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Cudworth War Memorial, St John's Church, Cudworth

War Memorial at St John's Church, Cudworth

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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Research by MAC

Names were not inscribed on this memorial when it was unveiled. Further money had to be raised to enable that. See cutting below (Barnsley Chroncle 31 July 1920).

Researched by the Cudworth Local History and Heritage Group
A huge amount of information about all of the Cudworth men named on the memorial and information on the memorial refurbishment project can be found in the book Lest Cudworth Forgets available from the Group for £5.

16 addtional FWW names were added to the memorial on the new panels as a result of research carried out for the refurbishment and book in 2004.

Lives of the First World War Community

Barnsley Chroncle 31 July 1920
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

1914 - 1918

Pte E Allen,
Pte A Allott,
Pte H Andrews, (Henry Andrews)
Pte R H Arnold, (Richard Henry Arnold)
W A Austwick,
Pte T Ball,
Dvr W L Barker,
Pte F Barnes,
Pte T Bassett,
Pte A Blackburn, (Arnold Blackburn)
Pte H P Blackburn, (Hugh Blackburn)
L/Cpl F Bonds, (Frank Bonds)
Pte W Bonds, (William Bonds)
Pte A Bowen,
Pte G J Bowering,
J Bowring,
Pte G Broadhurst,
Sgt J W Bromley, (John William Bromley)
Pte A Brook, (Arthur Brook)
Pte J Brook,
J Brookes,
J Brown,
Pte J Buckley,
Pte P Burke,
Pte J Cale,
Pte A Chappell,
Pte H Clare, (Henry Clare)
Pte J B Clare, (Jabez Benjamin Clare)
Pte S Clare,
Pte R Clarkson,
Pte W Clay,
J Cooper,
Pte W Copley, (William Copley)
Stkr H W Darnell,
Cpl J Dent,  (James Dent)
Pte W Dobson,
L/Cpl F Doughty,
Pte A R Duckworth,
Pte J Eady,
Pte H Ebbage,
Pte G Eder,
Pte A Ellis,
Pte C Ellis,
Pte E Emery,
Pte E Evans,
L/Cpl C E Everett,
Pte T Farmary,
Pte A Fenn,
Spr G Fisher,
Cpl W Foulstone MM,
Pte E Fowler,
Pte G Frost,
Pte W Gelder,
Pte D Glover,
Pte A L Goddard, (Arthur Lister Goddard)
Pte L Goldthorpe MM,
Sgt J J Goley,
Cpl G Goose MM,
Pte B Goulding,
Pte O Goulding, (Orlando Goulding)
Pte W A Goulding,
Pte E Green,
L/Cpl F Green, (Fred Green)
Pte L Grieve, (Langford Grieve)
Pte S G Grundy,
Gnr A W Hall,
L/Cpl W H Handley,
Pte J Hann,
Gnr T Harlow,
Pte G Harper,
L/Cpl C H Hayes,
Pte G Heaton,
G Henton,
L/Cpl C E Hewitt, (Cyril Ernest Hewitt)
Pte G Hill,
Pte G S Holmes,
Pte V Holmes,
Pte A Horton,
Rflm E W Horton,
Pte L G Howard,
Pnr E K Howell,
Sgt D Hubbard,
J Hunter,
Spr F Hutchinson,
Cpl C E Hyman,
Pte A Jackson,
Pte H E Jackson,
Pte J Jackson,
J W James,
Cpl E Joburns,
Cpl W Joburns,
Pte J Johnson,
Gnr S Johnson,
Pte W Johnson,
Pte B J Joyner, (Bernard Jaques Joyner)
Pte L Kemp,
Pte I Kenchington,
Sgt G R King,
Pte W Kirk,
Pte T Kivall,
Pte R Layland,
Pte B Lister,
Pte G H Lister,
L/Cpl T D Loft,
Pte J Lowe,  (Joseph Lowe Y&L)
Pte W Lowe,  (Joseph Lowe KOYLI)
Pte P Maher,  (Patrick Maher)
Pte W T Marsden,
Pte J McGuigan,
Spr W McNab,
L/Cpl H McNeil,
Pte W Meggitt,
Pte J Merry,
Stkr R Millington,
Pte R A Morby,
Pte G A Morley, (George Alfred Morley)
Pte W Neville,
L/Cpl J Newberry,
Bman A H Nicholson,
Cpl A Ogley,
Pte J Peaker,
Pte W Peaker,
Pte H Pearson,
Pte H Porter, (Harold Porter)
L/Cpl W Poskitt, (Walter Poskitt)
Pte R H Powell,
Pte T W Powell,
Pte S Pritchard,
Pte J W Redgate,
Pte J A Reece,
Pte T Richards,
Sgt C J Richardson,
Pte W J Ricketts,
Cpl R Roberts,
Pte M Ruckledge,
Sgt C Sayers,
Pte J Shea,
Pte R Siddall,
L/Cpl J J Simpson,
Pte B Smith,
Sgt P Smith,
Cpl W Smith,
Pte F Snowden,
Pte G W Spence,
Pte W A Spence,
Pte G S Stainrod,
L/Cpl J A Stainrod,
2nd Lt H Straker,  (Herbert Straker)
Pte T Swann,
Pte T Swift,
Gnr H Taylor,
L/Sgt W Taylor,
Pte F Teal,
Cpl L Thomas,
L/Cpl J W Thompson,
Pte J Tipping,
Pte H J Tuckwell,
F Turton,
Pte W Waddington,
Gnr W Ward,
Pte C E Wassell,
Pte S J Wassell,
Pte C G Watson,
Pte R Wealthall, (Richard Ward Wealthall)
OS E West,
L/Bdr B Westmoreland,
Pte H White,
Pte J Wilde,
Bosun E Williams,
H Williams,
T Williams,
A B H Williamson,
Pte E Wilmott,
Pte H W Winter,
Sgt E Wright,
Pte E Wright, (Elijah Wright)
L/Cpl F D Wright,
Pte W H Wright, (William Henry Wright)
Gnr E Yarrow,

1939 - 1945

L/Cpl W Allsebrook,
E C Atter,
Sgt C Barraclough, (Cyril Barraclough)
Cpl I Baugh,
Cpl A Bradshaw,
Pte G A Bolton,
L/Sgt C W Bowen,
Sgt I J Calverley,
Pte C E Chamberlain,
Gnr A Colwood,
Gnr S Conway,
Gnr L Cooper,
L/Cpl R Cottam
A Crossland,
Spr L Day,
R Dickens,
L/Cpl C Dunhill,
Pte C Duckworth,
A E Edwards,
Gnr W Everett,
Spr W Eversedge, (Wilfred Eversedge)
OS K Fenton,
Bdr O Gaskell,
AB L Gillespie,
Sgt F Green,  (Frank Green)
Pte W H Grocott,
PO L Haskey,
Pte H Heath,
Cpl J Heaton,
Nurse Dorothy Hurst,
Sgt M G Hudston,
AC1 J E Hyde,

Gnr W Hyman,
L/Cpl H Jackson,
Gnr W Jaques,
Gnr E Kirk,
Tpr W Lake,
Pte E Leadbeater,
H Mellor, (Harry Mellor)
MS H Midgley,
AB R Midgley,
Cpl A Millward,
Dvr F Myatt,
Pte W E Naylor,
OS J P Noon,
Pte S Parkinson,
Gnr J W Peary,
Pte J Pipe,
Capt G Platt,
Gnr W E Pygott,
E Race,  (Ernest Race)
L/Cpr H Race, (Harold Race)
Pte J Randle,
Cpl J Richards,
Pte D Siddall,
Grd H Tillotson,
RflmJ H Wallace,
Gnr G E Whiteley, (George E Whiteley)
Bdr B Wrigglesworth,
Fl Sgt G A Wilby,
Sgt J M Wilby,
LS J H Wootton,
Pte F Wright

L/Bdr D P Cullen

L/Bdr H E James

Capt M O Driver  (Martin Driver)


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