Tuesday 24 June 2014

Grimethorpe Working Men's Club, WW1 Roll of Honour, Brierley Road

WW1 Roll of Honour, upstairs in Grimethorpe WMC (photo taken 24 June 2014)

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Photographed by BarnsleyHistorian
Transcribed by Pete Schofield

This huge Roll of Honour can be viewed by request.  

The names above are of Brave and Loyal Members of the Grimethorpe Working Mens Coub, who leaving their peaceful avocation, took arms for Britain in the Great European War of 1914.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

They Gave Their Lives for Home and Country

Allott John RFA,
Allott David W Yorks,
Atherton W Royal Munsters,
Bailey Fred KOYLI,
Banks Richard D KOYLI,
Bubb Chas NQ Staff,
Coop Frank RN,
Dixon John KOYLI,
Fury John W Y&L,
Hague Henry Y&L,
Hughes Dan KOYLI,
Jessop R T Middlesex Regt,
Leonard Geo B WY Regt
Marsh J T RFA,
Murray Jas RGA,
Nicholson W H Y&L,
Nutter John Y&L,
O'Brien Chas KOYLI,
Robinson John Y&L,
Saunders Thos 2nd Roy Marines,
Staley A KOYLI,
Wainwright F KOYLI,
Ward W 2nd Leicesters,
Wilman T KOYLI.

Men Who Served in HM Forces

Allen Edwin  KOYLI,
Allen Thomas  Y&L,
Allen Samuel  M.G.O.,
Allott Joseph  W.YORKS.,
Ashcroft John  Y&L,
Bagshaw Albert R.F.A.,
Bagshaw Thos R.F.A.,
Bailey David  KOYLI,
Bentley George R.M.L.I.,
Bentley J.E.  Y&L,
Beard M.H.  R.F.A.,
Berridge Wilfred 14th Y&L,
Birchall William R.E.,
Briscoe Bert  KOYLI,
Briscoe Edwin  R.H.A.,
Bridge Herbert  R.A.S.C,
Brownsword Peter R.N.D.,
Buckingham Gilbert RIFLES,
Buckingham John T SHERWd. FORESTrs.,
Burke William   KOYLI,
Busby Thomas R.E.,
Callinan Thomas 2nd COLDstm. Gds.,
Callaghan Saml D 14th RESERVE,
Campbell Joseph 3rd CONN RANGs,
Cawley Jas  14th Y&L,
Chadwick Archie R.G.A.,
Chadwick Percy R.E.,
Clarke Albert  KOYLI,
Clarke Rowland Y&L,
Cottrell William F.H.A.,
Collins William S KOYLI,
Cooper Ely  R.N.D.,
Cooper John E R.E.,
Corbett Henry  2nd NORTH.FUS.,
Cosgrave John Geo M.G.C.,
Cox James  LANC.FUS.,
Crossley John  Y&L,
Cunningham Bernard R.N.,
Dabbs William  KOYLI,
Dashwood Alfred Y&L,
Davies John  E.Y.,
Dent T W  KOYLI,
Denton W  KOYLI,
Dickenson J W A.P.C.,
Dickenson J E  KOYLI,
Dickenson M  TANKS,
Dodd Samuel  KOYLI,
Entwistle Thos  KOYLI,
Firth Arthur  17th W.YORKS,
Fisher William  3rd E.YORKS,
Fletcher Henry 13th Y&L,
Fletcher Israel  1st L.N.L.,
Garrity M  KOYLI,
Garrity P  KOYLI,
Gath J E  KOYLI,
Ghent Thos  KOYLI,
Gill John  A.S.C.,
Goggins M  KOYLI,
Goodison E  M.G.C.,
Gorner Jas  KOYLI,
Green W H  Y&L,
Green G  Y&L,
Green G A  R.F.A.,
Green Joseph  Y&L,
Griffiths R  Y&L,
Hague Alfred  Y&L,
Hall Henry  Y&L,
Hall John  Y&L,
Hammond Wm KOYLI,
Hamshaw E  KOYLI,
Harby Henry  A.S.C.,
Hardwick Geo  M.G.C.,
Hargreaves C T KOYLI,
Harrington E  F.F.A.,
Harrison L  HUSSARS,
Hawley W  A.S.C.,
Heath E  KOYLI,
Hepworth A  R.E.,
Hewitt B  R.G.A.,
Hill Fred  KOYLI,
Hill Joseph  KOYLI,
Hill William  M.G.C.,
Hinchliffe Jas  R.F.A,
Holding Geo  KOYLI,
Holiday Thos  R.F.A.,
Holland J  KOYLI,
Holmes John  Y&L,
Howell Herbert A.S.C.,
Howe Fred  KOYLI,
Howie R  KOYLI,
Hughes D  KOYLi,
Hughes Thos  KOYLI,
Hyde William  KOYLI,
Ineson John  R.E.,
Iveson Chas  D of W,
Jackson W  Y&L,
Jackson W  KOYLI,
Jackson Lewis  Y&L,

Jones Joseph  C.G.,
Jordan M  6th C.R.,
Kenworthy L  R.M.L.I.,
Kirk L   KOYLI,
Lacey Joe  R.ENGrs,
Lewis john  KOYLI,
Linstead A  G.G.,
Lloyd W H   R.A.F.,
Lockwood Thomas Y&L,
Lowring F  KOYLI,
Mahoney E  DRAGn.GUARDS,
Makings F  R.M.L.I.,
Makings W H  R.F.A.,
Mallinson H  Y&L,
Marrey W  Y&L,
McHugh John  K.R.R.,
McMahon Campbell CONNAUGHT Rang,
McDonagh J W KOYLI,
Mellor Jas  Y&L,
Milner J  KOYLI,
Monaghan A  Y&L,
Morris Wm  R.N.D.,
Moore R  Y&L,
Moore W  KOYLI,
Neill M   KOYLI,
Newham J E  KOYLI,
Nicholson Clifford R.M.A.,
Nicholson Fred R.F.A.,
North B  M.G.C.,
Nutt John  Y&L,
O'Connor Jas  KOYLi,
O'Connor Wm  KOYLI,
Oliver C R  R.G.A.,
Omerod David  W.Y.,
Owen I   R.E.,
Parkin B  Y&L,
Parnham Geo  Y&L,
Pickersgill Geo Y&L,
Powis Henry  Y&L,
Redmile Geo  NOTTS & DERBY,
Redmile L  R.N.,
Redmile R  KOYLI,
Rigby J E  K.O.R.R.,
Roberts Albert  NOTTS & DERBY,
Roberts Ernest R.G.A.,
Rogerson Chas Y&L,
Rowley Geo  KOYLi,
Rowley Jas  KOYLI,
Rowley Wm  Y&L,
Rowney A  Y&L,
Rowney E  E.Y.,
Rowney Hy  R.E.,
Roystone Geo  KOYLi,
Sanderson John Y&L,
Seacroft J T  13th HUSSARS,
Seacroft W H  R.F.A.,
Sharman J A  R.E.,
Shepherd S J  R.E.,
Shuttleworth j  KOYLI,
Simpson H  R.A.M.C.,
Smale C J  R.M.,
Smallman A  KOYLI,
Smallman E  Y&L,
Smallman Geo Y&L,
Smillie J D  Y&L,
Smith E  R.F.A.,
Smith Geo  Y&L,
Smith Holder  KOYLI,
Smith Horace  R.E.,
Smith J A  R.E.,
Smith Jos  Y&L,
Smith Thos  R.N.D.,
Soar Henry  K.R.R.,
Stewardson E  D of W,
Stewardson M  KOYLI,
Stuart W  W.YORKS,
Sweeney P  R.F.A.,
Swift W  R.A.M.C.,
Thomas T W  R.N.A.S.,
Thomason C  S.G.,
Thompson H M R.A.M.C.,
Thorley H  A.S.C.M.,
Thorpe C  Y&L,
Townsend E E  Y&L,
Townsley A  KOYLI,
Townsley H  Y&L,
Tomlinson W  R.F.A.,
Tonge E  R.E.,
Toone i  KOYLI,
Topping F  KOYLI,
Turner R  KOYLI,
Twigger W  R.F.A.,
Vickers C  Y&L,
Welsh P  KOYLI,
Welsh R  R.A.M.C.,
Watson A  KOYLI,
Watts W  D.L.I.,
Wedge J W  Y&L,
Whaling J  Y&L,
Whike A  Y&L,
Whike J  R.E.,
Whike N  N.D.,
White Hy  Y&L,
Widdowson J  D.L.I.,
Wightman B  H.L.I.,
Wilby Geo Snr  KOYLI,
Wilby Geo Jnr  Y&L,
Wilkinson J C  R.G.A.,
Williams J O  W.YORKS,
Wilson Chas  R.C.D.,
Wilson Wm  KOYLI,
Womack Wm  KOYLI,
Woodhouse H  M.G.C.,
Woodward C  A.S.C.,
Worsfold T  A.S.C.,
Wray E  KOYLI,
Morris A  Y&L,



Terry Ludden said...

I notice the name of James Cox. He was my grandfather. Just to set the record straight, his real name was James Marrey. He adopted the alias ‘Cox’ when he joined the Lancashire Fusilers and signed up when he was 15. He had come across from Ireland and presumably didn’t want to be traced.. He fought in the Boer War and was injured and captured by the Boer at Spion Koop. He married and settled in Grimethorpe working as a miner.
Terry Ludden 22/11/20

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Thank you for this Terry. I have passed the information on to my colleague who keeps our master records in order to add to our files. Very interesting, and I'm glad he made it home.