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Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club Memorial, (formerly) Market Street, Barnsley

Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club Memorial
This memorial was originally housed in the Barnsley Radical and Liberal Club on Market Street, but is now part of a private collection. It is a large memorial approximately 7 feet tall consisting of an ornate wooden frame with the words 'Roll of Honour' carved in the wood with decorative inner ceramic tiles that contain a scroll with names of men from the club who served in the Great War.

Our original post from March 2014 reporting the existence of this memorial, with map and contemporary newspaper cutting.

Photographed, researched and transcribed by members of the BWMP.

* - Killed
MM - Military Medal

At the base of the memorial is a brass plate that says:
This Roll of Honour was unveiled by W Bowring Esq (President) on December 22nd 1919 to commemorate the Honour, Glory and Patriotism of our brave fellow members who answered their Countrys call to arms during the Great War 1914-1920
T Pogmore (Chairman), G Bennett, W Copping, F Clarkson, W J Howden, J Law, T Woffenden, C Ibbotson, W J Barham (Treasurer), H Wainwright (Secretary)

There is a makers stamp on the brass plaque of Robertson and Russell, Sheffield

The names on the memorial are
Abbott H
Adams G
Armitage A
Armitage W
Austin T
Barham E
Barham W * (Wilfred Barham, also on St George's War Memorial)
Barker W C
Beaumont F
Bird J
Birkill W
Booth E
Bostwick Ed
Bostwick E
Boycott F
Boycott J H
Bradley G W
Bramwell C
Brown T
Charlton H
Chell C
Clark A
Clayton W
Clemitt A
Codd GA
Cooper C
Copley T
Copping C
Copping T
Cosford T N
Cusworth G
Dawson E
Dingle R * (Raymond Dingle, also on St Peter's War Memorial)
Dobbs F
Dyson R
Edwards W H
Exley G D
Farrand T
Fawley G
Fisher W
Foulstone J
France R
Garner E
Gilberthorpe A
Gill A
Gillott H
Green A
Green R
Gregory E O
Hadfield J A
Haley W
Harling G E
Hibberd C
Hindson J D
Hirst H
Holden A
Hollingsworth J
Hornby P
Horton W H
Jackson G
Jackson R
Joynes J H
Kay E
Kenworthy B
Kiddle C H
Kirk J
Lane J W
Law C H H
Law J W
Lockwood H
Lowe J
Maw H * (Herbert Maw)
Milne H
Milner A
Milner W H
Norton W
Ogden A
Ogden J
Ogley W
Padley T
Parker C
Parker H
Pearson J A
Perkins R
Pickering W
Pipe W G
Pleasant S *  (Stanley Pleasant, also on St Mary's War Memorial)
Poxen H MM *  (Henry Poxon)
Quinn T
Quinn T
Quinlisk J P
Race C
Raven G
Ravenscroft T
Rawlins P
Reece F
Rivers F
Robinson J W
Sanderson J
Scorah F
Shaw F
Shepherd B *
Shone W
Shuttleworth T T
Smith W H
Spencer H
Steir J
Stevenson C
Taylor W
Thompson G
Turner E
Vickers W
Waddington W
Wade H
Wadsworth B * (Bert Wadsworth, also on St Mary's War Memorial)
Wagstaff T
Wagstaff W * (William Wagstaff, also on St Mary's War Memorial)
Ward E
Watts W
White A
Williams W
Winrow T
Wood J
Woodhouse J
Woodward F
Wormald W
Wragg A


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