with your research. Hopefully someone should get back to you soon. Fay

Lynn said...

Thank you very much for your help.

Fay Polson said...

Hi Lynn, a gentleman from the Thurnscoe history group has emailed me some documents for you. If you could email me at faypolson@gmail.com I will forward them on to you.

Lynn said...

Thanks very much, I will do that.

Paul Cutts said...

J Cutts whom served with the yorks & Lancaster Reg is my great grandfather now buried at Hooge crater cemetery, Belgiun he left 3 children, George Cutts who married Emma, Eric Cutts who married Kath and Madge Cutts, George the eldest was my grandfather and lived at 17 cooperation street Goldthorpe until his passing around 1974
J Cutts widow (my great grandmother) lived on victoria street and I beleive re-married Joseph (Joe) Garrhty who also served in WW1 with yorks & Lancaster Reg,
I'm currently trying to build up the family tree any info please mail me on gas.safe.engineer@gmail.com