Tuesday 15 April 2014

Elsecar, Midland Working Men's Club and Institute Roll of Honour

Elsecar Midland Working Men's Club and Institute Roll of Honour
(a postcard discovered by David Laban and first brought to our attention on the Hoyland WM website)

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This postcard copy of the Roll of Honour is too small to read all the names, however we have been provided with a transcription by Graham Noble which can be downloaded here as a .pdf file.

The Fallen

Private Fred Dickens,
Private John Peel,
Sergeant Frank H Standish,
Sergeant George H Taylor,
Private William Camplin,
Private John Cope,
Private Fred Kaye.

Members Who Joined His Majesty's Forces

Sapper Joseph Sharman (MM)
Corporal Stanley Gregory (MM)
Private Samuel Methley
Private Willie Evans
Private Arthur Whitfield
Private George Allott
Private Harry Burton
Private James Beasley
Corporal Fred Berwick
Private John C Beardshall
Private William Chadwick
Private Arthur Camplin
Private Melville Charleton
Private Ernest Cooper
Private Thomas Doughty
Sapper Thomas Drury
Gunner George Deville
Private Joseph Dallinson
Sergeant George Dean
Private Ernest Evans
Private A H Franklin
Private Wilfred Fletcher
Bombardier Frank Grey
Private Reginald Bamforth
Corporal Vernon Hauge
Private James Hilton
Private James Jones
Private John Jones
Corporal John T Kidger
Private James Liversage
Corporal Edward Kiddy
Private Athol Machen
Private Albert Machen
Sergeant George Neil
Sergeant Fred Palmer
Corporal William Skelton
Private John Skill
Sergeant Harry Stevenson
Private John Swallow
Bombardier J H Sheen
Private Sydney Smith
Private Harry Thornesby
Private Thomas J Woolley
Private Frank Oxley
Private Edmund Norton
Private Richard Hampshire
Corporal Len Cooke
Private Joseph Lees
Private Albert Royston
Private Albert Noble
Private Wm H Beardshall
Private Fred Tilcombe
Private Stanley Joyce
Private Cain Fozzard
Private John Hirst
Corporal A Flynn
Private Frank Peel
Private Howard Parkin
Private Albert Mack
Private John Mack
Private Joshua Dyson
Private Charles Wilkinson
Private Harry Bamforth
Private Joseph Dransfield
Private George S Cooke
Private Wm M Archer
Private Harry Sylvester
Private Harry Steer
Private George Taylor
Private Fred Speight
Private Fred Burgin
Private Ernest Burgin
Private M W Wright
Private Lewis Evans
Private James Widdison
Private Laurie Widdison
Private Herbert Hague
Private J Turner
Private Frank Smith
Private Sam Adams
Private J W Johnson
Private Stephen Major
Private William Corner
Corporal William Grimes
Private Thos J Griffiths
Private Gilbert McCall
Private Arthur Rodgers
Private Fred Crapper
Private Vincent Kelly
Private Arthur Lodge


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