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Barnsley, Redfearn Bros Ltd Roll of Honour WW2

Second World War Roll of Honour from Redfearn Bros Ltd, Barnsley

War Memorials Register listing

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Photograph from Experience Barnsley with thanks to Jemma Conway

This memorial was donated to Experience Barnsley by the current (2013/14) mayor Councillor Ken Richardson who used to work at Redfearns.

The World War

Serving With the Forces
Redfearn Bros Ltd, Barnsley

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Allemby G.
Winder R.
Race S.
Betchetti A.
Fallis H.
Pearson J
Stephenson E.
Beverley A.
Btammer S.
Smith R.
Coles J.
Mountain E.
Fawcett W.
Mannion A.
Bissell J.H.
Keith J.
Picken T.
Markey A.
Ruse H.
Heppenstall G.
Hickling G.
Bommer W.
Walton W.F.
Oxtaby H.
Robinson T.C.
Hydes F.
Wood W.T.
Gibbons E.
Garner G.
Healey J.W.
Todd W.
Taylor T.
Turton  E.
Millett E.
Sowter F.
Brooks H.
Kemp W.
Padgett J.P.
Carlick F.H.
Dixon J.
Pilling W.
Carman C.
Thornton C.
Charlesworth H.
Mills H.
Thomasson F.
Hartley D.A.
Cunningham V.
Ficken F.
Barraclough R.
Jacques W.
Wiper T.
Rowe A.A.
Lowe J.
Musgrave S.
Armitage G.
Taylor C.
Hodgson T.W.
Hutchinson T.W.
Wooley G.
Cooper G.
Beaumont J.D.
Colgan A.
Cragg R.W.
Hinchcliffe H.
Reaney D.
Beeforth A.
Crummack L.
Naylor R.
Blades D.
Greaves H.
Ward H.
Johnson H.A.
Denton L.
Warburton W.
Smith J.
Jones S.
Marsh A.
Philip C.
Parkes S.
Eccles R.B.
Thistlewood H.
Jacques W.
Harston R.
Harrison  G.
Christopherson A.
Burkinshaw W.
Wright G.
Williamson H.
Woodcock G.
Drury W.
Caee H.
Jobling J.T.
Brown G.
Ecclestone H.
Guest J.
McNair N.
Challenger H.
Carroll W.
Binns C.
Ruston P.
Needham H.
Thornton J.
Littlewoods F.
Glover C.D.
Shaw H.
Oldfield F.C.
Bailey F.
Holbron A.
Lowe J.
Dutton E.M.
Frank A.
Ramskill J.
Walker H.
Lawrence F.T.
Sutcliffe E.
Hutchinson J.A.
Guest W.
Richardson B.
Charlesworth W.
Worstenholme T.
Raynor T.T.
Bonson A.
Faine F.
Dingle C.
Wroe F.
Beardshall A.
Robinson F.
Holt C.
Roberts F.
Marvin F.
Lloyd J.W.
Liversedge S.
Shaw B.

Wood H.
Bagshaw F.
   Beevors A.W. 
Kearsley T.H.
Houghtch W.
Exley G.E.
Williams R.
Hampshire E.
Bigland T.
Goodhall J.
Smith J.
Rea W.K.
Foster J.H.
Savage H.
Law F.M.
Young J.
Bower T.
Williams  J.T.
Millthorpe G.
Snowden J.
Luty W.
White G.A.
Bray H.
Leonard W.
Whittley J.
Mosedale R.
Turner A.
Land R.
Coe L.
Lee E.
Firth F.
Ramsden F.
Lawrence A.
Green G.E.
Morley F.
Bywater K.
Wardell J.
McCaffrey G.
Cassells H.
Frost A.
Armitage A.
Williams G.
Stanicliffe A.
Burns A.
Rist J.G.
Randerson F.
Picken R.
Phillips T.
   Brownridge E. 
Healey R.
Clayton J.
Nickolas B.M.
Stather F.
Hastelow A.
Houghtch W
Hodgson L.
Clarke S.
Saville J.
Hill J.
Butt R.H.
Nuttan H.
Smith R.E.
Hawcroft T.A.
Hawcroft F.
Taylor S.W.
Riley J.A.
Walton L.
Guest L.
Bennett H.
Wade F.
Keith L.
Barber E.A.
Riley W.E.
Clifford F.
Wragg H.
Evans E.
Shakespeare J.
Elliott E.
Dale A.
Weldrick A.
Owens H.
Jones A.E.
Asquith W.
Roebuck M.
Smith E.S.
Blades J.
Hirst J.
Land R.
Emmerson H.
Wingell A.
Shaw T.
Outwin H.
    Marfleet H.R. 
Outwin R.H.
Burns T.
Woodall J.
Baines W.E.
Shaw J.
Atkinson L.
Adams J.A.
White E.E.
Butt S.
Winter D.
Crane G.E.
Hewitt L.
Alcock J.
Robinson A.
Holland J.
Crossland F.

Rhodes E.
Swift J.
Shaw J.
Robinson D.
Cookson A.
Hall D.
Cooke N.
Bowler J.
Lawton M.
Barber D.
Hale H.
Cutts I.
Haigh D.


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