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Barnsley, Radical and Liberal Club, Market Street

Wellington Street and Market Street, Barnsley in the 1960s (from Digimap)

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Update September 2017: The memorial has been rediscovered, see here for a photograph and full list of names.

Barnsley Chronicle 27 December 1919
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)
A blog post which investigated and identified the location of the club can be found here.  The map snip above shows both locations, on the left the later club, now a nightclub and on the right the club as it was on Market Street where it would have been in 1919.

This cutting from the Barnsley Chronicle (with thanks to Barnsley Archives) on 27 December 1919 reports the unveiling of a Roll of Honour, 'a panel upon which is inscribed the names of the members who served in H.M. Forces, 127 in number, the panel being enclosed in a massive oak frame.'  

Eight of the members had not returned, two had won the military medal.  

It sounds very decorative, 'The work on the panel is of a unique character.  It is of a patented production known as Mosartile, which is prepared after the manner of a stained glass window, by which wonderful colouring effects are secured, yet at the same time the work is imperishable and enduring for all time'.

An earlier Roll of Honour, referred to in the article, was reported in the Barnsley Chronicle in January 1918.  That RoH listed 86 men of whom 4 had been killed at that date.  We see from the 1919 cutting that the final toll was 127 serving of whom 8 were killed.

A list of 79 names from the earlier memorial was published in the Barnsley Chronicle on 26 January 1918 and is reproduced here.

G Adams,
W Armitage,
A Armitage,
H Abbott,
T Austin,
W C Barker,
E Barham,
W Barham,
C Bramwell,
W Birkhill,
G W Bradley,
E Bostwick,
J Bird, 
G Cusworth,
H Charlton,
W Clayton,
C Cooper,
F Dobbs,
R Dyson,
T Farrand,
W H Edwards,
G D Exley,
J Foulstone,
G Fawley,
R France,
W Fisher,
A Gill,
H Gillott,
W Haley,
P Hornsby,
C Hibberd,
W A Horton,
A Holden,
G E Harling,
R Jackson,
G Jackson,
G H Joynes,
E Kaye,
J Kirk,
J Lowe,
E Booth,
H Lockwood, 
C H H Law,
J W Law,
H Maw,
W H Milner,
W Norton,
A Ogden,
W Ogley,
T Padley,
W Pickering,
S Pleasant,
H Poxon,
H Parker,
C Parker,
R G Perkins,
J A Pearson,
S Quinn,
J P Quinlisk,
F Boycott,
T Ravenscroft,
G Raven,
J W Robinson,
J Stier,
H Spencer,
F Scorah,
B Shepherd,
F Shaw,
T Shuttleworth,
G Thompson,
W Waddington,
A Wragg,
T Winroe,
J Woodhouse,
W Wagstaff,
F Woodward,
W Williams,
W Wormald,
B Wadsworth.


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This thread on the Great War Forum reports the sale by auction of the Roll of Honour in 2005.