Monday 24 February 2014

Barnsley, Cordwainers Society, Memorial Scroll

*This memorial is mentioned in a newspaper cutting - does it still exist?*


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Barnsley Chronicle 8 October 1921 (Thanks to Barnsley Archives)

'Lest We Forget'

A Jaques,
J Swift,

[Served in the War]

R Bennett,
H A Dawson,
A England,
A Ellam,
F G Frudd,
G W Fieldsend,
T L Gledhill,
G R Goodyear,
E Haigh,
J A Irving,
T Jubb,
M Kenworthy,
F Legard,
J Morrison,
A J Massie,
A Summers,
W H Smith,
C Sutton,
A Swift,
F F Wigglesworth,
F Walker,
H B Walker,
F Watling,
B J Wilkins.

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