Friday 14 February 2014

Ardsley, Christ Church, Christ Church Parishioners - WW1 window

Memorial Window at Ardsley Christ Church (photo taken 9 July 2014)

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Photograph and newspaper research by Barnsley Historian.

This is the description of the window from the Barnsley Chronicle 26 March 1921.

"The centre panel, representing St Michael, depicts the victory of good over evil; in the light on the right King Alfred is portrayed as the originator of he first permanent army and navy in the country, while underneat the symbol of a lamp represnts his introduction of learning into the country.  In the left-hand side light Richard Coeur de Lion is presented in his character as leader of the Allies in the war againsy the Turks to free Jerusalem.  Underneath is a cross, symbolising the Crusader as the precursor of the British Forces who in present day have freed Jerusalem from a foreign yolk."
The 153 names of the Fallen men associated with this window are listed on the brass Memorial Tablet that accompanies it.  Both were unveiled on 19 March 1921.  The newspaper cutting reporting the unveiling can be seen on the page for the brass tablet.


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