Monday 24 February 2014

Barnsley Swimming Club, Race Street, Barnsley

*This memorial is mentioned in a newspaper cutting - does it still exist?*


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Barnsley Chronicle 6 August 1921
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

“The following members gave their lives for their country in the Great War, 1914-1918”

H Carter,
J Carter,
R Dunk,
H Field, (Harry Field)
E Hall,
L Micklethwaite, (Leonard Micklethwaite)
J Shaw,
G Smith,
R Thompson,
F Westby,

“The following also served in H.M. Forces”

G Asquith,
M Asquith,
J W Aysoough,
P Armstrong,
E Addy,
G Bland,
W Bower,
H Briggs,
C E Collins,
C Cushworth,
H Dawson,
S Dawson,
G Davie,
H Dobson,
V Dunk,
W Dickenson,
A England,
G Edson,
G N Fenner,
O Hall,
E D Hall,
J S Hunter,
H Johnson,
A Lipscombe,
F Legard,
J Lowe,
A Lowrance,
A F Moore,
S Mackley,
F Medley,
A Newton,
A Ogden,
H B Prince,
A Peel,
C Plumpton,
C Plumpton jnr,
P Porrill,
F Ravenscroft,
W D Reynolds,
H Smith,
T Smith,
H Snowden,
S Seargent,
J Sawyer,
F Sawyer,
W Townend,
W D Thackray,
H Vallance,
F C Vornberger,
H Wainwright,
C Ward,
F White,
A E Wood.



Anonymous said...

Was it saved from the baths when they were demolished?

BarnsleyHistorian said...

I'm afraid we don't know, and we don't have any photos of the memorial. Can you help?