Tuesday 24 June 2014

Grimethorpe Working Men's Club, WW2 Roll of Honour, Brierley Road

WW2 Roll of Honour in Grimethorpe WMC
(photo taken 24 June 2014 - apologies for the poor picture)

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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Photographed by BarnsleyHistorian
Transcribed by Pete Schofield

This plaque is in the main room of the club, framed with glass it was difficult to photograph without reflections from the windows and in the low light conditions.  Separate images were taken of sections to enable us to prepare a transcription.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

The Following Paid the Supreme Sacrifice

Baldwin A GHR,
Cox E DWR,
Gray F Y&L,
Leadbeater E GH,
McMullen S WG,
Morris J KOYLI,
Nippers   RA,
Shobbrook I RAMC,
Stewardson S RA.

Men who Served in HM Forces

Aldred W  R.E.,
Almond J  R.E.,
Atherton H  B.W.,
Austin H  G.S.C.,
Banks T  A.M.P.C.,
Bailey P  W.Y.,
Bradley G  R.E.,
Bloore H  R.A.F.,
Broome J  R.A.,
Bragg H  B.W.,
Baldwin G  R.A.,
Bailey S  KOYLI,
Baldwin E  W.Y.,
Callinan C  R.A.,
Clarke V  R.E.,
Clifton T  W.G.,
Cunliffe W  A.M.P.C.,
Connor D  A.M.P.C.,
Cuthbert F R  R.A.F.,
Cox L  A & S,
Craggs G  R.N.,
Clarke E  A.T.R.,
Denman R  R.A.,
Dickinson J  W.Y.,
Dye J C M.M.  KOYLi,
Dye C  Y&L,
Davies L  R.E.,
Edwards M  R.A.S.C.,
Elland R  KOYLi,
Ford I  KOYLI,
Fletcher F  W.G.,
Foers N  R.A.M.C.,
Gath M  R.A.S.C.,
Gath F  R.A.,
Gray G  C.G.,
Guest B  A.M.P.C.,
Goodall T  R.A.F.,
Griffiths G  R.A.F.,
Gacoine R  R.A.F.,
Harding G  R.C.of S.,
Hogan H  R.A.O.C.,
Hone S  R.A.S.C.,
Hunton T  W.Y.,
Hopson T  W.Y.,
Hill R  R.F.,
Hyde M  KOYLI,
Hughes J  R.E.,
Hepplestone   R.A.,
Halkyard S  R.A.F.,
Hitchen A J  A.M.P.C.,
Hanwell D  C.G.,
Hawley H  A.M.P.C.,
Hall P  R.E.,
Hawkins C  R.E.,
Halliday D  R.A.,
Hopson F  KOYLI,
Howe W  R.A.,
Halpin E  R.A.F.,
Hill K  R.N.,
Ibbotson F  R.A.,
Johnson P  A.M.P.C.,
Jones W A  R.A.F.,
Johnson H  R.A.,
Kenworthy L  R.M.L.I.,
Kenworthy D  R.A.F.,
Knight E  KOYLI,
Knight P  E.Y.,
Kirk L   R.N.,
Leonard W  R.N.,
Linley W  R.A.F.,
Linstead I  A.M.P.C.,
Mowbray W  A.M.P.C.,
Mowbray C  A.M.P.C.,
McMullen J  A.M.P.C.,
Mageary W  R.T.R.,
Mageary J T  R.A.F.,
Makings F  KOYLI,
Morgan E  R.E.,
Makings W  KOYLI,
Owen F  A.M.P.C.,
Rounds G  R.E.,
Rounds F  R.E.,
Rounds J  A.M.P.C.,
Rowney K  S.L.I.,
Rimmington F  A.M.P.C.,
Rowley A  R.A.,
Sudworth A  W.G.,
Sturrock  R.A.,
Shobbrook L  R.A.F.,
Stacey N  D.W.R.,
Rimmington L  R.A.,
Rowley J  R.A.,
Sudworth J R  W.G.,
Scales W  R.A.,
Swaby J W  W.Y.,
Swift D  R.A.F.,
Seacroft W  R.A.O.C.,
Tipple J W  R.E.,
Thompson J  R.T.R.,
Topping J  KOYLI,
Tasker H  R.E.,
Wall W  R.A.,
Wormald A E  KOYLI,
Willis F  A.M.P.C.,
Wood J  A.M.P.C.,
Wenham F  Y&L,
Wilks G  R.A.F.,
Walmsley W  R.A.,
Whittaker A  M.N.,
Wooton J  KOYLI,
Young G A  R.E.,,



Mike Walsh said...

This was painted by my Grandfather Eric Leonard Firth (everyone knew him as Lenny).

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Thanks for this Mike, what a great bit of background information. It's a lovely piece of work too!