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Darton Working Men's Club, Roll of Honour

Wells Street Working Men's Club in Darton (1918 map from Old Maps)

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Newspaper research by BarnsleyHistorian.

Two mentions of this memorial have now been found - in the Barnsley Chronicle on 11 August 1923, see cutting below, and in a history of All Saints Church, in Darton, by James Dearnley, which can be found in Barnsley Archives.

Edit: March 2019
The Darton Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour has been found stored in the Darton Liberal Club, which is indicated on the map above just below the church. 

It is very impressive, about 4' wide x 5' high in a heavy frame (for scale note the supporting hand at the top right). The Fallen men are listed in the scroll below the central panel.

The Club are hoping to be able to display it in one of their main rooms in the near future.

Photo by Pete Schofield, taken on 1 March 2019

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This list of names is taken from the newspaper cutting shown here.
Barnsley Chronicle 11 August 1923
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

The Fallen

Richard Allott,
Andrew Bennett,
Wilfred Chalkley,
Ernest Dearnley,
Charles Denton,
Cyril Burton Dixon,
George William Ellis,
Gordon Gray,
George Gibson,
Ernest Jones,
John Ernest Percy Joyner,
John Marchbank,
Aquila Mitchell,
Herbert Mottram,
Victor Oddy,
Thomas Henry Peace,
Samuel Proctor,
Timothy Firth Simpson,
Walter Wild.

Others Who Served

James William Allen,
John Edward Allen,
Thomas Banister,
Bruce Birchall,
Turner Ball,
George Barker,
Arthur Beaumont,
Johnson Beaumont,
Stanley Bedford,
Walter Bolland,
Edwin Wraithmell Booth,
Frank Brackin,
Wallace Brackin,
Wifred Briggs,
Ernest Briggs,
Fred Broadhead,
Thomas Brook,
Herbert Brook,
Derwent Brook,
Walter Brook,
Arthur Chalkley,
George Edward Chalkley,
John Cockin,
Albert Conway,
James William Davies,
John Henry Denton,
Arthur Denton,
Harold Dixon,
Harry Dixon,
James Edward Dodgson,
Edward Dunstan,
Albert Earnshaw,
John Henry Earnshaw,
Charles Earnest Ellis,
Arnott Empsall,
Charles Firth,
Alfred Fleetwood,
John Henry Fletcher,
James Fretwell,
James Frost,
Friend Garforth,
Harry Garforth,
William Garforth,
Willie Hobson,
John Heywood,
Robert Hogg,
Charles Hobson,
Joseph Hobson,
Sydney Hobson,
William H Hobson,
Albert Howarth,
Thomas Houghton,
Fred Hudson,
John Jennings,
Hubert Havelock Joyner,
James Lockwood,
William Henry Lockwood,
Claude Rupert Loft,
Reginald Beresford Loft,
Alfred Melsom,
Alwyn Mitchell,
John Henry Parkin,
James Henry Pashely,
Ivor Pickersgill,
Harry Pears,
George Arthur Ramsden,
Joseph Ramsden,
Clifford Raynor,
Frank Rhodes,
Arthur Schofield,
Joseph Schofield,
Harry Sidebottom,
George Simmons,
Frank Stocks,
John Shaw,
Charles Teale,
George Thompson,
Joseph Lake Toulman,
Earl Turner,
Ernest Turner,
George Turner,
Harry Vernon Turner,
Hubert Turner,
Fred Tyas,
Samuel Walker,
Arthur Waring,
Arthur Wilson,
John Wiper,
Arthur Wood,
James Wood,
Charles Wraithmell.


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