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Barnsley British Co-Operative Society, WW1 Roll of Honour, Co-Op Funeralcare, Huddersfield Road

Barnsley British Co-operative Society Roll of Honour
(photo by KingstoneHistory 10 February 2014)


War Memorials Register listing

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Some information on this memorial has been deposited in Barnsley Archives.

Photographed by KingstoneHistory

Transcribed by Pete Schofield 

A copy of the full transcription can be downloaded here.

This Roll may have been prepared before the end of the war. In the Men who served section W. Barham is probably Wilfred Barham who had worked in the Co-op in Grimethorpe before enlisting. He was killed on 27 November 1917, although his death was not confirmed until May 1918. (Barnsley Chronicle 1 Jun 1918 p.4)

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

The following gave their lives:
Barham C F
Bradshaw R
Calderwood R     A&S Hlndrs
Chapman G
Cutts J W
Elliott W
Falloon W H     L.F.
Franks H
Hodgson W     R.M.
Hoyland P     R.F.A.
Haithwaite C     R.M.
Hall A
Jacques A
Jacques T (Tom Jaques)
Ledgerd H
Prosser R     R.F.A.
Richardson R  (Robert Mark Richardson)
Shearman A     Y&L
Swallow A W (Alonzo Wilson Swallow)
Tate C
Thompson G O K     Y&L
White  A
Wilson J
Wright H  (Harold Wright)
Wheritt A     Y&L  (Arthur Wherrett)
Jackson L
Fallace J J   
Hall W E
Lawson C
Lipscombe H (Harry Lipscombe)
Lumb P
Rose A     Black Watch  (Albert Harry Rose)

The following gained distinctions:

Barley J E     M.M.
Chapman W     M.M.
Downend L     M.M.
Hey J R     D.C.M. & M.M.
Naylor E     M.M. D.C.M. Italian Bronze Medal
Parry A E     M.M.
Raynor W     M.M.
Squires A     M.M. Crois de Guerre
Beardsall W     M.M.
Jessop W     M.M.
McNally T G     M.M.
Stott E     M.M.
Wilkinson I     M.M.
Smithson J     M.M.

Employees Who Served in HM Forces:

Agus J
Allen R C
Andrews A
Armitage W
Appleyard H
Addis W
Allen J
Arnold W
Arnold G T
Andrews G
Ainsworth G
Atkinson J
Armitage A
Addey J
Ashworth J
Bentley J
Beecher C
Briggs E
Beale S
Barham W
Baimbridge E W
Baskell H
Briggs L
Beardsall W
Burrows E
Burkinshaw F
Brookes S
Bennett A
Beecher P
Binns H L
Beaumont H L
Beck R
Brown A J
Barron H
Bentley G A
Boden J
Beattie G
Bird W
Brandt J W
Barnard A
Briggs C
Brunt E
Banks T
Briggs H
Bramley A
Bentham F
Brand H
Bainbridge R J
Bramwell G
Beardsall L
Briggs H O
Beal A
Beanland J W
Broadhurst A
Bucknall G
Beaumont F
Brown A
Bartholomew G G
Brown F
Bramley A
Bradley E
Bishop C
Cooke J R
Cooke H
Cowley J
Calvert W
Clamp A
Cavill M
Cutts H
Charlton G
Copley H
Chappell T
Cosford T N
Cowen W G
Clayton M
Corker A
Charlton A
Carr N C
Clarke W
Copley C
Colbridge B
Cooke J
Cosford H
Clifton A
Charlesworth V
Crossthwaite H
Clarke A
Cahill H
Cutts F
Cooper C E
Clarke L
Devonport F
Dale J R
Darrington G
Dearnley E W
Davy E
Davey A
Dickinson T
Drake J
Duff H
Dixon C
Daley E
Dix S
Dawson H
Dalton H
Ellison T E
Ellis L
Emerson E
Edgarr H
England A
Frudd F
Fallas J G
Fenson G J
Fawley W
Falkingham W
Foster G
Falloon T
Fitzpatrick J P
Firth C D
Foster H W
Gilleghan A
Gill G
Grunhill J
Goodhall W P
Goulding C
Gelder G E
Greathead L
Garbutt W
Gutridge W
Giles G
Gelder M
Gelder H
Green W
Gummerson G
Grime H
Halton W
Hirst J H
Hoyland F

Heald H
Hawcroft A
Hyslop A
Heald G W
Harrison G
Harrison F
Harrison W E
Hallowell E
Hey W H
Hill J W
Howell H
Horbury T H
Heald H
Hawkins W H
Hague M W
Hall E W
Heald F
Hoyland H G
Hayward A
Hazzard J R
Horsfield G H
Harris I
Harris W A
Habershon W
Hinchliffe S
Hey F
Hirst B
Hoyland G
Hebden E P
Herberts A
Harper F
Hey J
Hayes A
Hawkby F
Hawley J
Hyde K
Hyde W
Holden W
Hawcroft C
Ibberson P
Ibbotson A R
Illingworth F L
Jackson I
Jackman A
Jackson W
Jessop J A
Jessop W
Jessop J C
Knight V
Kirk W
Kirk E
Kaye E
Kaye J
Kirk H
Kitching W
Loy I
Law S
Lowe H
Lockwood N
Laughton R
Lumb P
Ledger V
Lipscombe A
Lipscombe H
Leech J
Lowe H
Lee T A
Lee Ed
Liversedge E
Lee E

Lee H
Linney R
Moody H
Musgreave C F
Morris F
Mallison H
Moss F
Mann G S
Mannell T
Murphy T
Mabbott H
Mason J
Murray B
Mann J
Marr W
Milnthorpe A
McKarthy J
Murphy W
Marchant C
Martin F P
McNally T
Martin R
Marwood A F
Mason E
Mason H
Major S
Marshall C
Marshall A J
Mokes T
Naylor A
Nadin L
Neville A
Norbron W
Nothard W
Nelson A
Nixon G W
Oldfield W J
Otley J
Orrell G G
Otley A
Priest W
Parry A E
Potter F
Poole A W
Pearson G W
Pemberton J
Phipps H
Pemberton A
Preston J
Pearson J
Powell J
Peck P
Priestley R
Pope W
Pope J
Plimmer W H
Porrill P G
Parkinson N
Parr G W
Pickering H
Perrin F
Parks E
Priestley G
Piley W
Radley G R
Rowley V
Robinson W
Raynor W
Richardson G
Reed J J
Roper R H
Rawlings P
Roystone B
Richardson H
Revill J H
Roach J
Richardson A
Roebuck C
Rose A
Rutland A E
Redfearn L
Squires F
Squires E
Scott R
Spencer C
Senior G F
Senior L
Stewart J
Shakespeare W
Scrivens A E
Smith T E
Strutt T
Smith B
Smith H
Smith L
Shields F
Shearman H
Scholey C R
Swift E
Shearburn T
Sharpe I C
Simmons I
Shutt W
Streets F
Simmons H
Sykes W
Sutton W
Strange E
Swaine A
Stott E
Strutt H
Swann E
Skidmore H
Sharrock J W
Steele H
Stables G C
Shaw F L
Sugden J S
Shelton G H
Shevill W
Spencer W
Senior S
Swallow J
Taylor C
Taylor A
Taylor A W
Taylor W
Taylor V
Taylor H
Turner W D
Tyler J
Thickett N
Trickett L
Thornley H
Thornsby H
Thompson J
Turton A
Thornley I

Thorpe H
Utley G E
Utley R
Varley J
Vollans J
Whitham C F B
Wilkinson T
Winter F N
Wright G F
Wainwright G
Woods A
Willshee H
Walker F
Wainwright L
Ward A
Walker S P
Whiteley E
Wollerton G
Whitehouse W
Wood S
Waddington F
Woodward J T
Wilkinson J
Waddington W B
Williams E E
Walker H
Whitfield J
Wilmot E A
Whale A
Wood R
Walden H
Watson E
Wood F
Wade R
Wright J
Welch W
Wadsworth E
Wright F W
Walker A
Ward J
Ward G
Weighill A
Wroe W P
Wood A
Wilcock L
Ward J C
Watkinson H
Wilson E S
Walker J
Wilkinson I
Watson S
Whittlestone M
Woolaston G
Youel E
Littlewood F
Leach F H
Liversedge A
Beaumont R
Crossland B W S
Feasby A
Robinson C R
Rushforth S
Siddall H
Walker H


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