Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Brierley War Memorial, St Paul's Church, Brierley

Brierley War Memorial (photo taken 13 April 2014)


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Second World War - Barnsley War Memorials
Researched by MAC

Newspaper research by BarnsleyHistorian

This memorial has been researched in depth and a file of information can be found in Barnsley Archives.

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.

Barnsley Chronicle 27 May 1922
(thanks to Barnsley Archives)


W L Fowler,
W H Garner, (William Herbert Garner)
J A F Hunt,
C Miles,
W Owen,
J A Parkinson,
L Rowley,
E Steele,
T Webb,
F Whiteman,
H Wilkinson,


M Wardell,
H Bird,
R E Butterwood,
D Collins,
H Gofton,
A Millward,
E Pashley,
R Roberts,
L Steele,
R B Wilson.

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