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Wombwell, Old Town Hall, Wombwell Boer War

Wombwell Boer War Memorial (from

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Description from British Listed Buildings:
Boer War memorial plaque. c1902. By G. Steele, sculptor of Wombwell. Well-carved sandstone surround; panel probably of granite. Corbels carved with lion's heads and Yorkshire roses flank the inscription

Above, an inscribed panel in moulded architrave  flanked by half-detached soldiers in battle dress set before draped  flags. Shallow cornice beneath ogee-headed feature with unicorn crest within carved foliage; crown at apex. 
Inscription: dedication  to, and names of, the people of Wombwell who served in the Boer War 1899-1902. 

Some information on this memorial has been deposited in Barnsley Archives. 

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Taber J T     2nd V B Y L Rgt Died at Newcastle
Wilson T     Kings RR Died at Ladysmith


Dawes E    The York & Lanc
Herring C A    The York & Lanc
Fish Joe    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Cooper J W    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Broadbent C A Lc Cpl    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Harper Wm    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Jones F W Sergt    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Jones W B C.    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Jeavons B    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Markham F    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Moore H    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Swaine J L.C.    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Watson J    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Webb J    2nd V B Y L Rgt
Duncan J    Imperial Yeomanry
Kew J        Imperial Yeomanry
Webster J    Imperial Yeomanry
Brooks J    KOYLI
Howell C    KOYLI
Edge S    KOYLI
Foulstone H    3rd Y L Rgt
Gladwin P    3rd Y L Rgt
Housley T    3rd Y L Rgt
Hinkles T    3rd Y L Rgt
Hollingworth T    3rd Y L Rgt
Mallender C    3rd Y L Rgt
Harvey J    19th Hussars
Clarke R    10th Hussars
Booth H    14th Hussars
Gascoign W        17th Lancers
Betts C    Grenr Gds
Cookson J    Coldstream Gds
Bucktrout H    Coldstream Gds
Burton W    Northumberland F
Pace J    Northumberland F
Silvester A R        Scots F
Hick W    R Sussex
Morgan J    S Staffs
Bailey T    Black Watch
Whitehead W    Oxford L I
Parker T    Kings R R
Ibbeson C     Kings R R
Fish J H     R F A

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