Sunday 2 February 2014

Penistone Grammar School, Old Boys Memorial

War Memorial at Penistone Grammar School
(photograph taken 2 Feb 2014)

Penistone Grammar School Old Boys with glimpse of new flagpole
(photograph 6 November 2020 from Joe Pinguey)


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Transcribed by Pete Schofield.
Newspaper research by BarnsleyHistorian
Original photograph by Nigel Croft.

The original WW1 memorial was a carved oak tablet associated with a memorial bookcase in the library of Penistone Grammar School.  

In November 2012 this memorial was relocated in a wooded area close to the entrance of the new school.

A book with the stories of the 27 WW1 former pupils and teachers from the school named on this memorial has been produced. More information here.

As can be seen from the more recent photo above the surround of the memorial has been expanded with a gravel area and a flagpole added nearby. More information on the flagpole will be added soon.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.


B Berry,
F Bramall,
A E Castle,
W W Clarke,
E Crossland,
R Dunk,
J Dickinson,
L W Field,
A Firth,
E L Gill,
G Howarth,
G Hoyland,
C E Jelfs,
V Jowitt,
J H Kenworthy,
E Knowles,
J Moore,
A Murray,
C Nieumann,
W E Perkins,
J B Rhodes,
B Schofield,
J H Senior,
E Stringer,
J Steele,
H Watts,
J Walshaw,
J H Whittell,


A L Bashforth,
* F J Bateman,
H K Battye,
N Booth,
E Brook,
E Challis,
D Coldwell,
G Credland,
F S Dawson,
N Jackson,
T H Mate,
F W Pearce,
F C Pepper,
* D V Roebuck,
* E Roebuck,
J A Sellars,
J Schofield,
J Skidmore,
* H Tatchell,
D A Wadsworth,
S White,
E Wood,
H Yardley,


D Marsh,

*Possibly on 1939-1945 Penistone War Memorial


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