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Stairfoot, Wesleyan Reform Church WW1 Roll of Honour, Hunningley Lane

WW1 Roll of Honour in Hunningley Wesleyan Reform Church (photo taken 9 April 2014)


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Photographed by Nigel Croft

*Note added 28 June 2022*
This large five panelled memorial was unveiled on 9 March 1918, eight months before the war ended. The newspaper report in the Barnsley Independent noted that ''the Roll was so arranged that additional particulars could be easily added at any time.' However we have found at least one instance where this was not done when a man was later killed, so please read the inscription carefully and check the information.
*End note*

The inscription across the top of the five panels reads, "Men connected with this church who served their Country in the War 1914-1918".  The panels are headed, (1) Be Strong in the Lord, (2) Watch and be Sober, (3) Quit you Like Men, (4) Stand Fast in the Faith, (5) Fight the Good Fight.

There are approximately 50 names on each panel, arranged in alphabetical order except for the last seven names.  Each entry includes the soldier's name, rank and regiment (or ship or service) and medals if any.  Fallen men are indicated by the method of their death, eg Killed in Action and have been fully transcribed below.  A .pdf file with details for all the men can be downloaded here (thanks to Pete Schofield).

*Note 26 Feb 2024*
Sam Barker was recorded as Died of Wounds January 13th 1917. His military records record his date of death as 13 June 1917.
*End note*

Barnsley Chronicle 7 July 1917 (thanks to Barnsley Archives)  

Newspaper research by BarnsleyHistorian

In 1917 a stained glass window was unveiled in memory of the soldiers and sailors from the church as part of a matching set of eight windows in memory of the local people including Mr Clough, the recently deceased minister of the church.

A Roll of Honour was unveiled at the same ceremony, but that would probably not have been the one shown in the photograph above as it was still only part way through the war.

Reference is made in this newspaper article to a plan for a "carved oak memorial of a more imposing character bearing the names of fallen brave men who had gone from that Church and Sunday School."  

About £95 had been received, and that was estimated to fully cover the cost of the memorials.  The money had been given from all classes of people in the township and outside.  The first 10s received was from the head of a home which was at one time the most destitute in the township, but where the head of the house was rescued from evil influences by the late Mr Clough.


Names of the Fallen:
Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Name Regiment 
or Service
Type of Casualty
George Arthur Atkinson
8th KOYLI Killed in Action
1 July 1916
William Henry Atkinson
1st KOYLI Killed in Action
8 May 1915
Harry Ball
11th York & Lancs Died of Wounds
31 July 1916
Sam Barker
13th York & Lancs Died of Wounds
13 January 1917
Willie Beighton
13th SB York & Lancs Killed in Action
7 May 1917
5th York & Lancs Killed in Action
15 October 1915
George William Binns
63rd Trench Mortar
Died of Wounds
30 Sept 1917
William Binns
2nd Duke of Wellington
West Riding Rgt
Killed in Action
8 Sept 1915
KOYLI Killed in Action
6 April 1917
Sidney Bird
Cheshire Regt Killed in Action
22 October 1917
Charles B Brown
Royal Marine
Light Infantry
Killed in Action
6 June 1915
George Conway
14th York & Lancs Killed in Action
9 May 1917
Joseph Cox
2nd/3rd York & Lancs Killed in Action
3 May 1917
John Lewis Dickenson
1st Lincolshire Killed in Action
13 October 1915
2nd/3rd York & Lancs Killed in Action
10 July 1915
John Grainger
8th York & Lancs Killed in Action
11 October 1917
John Willis Haycroft
H.M.S. Queen Mary Killed in Action
30 May 1916
James Holdsworth
13th York & Lancs Died of Wounds
28 July 1916
Thomas Holdsworth
13th York & Lancs Killed in Action
8 May 1917
Edward Howard
174th Royal Engineers Killed in Action
24 February 1916
Walter Hughes
14th York & Lancs Killed in Action
1 July 1916
William Millard
Royal Engineers Killed in Action
26 August 1917
Albert Popplewell
14th York & Lancs Killed in Action
3 June 1916
Thomas W Powell
15th York & Lancs Killed in Action
(1st July 1916)
Robert William Ramshaw
146th Royal Field
Killed in Action
9 June 1915
Edmund Sykes
13th York & Lancs Died of Wounds
1 July 1916
George Henry Walker
8th York & Lancs Gassed & Died
7 August 1916
Arthur Walton
2nd York & Lancs Killed by Aerial Torpedo
9th Sept 1917
Ernest Watson
Royal Naval Division Killed in Action
4 June 1915
Sam Wilkinson
8th East Yorks
Machine Gun Section
Killed in Action
13 November 1916
Albert Winwood
Royal Field Artillery Died of Wounds
1 July 1916

Those Who Returned:
*Note added 28 June 2022*
Private Edwin Wilkinson was named without further details so when we transcribed this list in 2014 we assumed he had survived, but he was actually killed in action on 11 October 1918, after the memorial was unveiled. His name can be seen below. This suggests that the memorial is not be as accurate as we had originally thought.
*End note*

*Noted added 30 Jun 2023*
Private Thomas Hudson, Border Regiment, named out of order toward the end of the memorial without further details, is Tom Hudson, who died of wounds 15 April 1918 and was buried in a CWGC grave in Ardsley Cemetery. He lived with his aunt and uncle in Ardsley in 1911. Again, this man's death occurred after the RoH was unveiled in March 1918.
*End note*

2nd Lieutenant    Frank Ambler  
Private    Henry Addy  
Farrier    Robert Archibald Ambrose  
Private    Archie Ashmore  
Private    Charles B. Atkinson  
Private    Peter Atkinson  
Corporal    Albert Bailey  
Seaman    Ernest Bailey  
Sergeant    Harold Bailey  
Driver    Frank Barker  
Corporal    John Barker  
Sergeant    Tom Barker  
Private    William Barker  
Private    Frank Barraclough  
    Wilfred Barraclough  
Private    William G. Baxter  
Private    Lawrence Baylis  
Lance Corporal    Raymond Baylis  
Gunner    William S. Baylis  
Private    Kenneth Beale  
Private    George Sydney Beavon  
Private    Albert Beecroft  
Private    James Beighton  
Private    Joseph Beighton  
Private    John William Bennett  
Private    James Benson  
Private    John Thomas Bent  
Lance Corporal    Joseph Bentley  
Private    Robert Bentley  
Lance Corporal    Harry Binns  
Private    James Ernest Binns  
Private    John S. Binns  
Able Seaman    Enos Joseph Bird  
Private    Joseph Blades  
Private    William Booker  
Private    Benjamin Briscoe  
Private    Frederick Briscoe  
Private    Walter Bird  
Private    Charles Willie Bird  
Private    Thomas Henry Brook  
Private    Arthur Brook  
Private    Josiah Brooks  
Private    James Brooks  
Private    Joseph Brooks  
Lance Corporal    Leonard Burden  
Private    Arthur Herbert Burgin  
Lance Corporal    George William Burgin    MM
Private    Albert Butcher  
Private    Amos Chapman  
Private    Timothy Clarey  
Gunner    Albert Clarey  
Bombardier    Arthur Clarke  
Private    Harry Clarke  
Private    Charles Spurr Copley  
Private    William Cox  
Private    Matthew Crawley  
Private    Wallace Crawley  
Private    Arthur Dickenson  
Private    William Henry Dickenson  
Private    Arthur Ellis  
Private    Albert Field  
Lance Corporal    Edward Vincent Fisher  
Private    Cyril Fort  
Private    Morris Foster  
Corporal    Stanley Foster  
Private    Thomas Henry Foster  
Driver    Harry Foulstone  
2nd Lieutenant    Joseph Foweather    MM
Private    Nelson Foweather  
Private    Sydney Foweather  
1st Class Stoker    Ernest Glossop  
Sergeant    John Charles Goodliffe  
Private    George Goodwin  
Private    Herbert Goodwin  
Private    Thomas Henry Goodwin  
Private    William Goulding  
Private    George Grainger  
Private    Joseph Grainger  
Private    William H. Grainger  
Private    Tom Gregory  
Sergeant    James Griffiths  
Private    Simeon Griffiths  
Private    William Griffiths  
Private    John Hambleton  
Private    Edgar Hanson  
Private    Ernest Hanson  
Private    Fred Haycroft  
Private    Elias Frederick Hayes  
Private    Willie Haynes  
Gunner    Richard Haywood  
Private    Frank Heppenstall  
Private    George Heppenstall  
Trumpeter    George Herbert  
2nd Air Mechanic    Joseph Alfred Hill  
    Reggie Hinchliffe  
Private    Walter Hindley  
Private    Frank Hirst  
Sapper    Harry Hirst  
Private    Albert Hodgson  
1st Air Mechanic    Samuel Hodgson  
Private    Joseph Holdsworth  
Able Seaman    William Holdsworth  
Private    Clement Steven Howard  

Lieutenant & Quartermaster    William Huddleston   
MC & Silver Medal from The King of Montenegro
Sapper    Albert Hughes   
Private    Ernest Hughes   
Private    Horace Hughes

 Gunner    Fred Hodson 
Private    Arthur Jacques   
Private    Alfred Henry Kay   
Private    Herbert Kay   
Sergeant    Stuart Kilby Kay   
Private    Frank Kenyon   
Sergeant    Albert Lamb   
Private    James Lamb   
Private    Joseph Lamb   
Private    George Langley   
Private    John Langley   
Private    Robert Langley   
Private    Willie Langley   
Gunner    Richard Laurence    MM
Telegraphist    William Lawson   
Private    George Laycock   
Private    Reginald Leach   
Sergeant    Horace Arnold Long   
Sapper    James Henry Lythell   
Sergeant    James Walter McKenny   
Private    Albert Mitchell   
Private    Garry Mitchell   
Gunner    Stanley Mosley   
Lance Corporal    George Moxon   
Private    Sidney Newsome   
Private    Charles William Nuttall   
Private    Harry Oldham   
Private    Joseph Parkin   
Private    Clarence Pleasant   
Private    George Popplewell   
Gunner    James Hugh Ramshaw   
Private    Thomas Morris Richards   
Private    Ernest Arthur Richardson   
Private    Robert Percy Richardson   
Private    Leonard Ridge   
Pioneer    John Thomas Robins   
Private    Herbert Rymer   
Private    Alfred Scarfe   
Corporal    George Scarfe   
Private    Harry Scarfe   
Private    Walter Scarfe   
Driver    Harold Sawyer   
Gunner    William Sawyer   
Seaman    Edward Ronald Scott   
Private    Arthur Sharland   
2nd Lieutenant    Henry Wigglesworth Sheard   
2nd Lieutenant    Melvin Sheriff    DCM
Private    Rowland Sheriff   
Lance Corporal    Joseph Henry Sherratt   
1st Air Mechanic    Lawson Shillito   
Private    Sidney Wesley Smith   
Private    Arthur Simms   
Fitter    Allan Hampshire Skelton   
Gunner    Samuel Skelton   
Bombardier    Burnett Slater    MM
1st Class Stoker    George William Speight   
Sergeant Major    George Satinsby   
Private    Walter Starkey   
Bandsman    Albert Stubbs   
Lance Corporal    Edward Thomas Summers   
Driver    Sidney James Summers   
Corporal    Joe Willie Sykes   
Sapper    Lewis Sykes   
Private    Fred Tasker   
Private    Thomas Tasker   
Lance Corporal    Arnold Teal   
Lance Corporal    Clifford Thornsby   
2nd Lieutenant    Harold Stansfield Thornsby   
Private    Thomas Sydney Thornsby   
Private    Fred Timlin   
Private    George Tingey   
Driver    James Tingey   
Private    Allen Tolson   
Corporal    Bernard Tooley   
Sapper    William Tooley   
Private    Isaac Toone   
Private    Arthur Turton   
Lance Corporal    Spence Walton   
Gunner    Alfred Ward   
Private    Albert Watson   
Private    Ferdinand Watson   
Private    George Henry Watson   
Lance Corporal    Thomas Arthur Watson   
Captain and Adjutant    William Watson    MC
Private    Ernest Whitehead   
Gunner    Joseph Whitehouse   
Gunner    Wilfred Whitehouse   
Private    Edwin Wilkinson*   
Sapper    Edward Williams   
Pioneer Corporal    John Richards Williams   
Private    Arthur Winwood   
Private    Joseph William Winwood   
Private    William Winwood   
Driver    Arthur Wollerton   
Driver    Joseph Fretsom Wollerton   
Private    John Charles Wood   
Driver    Harry Woodhouse   
Private    Arthur Ernest Wordsworth   
Private    William Wray   
Sapper    John Leonard Wright   
Private    William Archibald Wright   
Private    Tom Wright   
Private    Hubert Yates    MM
Private    Edward Foweather   
Private    Edward Conway   
Sergeant    William Conway   
Sapper    Charles Walter Harper   
Private    Thomas Hudson   
Gunner    William Leach   
Company Sergeant Major    Harry Taylor   


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