Saturday 4 January 2014

Mapplewell and Staincross War Memorial, Blacker Road, Mapplewell

Mapplewell and Staincross War Memorial
Photographed 17 November 2013


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Barnsley Chronicle 15 October 1921
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)
Great War 1914-1918

Wilson Allott,
Ellis Ambler,
Reg J Banks,
Herbert Bailey,
James Barton,
John Beevers,
Asa Bretton,
Ernest Bray,
Ben Butler,
Joshua Clegg,
James Hy Clayton,
Percy Crowther,
John Wm Dawson,
Geo C Dalgouttee,
John Wm Denton,
John F Denton,
Ernest Dore,
James G Dyson,
W H Dyson,
Gad Eastwood,
Thomas Evers,
Geo Farnsworth,
Geo V Field,
Arthur Foster,
Harold Foster,
John W Gee,
Sydney Gee,
Geo Hy Gibson,
Wm G Goldthorpe,
Sam Harrison,
Reg Harper,
Alfred Hemingway,
Frank Hinchcliffe,
Percy Howarth,
Geo Hobson,
Geo Ibberson, (George Ibberson)
Wm Hy Johnson,
Wilfred Knighton,
John Wm Lake,
Walter N Lacey,
Geo E Ledger,
Charles M Ledger,
Fred Lindley,
Herbert Milner,
Willie Milner,
William Milner,
Willie Atkins,
Edward Milner,
Joseph Hy Milnes,
Jackson W Parr,
Wilfred Sanderson,
Norman Shaw,
Gladstone Simpson,
Alfred Storrs,
Arthur Storrs,
Fred Taylor,
William Taylor,
Arnold Taylor,
Austin Turton,
Charles W Truelove,
John T Waring,
Ben G Wagstaff,
Walter Whitfield,
John A Williams,
Walter Whittlestone,
Josiah Whittaker,
William Woodcock,
Percy Woodhead,
James C Wright,
Ernest Wrigglesworth,
Albert Wood,
Willie Heeley,
Arthur Read,

Great War 1939 – 1945

George Allott,
Douglas Baddeley,
Stuart N Ballis,
Arthur Bateman,
Harold Bellin,
John H Coyle,
Stuart N Bailes,
Norman Coatesworth,
Norman Flower,
Frank Green,
William Haigh,
Leslie Howard,
Herbert R Howard,
Harry Hart,
William Hine,
James R Jackson,
Eric Leach,
Harry Lockwood,
Lionel Longbottom,
George Ledger,
Clarence H T Mallinson,
Roy Milner,
Stanley Milner,
Ben Naylor,
John Parker,
Leslie Truelove Butler,
James E Poulter,
Alec Street,
Donald P Turner,
Stenton Ward,
Eric Walker,
Richard Wilby.


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Donald P Turner was my mother Gloria Turner's brother.