Wednesday 22 January 2014

Wombwell War Memorial, St Mary's Church, Wombwell

Wombwell War Memorial (photo taken 23 March 2014)

Names A to Ho on Wombwell War Memorial (photo from Christopher Page)
Names Ho to W on Wombwell War Memorial (photo by Nigel Croft)

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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC 

Description from War Memorials Archive:
Wall with flanking plaques and a central upright square column. The central column is bearing a metal cross above a metal plaque, both with First World War dedications in white lettering. Below the central column is a stone tablet in the shape of an open book, upon which are the Second World War names in incised black lettering. On the walls either side of the column are two black marble tablets with First World War names in gold lettering, and below each of these are two metal plaques with dedications inscribed with white lettering.

Some information on this memorial has been deposited in Barnsley Archives.

Thanks to Christopher Page, Nigel Croft and MAC for the photographs which have allowed the transcriptions provided below.

Soldiers on the Wombwell War Memorial are being researched by Fay Polson and her blog Wombwell Soldiers Remembered has photographs and all kinds of information about the men from the area.  

In the list below, where the name is blue click to follow the link to a page with photographs and more information.  This could be a Commonwealth War Graves gravestone, a family memorial or a full Soldier Story written in co-operation with the soldier's relatives.


H Allen,
W Allen,
A Almond, (Arthur Almond)
S Archer,
T Ashcroft,
F Ashton,  (Frank Ashton)
J Ashton,
T Askew,
D G Aston,
G E Bagnall, (George Edwin Bagnall)
L P Bagnall, (Lawrence Parton Bagnall)
J H Bailey,
F Bakewell,
H Bakewell,
G F Ball,
J Ball,
E W Bambridge,
N Bamford,
B Bannister,  (Bartley Bannister)
C Barber,
A Barker,  (Arthur Barker)
L Barker,
M Barker,
C Barnes,
S Barraclough,  (Stanley Barraclough)
Wm Barraclough,
G H Barrett,
S A Beacher, (Stewart Arthur Beacher)
W H Beaman,
W Bean,   (William Bean)
J R Beardshall,  (John R Beardshall)
W Beck (DCM),
T Beevers,
J W Bell,
P Bell,
R Bellamy, (Raymond Bellamy)
E Bennett, (Edgar Bennett)
R Bishop,
J Blackledge,
G Blunt,
G Boldy,   (George Boldy)
W R Booker, (Walter Reginald Booker)
A Booth,
A E Booth,
G W Booth,
T Booth,
W Booth,
W M Booth,
G H Bootham,
A Bower,
E Bower,
W Bradley,
G Brough,
J Buckley,
J Bunniss,
R W Burrows,
J Burton,
A E Carr,  (Albert Edward Carr)
G Carr,
H Caunt,
R Caunt,
A Charlesworth,
C Charlesworth,
T Cherry,
G Chipchase,
G Clarke,
H A Clegg,
J Collindridge,
P Cook,
J W Cooper,
J Costello,
W Cottingham,
J Coultas,
J Count,
A Crawford,
J Crawford,
E Crooks,
E P Cropper (MC),
T W Crowe,
H Cutler,
N E Dale,
T W Dawson,
E Dean,
W H Denmar,
W Dennis,
H Dobson,
O Dobson,
J Doughty,
J M Downend, (John M Downend)
F Drabble,
T Drudy,
J Eady,
T B Eames,
W R Ellaway,
F Ellis,
S Ellis,
W Etherington,
G Evans,
C Exley,
F J Feasey,
J W Fell,
A W Ferneyhough,
E Field,
J Finan,
G Finch,
J Firth,
W E Flatters,
E Flint,
G W Flint,
R Flintham,
G Foulstone,
C A Frobisher,
S Fulford,
J Galloway,
H Garwood,
E Gauton,
H Gelder,
W George,
W Gill,
F Glover,
A Goldsby-West,
T Goldsby-West, (Thomas Goldsby West)
T Grealey,
J Green,
A Greenhow,  (Albert Greenhow)
E Griffiths,
Harold Guest,
Herbert Guest,
W Haigh,
T Hall,  (Tom Hall)
W A Hall,  (William Arthur Hall)
A Hallsworth,
J Hanby (MM),
J Hardy,
P Hargate,
J Hargreaves,
S Hargreaves,
W Hargreaves,
W H Harmson,
W H Harper,
P Harvey,
F N Hatfield,
H Hawcroft,
H Hawes,
J T Haywood,
A Heatley,
L Hellewell,  (Leonard Hellewell)
J W Hewitt,
R S Higginbottom,
J A Hill,
J H Hill,  (Joseph Henry Hill)
T Hill,
A Hilton, (Allen Hilton)
G Hinchcliffe,
W Hinchcliffe,
Wm Hinchcliffe,  (William Hinchliffe)
T Hinchliff,
W Hirst,  (William Hirst)
E M Hitchen,  (Ezra Major Hitchen)
J A Hollings,
A Hopkinson,
E Hoyle,
J Hubbard,
A Huckerby,
R Hudson,   (Raymond Hudson)
H Hunt,
E Hyde,
E Hydes,
M Johnson,
E Jones,
F W Jones,  (Frederick William Jones)
J H Jones,
W Jones,
Wm Jones,
T Kenvin,
W Kerry,
R A Killingreay,
B Kilner (MSM),
E Knowles,
F Lax,  (Fred Lax)
C Leather,
J Lee,
F Lees,   (Fred Lees)
H Lees,
W Lewis,
W Lindley,
A Littlewood,
H G Lloyd,  (Howard George Lloyd)
A Lockwood,  (Alan Lockwood)
E Lockwood,
T Lockwood (DCM),  (Thomas Lockwood)
W Long,
J Longfellow,
J Lotwick,  (Joseph Lotwick)
J Lowe,
J W Luty,
R L Mackridge,
W Mallinder,
C Mallinson,
W H Manley,
C Marshall,
S Marshall,
W Masters,
F Maw,
J McGuigan,
J Mellor,
S Mellor,
F Milburn,
C Minett,
B Moore,
E Moore,
G V Moore,
J Moore,
J Moores,
H D Moorhouse,
J Moorhouse,
H Morley, (Harry Morley)
F M Mullins, (Francis Michael Mullin(s))
J W Murray,
A Naylor,
J Naylor,
J Newberry,
H Nixon,
J A Noble,
E Nuttall,
E Nutter,
E Oliver,
W Oliver,
R Outram, (Reginald Outram)
J W Page, (John William Page)
G W Parkin,
H Parkin,
J Parsons,
H Peace,
T Pearce,  (Thomas Richard Pearce)
F Pettitt,
H Pettitt,
S Pittam,
C P Pollard,
A Priest,
H Radford,
S Ramsden,
J C Rhodes,
E Richards,
J W Rimmer,
F Rispin,
R A Robey,
Albert Robinson,
Alfred Robinson,
C A Robinson, (Cooper Allen Robinson)
T Robinson,
H Rowe,
J E Russell,
A Ryman,
A Sager,
E Sanderson,
A E Scott,
M Scott,
R Scott,
J Shannon,
P Shannon,
E R Sharman,
W Sharman,
J Shepherd,
H Sims,
E Skews,
W Skidmoore,
H Skinner,  (Harold Skinner)
C Smith (MM),
G W Smith,
H W Smith,
J S Smith,
L Smith,  (Leon Smith)
T Smith,
S Sokell,
C H Standish,
E Steele,
W E Steele,
G Stevens,
J Swain,
F Swift,
G E Swift,
G Swindells,
G W Taylor,
A Taylor,
J Taylor,
A Thickett,
J E Thompson,
A Thorning,
E Thorpe (MM),
T E Thornton,
S Tomlinson,
W E Tomlinson,
J Tonks,
A Townsend,
C Turton,   (Charles Turton)
A C Tutill,
A Utley,
J Utley,
J Vaughan,
R Vaughan,
H Vickers,  (Herbert Vickers)
R Waite,
A Walker,
E A Walker,
F Walker (RN),
F Walker (Y&L),
H Walton,
F Ward,  (Fred Ward)
J W Ward,
C Waterson,
A Watkin,
J Webster,
R Whitehead,
W Whitehead,
G Wigglesworth,  (George Wigglesworth)
C Williams,
G Williams,
A B Winder,
F Wood,
H Wood,
A Wright,
J Wright.

Allen F,
Angel E,
Bakewell E,
Batty M,
Beevers F,
Belshaw J,
Booth C,
Bowley I,
Bullock D J,
Burrows L,
Carr T,
Causier J,
Crossley A M,
Cutler G T,
Davies W,
Dennis A,
Dennis H,
Dixon J,
Durham M,
Ebblewhite G,
Ellis J R,
Fallon T,
Farrimond L,
Fawcett J,
Foster A,
Foster J,
Galvin J F,
Green L,
Griffiths E,
Guest H R,
Guest T W,
Haller S,
Hames K,
Harper R Y,
Hartley A,
Hayes S,
Haywood A,
Hibberd L,
Hinchcliffe E,
Hitchen G M,
Hooley F,
Hooley L,
Hyde N B,
Ivill T,
Johnson W,
Johnson G W,
Johnson J W,
Kenworthy A,
Lax W,
Layhe C,
Leather A,
Leather J,
Ledger G,
Manley I,
McQue A,
Moore A,
Murfin R,
Myers D V,
Newsome G,
Nunns N ,
Parkin H,
Peace L,
Poulter F,
Pratt D,
Robinson A,
Robinson F,
Robinson K W,
Robinson T H,
Saville A R,
Scargill A E,
Shaw H,
Siddons F,
Simms H,
Singleton D,
Swift R,
Thompson D,
Turton S,
Tutill W,
Ward H,
Ward W,



Chris said...

Uncle is on here J W Page Killed WW1

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Do you have any further information? We would love to create a Barnsley Soldiers Remembered page for your uncle if you have. Contact

Fay Polson said...

I have some information regarding my two great great uncles commemorated on this memorial as well as a couple of the other soldiers. Please get in touch if you would like me to share this with you.

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Thank you for your email Fay - I have replied. I hope you are able to send us your information so we can share it with everyone.

Caroline Rutter said...

My grandmother Miss Bertha Lockwood had Married the William Hirst (2nd Lt of Yorks and Lancs - 2nd barnsley Pals) in August 1915. He died at the battle of Serre on 1st July 1916 along with so many others. My grandmother joined the Queen Mary's Army AUxillary Corps and was commissioned as an assistant administrator, and self-funded her journey out to Abbeville.
She married my grandfather after the war, he had survived service in the 10th Royal Sussex on the North West Frontier.
William Hirst was a surveyor at Wombwell Colliery (and an assistant instructor in mine surveying at Sheffield University), before joining 'the colours'. It is interesting to see that there are 3 Lockwoods on the Wombwell memorial. It is quite likely that they were relatives of my grandmother's, her father Samuel was an engine man (working on the bank) living at Wath on Dearne.

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Hi Caroline,

Would you like to contact me directly, I see you have several questions.
My email is

Unknown said...

My great uncle, Sid Haller, is listed on the original stone memorial at St Mary's in Wombwell. he served on the HMS Exeter and was involved in the Battle of the River Plate, chasing the German battleship Graf Spee down to Montevideo. Sid survived WW2 but was killed when the minesweeper he was serving on hit a mine whilst on mine clearing duties shortly after.

Jack Evans said...

My Great-Uncle, my late Grandfather's elder brother, Harry Shaw, a miner, is commemorated on the memorial. He served in the Coldstream Guards and was a Special Constable in Le Havre, when he was apparently murdered in, I think, 1943. I believe his widow was Welsh and I think he had at least one child. I think my Aunt - now sadly deceased - made contact with his wife's family in Wales, but I have no other information. If anyone does, I would love to know more.