Sunday 29 June 2014

Penistone Royal British Legion WW1 Roll of Honour

WW1 Roll of Honour for Penistone Urban District
(photo taken 28 June 2014)

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Photographed by Phil Gregg (Barnsley CAMRA) and additionally by Nigel Croft.

Transcribed by Pete Schofield and BarnsleyHistorian (from additional photos)

The reflections from the windows made this memorial difficult to photograph clearly - as a result some of the names were a little unclear until we were able to arrange a further visit to check our list against the actual plaque.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here  (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Frank Armitage
David Allott
Thomas Aston

Joe Booth
George Baker
Joe Bailey
Alfred Briggs
Francis M Barnes
Arthur Barsby
Joseph Bond
Herbert Bradley
Luther Beardsall
Henry Barden
Abe Battye
John S Booth
Harold Bradley
Marsh Ronald Beever
Thomas Booth
Tom Britt
Wilfred Barraclough
Squire Beaumont
Herbert V Barden
Frank Beever
George Barnes
James E Beard
Harold Briggs
George Booth
Harold Bill

Geo Herbert Claye
Hugh Coldwell
Arnold Crosland
William Cartwright
John Chapman
Richard J Coombes
Wm Ernest Crossley

James Donovan
John Dransfield
Harvey Depledge

John Fallas
John Fletcher
Willie Ford
Hubert Fretwell
Henry Fielding
Edward Horne Fallas
Geo Walter Fieldsend
Thomas Ford

Ernest Gray
Wm Osbert Goldthorpe
Mark Grainger
Albert Gaunt
George Glenn

Ernest Howard
Herbert Howard
Thomas Hirst
Albert Howard
Eric Hoyland
William L Hoyland
Clement Hall
Gordon Victor Haskell
Walter Holden
Irving Hirst
Walter HIll
Geo Henry Hinchliffe
Harry Hodson
Percy R Hales
Norman W Hampshire
Ton Hill
Alfred Hardy

Chas Henry Jesson
Herbert Jagger
Fred Jessop
Fred Jackson
Benj Johnson

Hewson Kirby
George Kaye
Fred Norrnan Kaye

John William Long
 Walter C Lundy
John William Latimer
Ernest Liles
Herbert Marsden Lee
Henry Moss
Joseph Moorhouse
William Marsh
Walter Maude
Ratcliffe Marsh
Harry Morley

William Nunn
Herbert Norman Naylor
Tom Newton
Harvey Newton

John Proud
George Proud
Albert Proud
Wm Edward Perkins
Sam Proud
Nathaniel Priest

James Roebuck
John Roebuck
Clarence Race
John W Roebuck
Ben Redfern
Norman Radcliffe
Chas Thompson Radcliffe
Roland Roebuck
Arnold Revell

William Stubbs
William Smith
Edmund Henry Smith
Bernard T Smith
Oliver Stenton
Willie Shaw
Arnold Stainforth
Robert Spence
Cyril Wm Senior
Alfred Sewell
Arnold Smith

Jonas Turner
Henry Turner
Hugh S Tomasson
Ben Turner
Arthur Taylor
George Henry Taylor
John Turner
William Turner
Ben Crosland Turner

Herbert Norman Ullott

Carolus Van Hemme

Roland Wilson
William Walters
William Welch
Henry Williams
Herbert Wood
Maurice Wadsworth
George Whitfield
Harland Watts
Austin Waring
Ernest Albert Wade
Albert John Walley
Harold Wilshaw
Jim Windle
Arthur Gordon Wilson
Edwin Eli Watts
Oliver Wood
Harry Wood



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