Tuesday 4 March 2014

Clayton West and High Hoyland Memorial, Church Lane/Holmfield Road, Clayton West

The unusual War Memorial at Clayton West (photo taken 2 August 2014)
Close up of the Great War Dedication on Clayton West's memorial


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Photographs by Nigel Croft

The speckled granite stone of the memorial and the condition of the inset lettering (in lead) makes this memorial very difficult to read and photograph.  

To the / Glory of God / and in honour / of the Men of  / Clayton West and  / High Hoyland / who gave their lives / in the Service of / their Country during / the Great War

'Your memory hallowed in the land you loved'

Where further information on a name has been researched by our volunteers it will be linked here (look for the names in blue) to a page on this site or to an external site.


Pte A. Ackroyd,
Pte N. Batty,
Pte J.E. Borthwick,
Pte E. Buckley,
Pte J.M. Buckley, (Joseph Mitchell Buckley)
Pte H. Burton,
Pte N. Burton,
Pte A. Craven,
Stoker J.F. Elliot,
Pte S.Exley,
Pte G. Gibson,
Pte N. Goodworth,
Pte F. Halstead,
Pte J.H. Hoyle,
Pte E. Low,
Pte H. Peel,
Pte H. Rhodes,
Pte H. Sheard,
Stoker J.P. Sleaford,
Pte W. Whittaker,
Capt. C.J. Wintour RN, (Charles John Wintour)
Pte E. Woffindin,
O/Seaman C. Wood,
Pte A. Wilson,
Pte F. Whittells,
Pte W. Norton,
Pte H. Morley,
Pte E. Taylor,
Pte J. Ward,
Pte J. Beanland  (Joel Beanland)


Pte. E. Beaumont,
Sigmn E. Bedford,
Cpl. J.T. Blacker,
Capt. M. Farrar,
Lieut. K.D. Hounsfield,
Sgt. A. Scott


Cpl. S.J. Sykes 


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