Wednesday 19 February 2014

Darfield, Darfield Cenotaph, Welfare Park, Church Street

Darfield Centotaph (photo taken 16 Feb 2014)

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This memorial is now listed as being in Welfare Park, but there is an inscription on the old gatepost at the park entrance, "Miners Welfare Square 1923".
Miners Welfare Square 1923 (photo taken 16 Feb 2014)
To the Glory of God, and in abiding remembrance of those who gave their Lives in the Great War, 1914-1918. A token of Thanksgiving for preservation during the war and a symbol of hope for the New World  wherein war shall be no more. 'Greater Love Hath No Man Than This'.

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Barnsley Chronicle 12 July 1930
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)


2nd Lieut C M C Sorby,
2nd Lieut E P H Taylor,
Corpl C F Carr,
Corpl J Fisher,
L/Corpl P Bly,
L/Corpl A Dibbs,
L/Corpl W Manning,
L/Corpl T Murphy,
L/Corpl T Parrington,
L/Corpl W Taylor,
Pte L Ashhurst,
Pte H W Atterbury,
Pte R Bowen,
Pte H Burton,
Pte J Beardsley,
Pte S Bedford,
Pte W Boothman,
Pte S Boyce,
Pte S Brown,
Pte T S Capewell,
Pte H Camplejohn,
Pte A Carr,
Pte A Chapman,
Pte W Conway,
Pte C T Cottam,
Pte J Coulthard,
Pte J W Debney,
Pte A Dobbins,
Pte W Ennis, (William Ennis)
Pte R Fisher,
Pte G Fisher,
Pte W Fisher,
Pte J Ford,
Pte W Foster,
Pte W H Fretwell,
Pte O Goldthorpe,
Pte G Heckingbottom,
Pte G Hobourn,

Pte J E Holdsworth,
Pte H Holmes,
Pte A G Howe,
Pte S Hind,
Pte W Jobling (Walter Jobling),
Pte J Jones,
Pte R Johnson,
Pte G H Knighton,
Pte W Littlewood,
Pte H Lazenby,
Pte W Jones,
Pte W Mellor,
Pte A Morton,
Pte A Marsh,
Pte F Machon,
Pte J E Marshall,
Pte A Marrow,
Pte J W Marrow,
Pte P McLoughlin,
Pte A Naylor,
Pte E Needham, (Ernest Needham)
Pte F Nicholson,
Pte T Pearce,
Pte J Prendergast,
Pte F Roper,
Pte T Shepherd,
Pte F Shepherd,
Pte J Shannon,
Pte S Swift,
Pte J W Swift,
Pte H Venables,
Pte A Walton,
Pte W H Watson,
Pte J Westwood,
Pte G H Woodyatt, (George Hukin Woodyatt)
Pte A Wright,
Pte G Morris,
PO J Brewster.


Barber A     FAA,
Barnett F     RAF,
Blount J     RE,
Brown G    RAC,
Burrows L T    RASC,
Carr J H    RAF,
Caswell J    PnrC,
Debney T    RECCE,
Dove A    RN,
Dronfield H    RN,
Finney A    Gord/H,
Frudd A    RAC,
Sutcliffe A    RAF,
Heeley G    RA,
Lackey A    RAF,
Markham Y J    RAF,
Nicholls E    DLI,
Pugsley J    CG,
Purple F A     RN,  (Frank Arthur Purple)
Rawlinson J A    LincR
Schofield C    RAF
Shaw H    CG,
Sizer E A    RAF,
Webster F R    RAF,
Worrell A    Y&L.


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