Saturday 23 November 2013

Jump & Hemingfield War Memorial, Cemetery Road, Jump, Barnsley

Jump & Hemingfield War Memorial (photo from BWM - WW2)


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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Research by MAC

Researched and photographed by Sue Parry

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or an external site.

1914 – 1918

S Archer,
G E Bagnall, (George Edwin Bagnall)
J Baker,
J Ball,
W Beckett,
W Bell,
C Blunt,
W Booth,
W H Bootham,
J Bower,
C Burgin,
A Carr,  (Albert Edward Carr)
H Caunt,
R Caunt,
C Charlesworth,
C Chipchase,
E Dean,
T Drury,
C Evans,
F Feasey,
H Garwood,
E Gauton,
J W Gibbons,
Ern Guest,
F Guest,
S Haigh,
A Hallsworth,
J Hargreaves,
S Hargeaves,
A Heatley,
L Helliwell,
A C Horsfield,
W Linley,
C H Hoyland,
H Hunt,
W Kerry, (William Kerry)
J Lowe,
W Mallinder,
W H Manley,
J A Noble,
E Nuttall,
C Robinson,
W Sharman,
C Standish,
W Stenton,
E Skews,
G Swindles,
T Smith, (Thomas Smith)
W F Tomlinson,
C Waterson,
A Watkin,
C Williams,
F Wood,
S Woolley,

1939 - 1945

J Booth
C Blunt
C Crump
R Chapman
Lieut R D S Cooke
R Dickinson
C Ebblewhite
F Gillot
N Hill
F Jarvis
N Lee
H Lowbridge DFM
P Marsden
G Moreland
J Oldknow
S Parr
F Robinson
J Salmon
T Sagar
A Short
M S Crawshaw.


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