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Bolton upon Dearne, Dearne Towns Memorial, Bolton upon Dearne Cemetery

Completed memorial in Bolton upon Dearne Cememtery (photo from PD)

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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Photographed by Peter Davies

This memorial was dedicated on 3rd August 2014 / to Commemorate the Centenary / of the Outbreak of the 1st World War 1914-1918 / It carries the names of people / of Bolton-upon-Dearne, Goldthorpe and Highgate / who lost their Lives in the 1st World War / and the 2nd World War 1939 - 1945 / It was provided by the efforts and subscriptions of  / individual members of the local community, / groups, schools and organisations. / It was designed by Brian Butterfield / and supplied and erected at cost by / C.T. Butterfield & Sons Memorial Masons.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

1914 - 1918

Addy A
Allen W
Andrews J S
Appleyard A
Ashwood J
Askew A
Atinkson E
Bailey F
Bailey J W
Banks C R
Barber J
Beardsley J
Beaumont F R
Bell J
Blackburn H G
Blanchard  H
Blenkinsop E J
Blenkinsop G L
Blenkinsop J D
Blunt L
Bower E
Braddock J W
Brammer J E
Briggs J W
Brooke T R
Bullock R
Bunnis J
Burland E
Cartwright G
Cave F H
Cave H
Chapman A
Chapman G
Chiles R
Chippendale G
Clark F
Clarke H
Clearey J
Collier C
Collier C W
Collier J T
Conville T
Cooke C
Cooke G
Cooper F
Cooper W R
Corbett J
Cottrell J H
Coulson J T
Crawshaw L
Criddle A
Cutts J
Davis J
Dawson F
Day W
Dennis J E
Denton T W
Dickinson N W
Dickinson S E
Dickinson S V
Dodd G
Dorran W
Duffield A
Dyson P
Eaglen G
Earnshaw J W
Eaton J A
Elliott J
Ellis R
Else S
Epton F
Evans R
Farrar R
Feast P F
Finney F
Foley J
Foster L
Fox J W
Froggatt G H
Fudge J
Garbutt V
Glasswell C H
Glover J
Gower T
Grainger J
Grey F
Groves H
Guest G H
Hadfield H
Haines C
Hall J
Harding J
Harding W
Harris H
Harris S
Harris T
Harrison E F
Haston H
Haksworth H C (M.M.)
Haynes J T
Heavey J W
Hodgeson H
Holland H
Holliday F
Horsfield T
Hurrell P
Hutchinson A
Ince F
Ingham E
Jacklin W E
Jackson F
Jackson W
Jeffrey W T
Jeffries A
Jenkinson G
Kay T
Keeton J
Kilner T
Kyte J
Law M A
Law W
Leverton W
Lewis C I
Lidster E
Lloyd T
Ludlam G
Lumley E
Lunness G
Lyon R
Markham H
Marshall C (M.M.)
Marshall C W
Marshall T H
May T
McLoughlin M
Mitchell W E
Monaghan J H
Monaghan P
Morris S
Mountford G
Naylor G
Nunn G W
Oliver H
Owen F
Parker T W
Parkes F
Parkes G
Parkin J H
Parkin J W
Patrick J
Perry J
Petch W
Platts T
Pocklington W
Pounder J
Probert A
Probert W
Quigley J W
Ramsden H
Reville W
Reynolds E
Riley O
Robinson H
Scholey A E (Miss)
Senior G E
Shallcross W H
Sharpe F
Shaw G A
Simpson G
Smith A H
Smith A V
Smith F
Smith H
Stamper E
Stewart J W
Stonehouse T
Stones G H
Stott L
Sugden W H
Swallow A C
Swallow J T
Swallow R
Swift J
Taylor J
Trickett H
Trickett W
Tripp E
Turner H
Unthank W
Unwin A C
Unwin C W
Unwin H
Waldron E
Walton C B
Wassell E A
Watson A
Watson C
Watts A H S
Westerman W T
Whipple A H
White E
Whitfield J
Whitney G W
Wilde T H
Wilkinson P
Willetts T
Williams T
Wilson A J
Wright E
Yates J

1939 - 1945

Appleton G R
Armitage J E
Bailey A
Bailey W H
Bean G
Bellamy C H
Bills C L
Bowater J
Bunting J
Butler S
Chapman T
Cheesmond N
Chivers F
Clarke D
Clarkson F H
Clatworthy J
Cooper W
Crossland E
Cruise T F
Cullinworth S
Day J G
Dennis A
Ellis G H
Fisher J
Fitzpatrick J
Foster G
Galloway J
Glasswell F W
Gratton J G
Griffiths D
Gundry S
Halloes G
Hamilton D V
Handley A (M.M.)
Harber S
Hart J T
Hateley T
Hayes F
Hayes J
Hollingworth J
Hollis T
Howard T J
Hunter G
Hyde W
Jackson L
Jones A
Kean E
Kerry A
Lavrack W H
Law E
Leeming R
Lenton G
Longden G
Margison G
Marwood G
Murcott H
Newsome J
Osgudthorpe A E
Outram E
Patrick W
Pendlebury E
Phillips J
Pocklington S
Rock G A
Rodgers E
Sales L
Sharman J
Shaw B
Smith F
Stamper P
Swindells L W
Walker J A
Wall G E
Warner H
Wathey C
Wathey H
Webster K
Westwood B
Whitfield J J
Wilkinson J


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