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Thurnscoe War Memorial, Thurnscoe Park

Thurnscoe War Memorial (photo from Mexborough & District Heritage Society)

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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

We are grateful to the Mexborough and District Heritage Society for this listing, however the link to their site has had to be removed as it no longer works (July 2015).

We understand that this memorial has been researched in depth by PD, however we have no further details at this time.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.


A Allington  (Arthur Allington)
J Allington  (Joseph Allington)
C Barnes  (Charles Barnes)
F Barber  (Fred Barber)
H Bartle  (Hubert or Hughbert Bartle)
C Beattie  (Christopher Beattie)
W Blackburn (Wilfred Blackburn)
S Blackwell  (Samuel Blackwell)
H Booth  (Horace Booth)
H E Bray  (Harold Ezra Bray)
H Briggs  (Harry Briggs)
W S Briggs  (William Spencer Briggs)
G H Brooke  (George Henry Brooke)
L/C W.A. Buchanan (William Alexander Buchanan)
F Burgoyne  (Frederick Burgoyne)
J W Burgoyne  (John William Burgoyne)
G Burrows  (George Burrows)
J Carr  (James Carr)
J Coburn  (John Thomas Coburn)
T Conroy  (Tom Conroy)
W H Conroy  (William Henry Conroy)
H Cotterill  (Henry Cotterill)
W H Crooks (William Henry Crooks)
J Cunliffe  (James Cunliffe)
J Cutts  (John Cutts)
E Davies (Ernest Davies)
J C Davis  (John Christopher Davis)
J Davison  (Joseph Davison)
T Deakin  (Thomas Deakin)
J Dixon  (John Dixon)
I Dobson  (Isaac Dobson)
J Dolby  (John Thomas Dolby)
R S Elwood  (Roger Simpson Elwood)
T Fletcher  (Thomas Fletcher)
A Gibbons  (Arthur Gibbons)
J Gill  (John Gill)
J Glover  (John Glover)
J Goldthorpe  (John Goldthorpe)
F Gosling  (Frank Gosling)
G Gosling  (George Gosling)
J Hacket  (Joseph Hackett)
J Hague  (John Hague)
A Harrison  (Albert Harrison)
M Hatfield  (Herbert Hatfield)
F Henshaw  (Frank Henshaw)
F Hepton  (Frank Epton)
F Hodgkinson  (Frederick Hodgkinson)
G Hooks  (George William Hooks)
W Knighton  (Walter Knighton)
F Laynes  (Frank Laynes)
W H Machen  (William Henry Machen)
J Mangham  (John Mangham)
A Martin  (Arthur Martin)
J Martin  (John Martin)
W Mitchell
S Morton  (Sidney Morton)
S Ogley  (Samuel Ogley)
W Parkin  (William Parkin)
I Phillips  (Isaac Phillips)
G Porthouse  (George Porthouse)
E Richardson  (Ernest Richardson)
A Rodgers  (Arthur Eli Rodgers)
H Ryalls  (Henry Ryalls)
J A Sanderson  (John A Sanderson)
J Shakespeare  (Jeremiah Shakespeare)
W Shallcross  (William Henry Shallcross)
E N Sheppard
G Simms  (George Simms)
J Smith  (Joseph Smith)
W Southall  (William Southall)
L Spencer  (Leonard Spencer)
H Taylor  (Harry Taylor)
T Trueman  (Thomas Trueman)
C Turrier  (Claude Turier)
R A Watkinson  (Richard Adolphus Watkinson)
G Westerman  (George Westerman)
E Whitehouse  (Enoch Whitehouse)
J Wilkes
A Wilson  (Albert James Wilson)
Ern Wilson  (Ernest Wilson)
E D Wilson  (Edmund Wilson)
F Woodcock  (Fred Woodcock)
P T  Wright  (Paul Turner Wright)
Pte C.H.Glaswell K.O.Y.L.I.
L/C Ernest Fripp
Pvt H Smith  (Henry Smith)
Cpl John Tucker
Pvt Herbert Smith


Pte V Allington
Pte J Athron
Gnr W Bennison
Sgt J Bladen
Pvt Harry Brown
Pte D Champion
Flt Sgt F Chadbourne
Pte R.H. Clarkson
Gnr J Crackles
A.B. J Eeet
P.O Stoker T Farley R.N
Lsgt W.H. Fletcher
L Cpl F.W.Glaswell
Sgt J Glover
Pte G Goldthopre
Gnr G Hands
Lac G.H. Harrison
Pte E Hewitt A.T.S.
Flt Sgt T.R.Higgins
Gnr D Hill
Spr G Hirst
Ab R L Holland
Sgt J Hooley
Pte G.C Hooper
Dvr A Jones
Flt Sgt S Jones
Lac R Latham
Pte W Lawton
Flt Sgt C Love
Gnr L Marsden
Dvr T Mchugh
Sgt A Mortimer
Gdsn A Moulton
Sgt J.F Norris
Ab T Norton
Pte J Patterson
Pte T Patterson
Dvr C Pennington
Pte J.A. Pickering
Maj S.F. Rayner
Spr J Robinson
Ab R Rodgers
Gnr W Smart
Pte C Smith
Pte W Smith
Tpr J.I. Snedker
Gdsn E Stonehouse
Pte R.C. Street
Sgt R Walker
Spr L.B Ward
L Cpl W.A. Wilcox
Dvr J Wilkinson
Sgt F Wilks
Gnr T Wilks
Ab H Wilson
Cpl A Winter
Gnr A Brown
A B H Hudson
Dvr T Johnson
Ab A.R. Dunn R N
Dvr B Walton R.A.S.C
Ab.A.B Watson
Pte J Parham

1949 Malaya
Gnn J. Ipwell R.A

1982 Falklands
W02. L Gallagher


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