Friday 21 March 2014

Wombwell, Wesleyan Methodist Memorial Tablet, Park Street, Wombwell

Memorial Tablet from Park Street Methodist Church, Wombwell
(from FP's great grandmother's photograph album)
1900s map snip showing the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Park Street
(map from Digimaps via the OU)


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Barnsley Chronicle 20 November 1920
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)

Frank Bakewell,
Geo Fred Ball,
Richard Bishop,
Thoams Eames,
Albert Ferneyhough,
Herbert Gelder,
Ernest Hyde,
Raymond Hudson,
Fred Lees,
Cyril Leather,
Joseph Mellor,
Geo V Moore,
Fred Milburn,
Reginald Outram,
Harry Parkin,
John C Rhodes,
George Smith,
Harry Smith,
Jack Shepherd,
Willie Skidmore,
Sidney Tomlinson,
Harry Wroe,
Jas Vaughan.

There is one more name on the memorial than in the newspaper cutting, Jas Vaughan.  
I think that the placement of his name, in between two others at the centre, bottom of the memorial tablet suggests his name was added later. 

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