Tuesday 15 April 2014

Elsecar, Working Men's Club and Institute Roll of Honour

Elscar Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour
(a postcard discovered by Keith Robinson and first displayed on the Hoyland War Memorial website)

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Researched, transcribed and photographed by Peter Marsden

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

The photos on the cross are of those Killed in Action and whose names are indicated.

Ardron Willie,
Ashby John W H,
Bagnall Harry,
Bamforth Reginald,
Banyard Arthur,
Beardshall James,
Belk Raymond H,
Bicks Clarence,
Butterworth Mark,
Burlow Harry,
Burton Percy,
Burgin Harry,
Bradley Arthur, (Died of Wounds) (Arthur Allerstone Bradley)
Byfield Joseph,
Chadwick Walter,
Clifton Willie,
Connell Edward,
Dodson Gilbert,
Deansfield Joseph,
Evans Frank,
Evans Harold,
Eyre Harold,
Fell Gerald,
Fitzwilliam Earl,
Fletcher Percy, (Died of Wounds) (Percy Hague Fletcher)
France Wilfred,
Greenfield Arthur,
Hague Joseph,
Hague Mark,
Hallam Clifford,
Hall Thomas,
Hibbert Geo W,
Hicks Willie,
Hizzett Samuel,
Howse Frank,
Hunter Oswald,
Jackson Geo E, (Died at Home)
Jowett Harold,
Kay Ewart,
Kay Hubert,
Hidger John,
Levitt George,
Libscombe Edwin,
Marklew Harry,
Moore Frank,
Naylor George,
Oxley Willie,
Parkin Ernest,
Parkin Horace,
Plowman Fred,
Richmond Robert,
Roberts Arnold,
Short Reginald,
Smith Hubert, (Killed in Action)
Smith Sydney,
Spence Everett,
Stewart Cyril,
Stewart Joseph,
Strawson Harry,
Taylor Harry,
Taylor Arnold,
Thompson Lawrence,
Underwood Robert,
Utley Raymond,
Walker Clarence,
Walker Thomas,
Ward Frank,
Willis Arthur,
Wooley Amos,
Wooley Arthur, (Died of Wounds)

Wooley George,
Wrightson Fredk L.

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