Wednesday 19 February 2014

Darfield, All Saints Church, WW1 Memorial tablet

WW1 Memorial Tablet in All Saints Church, Darfield (photo taken 10 March 2014)

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Newspaper research and photograph by BarnsleyHistorian

"The tablet is of marble bearing in the centre a very remarkable example of mosaic work in the figure of St George." Barnsley Chronicle 6 August 1921

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Barnsley Chronicle 6 August 1921
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)
2nd Lieut C M C Sorby,
2nd Lieut E F H Taylor,
Corporal E F Carr,
Corporal I Fisher,
Corporal J T Fowler,
Lce Cpl P Bly,
Lce Cpl A Dibbs,
Lce Cpl W Manning,
Lce Cpl T Murphy,
Lce Cpl T Parrington,
Lce Cpl W Taylor,
Bdr J Brewster,
Pte L Ashurst,
Pte J Ashwood,
Pte R Bowen, (William Reginald Bowen)
Pte H Burton,
Pte G Brooke,
Pte J Beardsley,
Pte S Bedford,
Pte A S Bladen,
Pte W Boothman,
Pte S Boyce,
Pte T Brewer,
Pte T S Capewell,
Pte A Carr,
Pte A Chapman,
Pte W Conway,
Pte G T Cottam,
Pte J Coaltard,
Pte R C Casson,
Pte J W Dobney,
Pte G H Davis,
Pte A Dobbins,
Pte R Fisher,
Pte J Ford,
Pte C Francis,
Pte G Fisher,
Pte W Fisher,
Pte W Foster,
Pte O Goldthorpe,
Pte G Heckingbottom,
Pte H Howson,
Pte W Harwood,
Pte G Hoburn,
Pte J E Holdsworth,
Pte H Holmes,
Pte C F Harworth,
Pte A G Howe,
Pte R C Hutchinson, (Robert Clegg Hutchinson)
Pte S Hind,
Pte W Jobling, (Walter Jobling)
Pte J Jones,
Pte R Johnson,
Pte G H Knighton,
Pte C Leatham,
Pte W Littlewood,
Pte H Lazenby,
Pte J W Leaming,
Pte M Mellor,
Pte A Morton,
Pte F Machin,
Pte A Marsh,
Pte J E Marshall,
Pte C Morris,
Pte F Moss,
Pte W H Moss,
Pte F Mullins,
Pte A Marrow,
Pte Mc Mannus,
Pte A Naylor,
Pte E Needham, (Ernest Needham)
Pte F Nicholson,
Pte S Ogley,
Pte E Poxon, (Emmanuel Poxton - note spelling error)
Pte T Pearce,
Pte J Prendergast,
Pte F Roper,
Pte T Randerson,
Pte H Richardson,
Pte F Shaw,  (Frank Shaw)
Pte T Shepherd,
Pte F Shepherd,
Pte W Sykes,
Pte J Shannon,
Pte H Siddall,
Pte H Venables,
Pte S Walker,
Pte W H Watson,
Pte J Wardell,
Pte J Westwood,
Pte E Wilmott,
Pte G Wilmott,
Pte G H Woodyatt, (George Hukin Woodyatt)
Pte N F Wright,
Pte J Wigley.



Wayne Ogden said...

There appears to be a typo on this page. E C Hutchinson should read R C Hutchinson as shown on the memorial tablet and the newspaper extract. Thanks for all your work. My great grandfather was Robert Clegg Hutchinson. Hence my interest.
Thank you
Wayne Ogden

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Hi Wayne,
I am happy to correct this for you. It does often need a fresh set of eyes to spot these things. My grateful thanks,

Anonymous said...

Pte A Marrow is Albert Marrow died 25 Oct 1918 France and Flanders
Husband of Harriet and father of Rose, Hilda and Albert

This is taken from a family tree. Albert was my 3rd cousin twice removed.

Kind regards