Friday 14 February 2014

Ardsley, Christ Church, Christ Church Parishioners - WW1 Plaque

WW1 Memorial Plaque in Ardsley Christ Church (photo taken 9 July 2014)

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Photograph, newspaper research and transcription by BarnsleyHistorian

This plaque accompanied a Memorial window described in the cutting below. 

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Barnsley Chronicle 26 March 1921 (thanks to Barnsley Archives)

W Austin,
W H Atkinson,
A Atkinson,
G Atkinson,
A D Bond,
F Bird, (Frank Bird)
T F Bellamy, (Thomas Francis Bellamy)
J A Beaumont,
S Buckley,
L Baylis,
A D Blacker,
Sergt Boulton,
H Ball,
G A Brightman,
W Beckett,
F Bentley,
W Beighton,
J Beighton,
T Bartholomew,
S Barker,
G W Binns,
J Binns,
A Blades, (Adam Blades)
H Bonson,
A H Burgin,
S Bullen,
J A Brookes,
F S Bent,
W Bates,
H Bradshaw,
G Buckley,
H Bates,
W Brown,
W Binns,
R Baylis,
C Bennet,
A H Batemon, (Albert Horace Bateman)
H Clarke,
A Cartwright,
T Crawford,
R Craven,  (Robert Craven)
J Cox,
G Conway,
E R Cooper,
T Collins,
W Crawley,
G W Dean,
T Davy,
J Docker, (John Docker)
E Dunn,
J R Ellis,
S Ellis,
G W Ellis,
P Foy,
R K Funnell, (Richard King Funnell)
G Galley,
H Gelder,  (Harry Gelder)
H Glover,  (Harry Glover)
F Glover,
B Gosling,
J Grainger,
J R Heptinstall,
A Hodgson,
J Hammond,
W Hughes,
E Hayes,
J E Holdsworth,
T W Holdsworth,
H O Howard,
G Hurd,
F J Hicks,
A Heathcote,  (Arthur Heathcote)
B Huxley,
W Harrison,
R Hill,
L Hingley,
A E Harston,
F Johnson,
W C Jackson,
S Jackson,
W Jackson,
J Lawton,
H Littlewood,
B Leach,
W Millard,
R H Myers, (Richard Henry Myers)
A Masters,
C A Nutting,
B Nind,
H B Norton,
H E Owen,
G Popplewell,
A Popplewell,
H Prestwood,
J I Parker,
R V Potts,
G A Parkinson,
H Pickering,
F Proctor, (Fred Proctor)
J Pearce,
E Phillips,
T Poskitt,
C Parkin,
D Raynor,
R W Ramshaw,
T Rees,
F N Reynolds,
S Rushforth,
E W Rush,
C M Sykes,
E Sykes,
R H Sanders,
C H Sargeant,
C H Stowe,
J W Smith,
H Sheard,
H Shaw, (Harry Shaw)
J Squire,
W Swift,
E Scholfield,
G Scarfe,
J Townend,
J E Townend,
M Thompson,
E Tait,
J E Thompson, (James Edward Thompson)
R Toone,
G Thorpe,
E Watson,
A Watson,
T C White,
G Wildin,  (George Wildin)
W Walker,
A Wines,
A Winwood,  (Albert Winwood)
Arthur Winwood,
J Whitehead,
H Wood,
W Whittlestone,
H Ward,
R White,

A Walton,
J Walton,
J Wake,
A E Wilde,
I Walters,
T Wall,
A Wilkinson, (Arthur Wilkinson)
C Walker,
W E Walker,
S Wilkinson.


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